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SpamBlitzer... The Best Anti-Spam Software?

"I recently contributed to a marketing product by creating a letter that would attract high-end marketing partners for a fictitious product and used the tongue-in-cheek example of software that would trace a spam all the way back to the computer it was generated from and destroy its emailing capabilities:-)

Although that would be on almost everyone's wishlist these days, Neil Shearing has come up with the next best solution - SpamBlitzer.

Finally, a user friendly, efficient way to blitz spam right outa your Inbox! Way to go on another stellar software product Neil!".

Rick Beneteau
Author of "Success: A Spiritual Matter"

Does Your Current Anti-Spam Software Do All This?

Runs On Your Web Server
Frees up your personal computer keeping it as fast as possible!
Import Feature
Allows you to Copy and Paste filters into Spamblitzer... saving time!
Quarantines Spam
Spam is removed from your email box so that you only download genuine emails!
Export Feature
Don't lose your spam filters. Back them up to your computer quickly and easily
View Emails On Your Server
Find out if there's spam in your email box and zap it before downloading!
Fast, Fast, Fast!
State-Of-The-Art PHP scripts run quickly and cleanly on your server.
Whitelist Feature
Bypass your filters for emails from friends, family and other important places by putting their email addresses into your whitelist
Restore Quarantined Emails
If you accidentally quarantined a genuine email, you can restore it to your email box with a click of a button... then download it as normal
Easy Automation
Quickly and easily set the software to run automatically through your web browser (requires direct access to cron)
Simple Installation
View the Flash(tm) tutorial online for an easy install. There are several instructional videos too!
Defeats Spammers Encryption
Decodes base64, HTML encoded text AND strips HTML tags from emails... no sneaky spammer tricks get past us!
Suggests Filters For You
If an unwanted email gets into your email box, identify it as spam and SpamBlitzer will automatically suggest filters based on the email content!
Scans Attachments
Delete viruses and worms just by filtering out infected attachment extensions (for example, .scr, .pif)
Works With SpamAssassin(tm)
With just one filter, SpamBlitzer can quarantine all the spams SpamAssassin finds... so you don't have to download them.
You Control Your Email
You define the filters, You decide what's spam and what's not. Total control remains with you.
Better Than SpamAssassin(tm)?
SpamBlitzer finds spam that SpamAssassin misses... by stripping out fake HTML tags from emails!
Easy Upgrade Path
SpamBlitzer automatically checks to see if upgrades are available and lets you know on the Summary page.
Kill 75% of Spam In 10 Minutes!
SpamBlitzer comes with pre-loaded filters to remove spam from your email box immediately.

Here's a clue... email application plugins don't, standalone desktop applications don't, free server side applications don't, email verification systems don't and email filtering services don't!

What Exactly IS SpamBlitzer? ... And WHY is it Better Than Other Anti SPAM Solutions?

Neil Shearing:

"SpamBlitzer is our new flagship product, two years in development and costing over a hundred thousand dollars in programming fees and time investment.

This server-side anti-spam software is simply incredible.

We found a gap in the market between the software that runs on the end-user's personal computers (email application plugins, standalone desktop applications) which are usually user-friendly but have such drawbacks as using up the customer's bandwidth by communicating with the email server multiple times each hour, using up the customer's computer resources or requiring all email to be downloaded then sorted.

Conversely, there are server-side applications which don't use up the customer's bandwidth or computing power and don't force the end user to download then sort the spam, but these server-side applications are usually written and installed by system administrators or programmers... none of them are user friendly for installation and use.

Our software, SpamBlitzer, is server-side software and incredibly easy to install and use. The customer retains full control over their incoming email by defining their own filters and spam cut-off point. Any email labelled as spam is quarantined for inspection or deletion. Email can be checked and read online."

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This offer may be withdrawn at any time ... so order SpamBlitzer NOW, and make SPAM a thing of the past!

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What you'll get ...

  • SpamBlitzer... the ultimate anti-spam software. It runs on your server, deleting spam before you download it!
  • Nine help videos to make sure you use SpamBlitzer to maximum effect!
  • The SpamBlitzer Battleplan. A PDF with some explosive spam secrets!
  • The SpamBlitzer Installation Help Video ...

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