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Site Design

Having already explained the importance of building your own
website, now it's time to learn how. These top notch Webmaster
resources will provide you with all you need to launch and maintain
your site. There's something for everyone, whether your just a
beginner, intermediate, or advanced web author.

Dr. Joe Burns makes it easy to learn site
design. Perfect for beginners!
Highly Recommended!

Offers the best Webmaster tutorial
library on the Net. Highly Recommended!
Web Design Mastery
Web Design Mastery is your complete guide to learning professional Web Design... Over 300 pages packed with the exact information you need to succeed. Highly Recommended!
Top notch Webmaster and site promotion
resource . Highly Recommended!
Every add on that you could possibly
imagine putting on your site is here,
and it's free! Highly Recommended!
Add another dimension to your site, with
these easy to use scripts.
Highly Recommended!

Will Bontrager is one of the most helpful,
and talented, Webmaster/Programmers
you'll ever find. Loads of scripts and info.
Highly Recommended!

"Learn CGI
in 2 Hours"
Steve Humphrey is another very talented
Webmaster/Programmer, and his latest
e- book will have you writing and using
your own CGI scripts in no time
. HR!
Add forms to your site, without all of the
hassle. And it's free!

Highly Recommended!

Add increased functionality to your site with
the use of CGI scripts. There's tons of them
here. For advanced users.
Highly Recommended!

Name Winner provides customers an easy,
reliable, risk-free way of registering expiring
domain names the INSTANT they expire! HR!

"The site presents a wealth of information the newbie
needs to absorb quickly if he/she is to survive.
The selection of tools and resources is top-notch, and the
pages are easy to read.
If a person knows what they're after, they'll know in 10
seconds that "this is the place" to get it.
You put your USP right up front where it can't be missed.
Here's my impression of the site as a whole:
- Steve "The MerryMonk" Humphrey
"Absolutely Essential Marketing Plan"

Thanks, Steve!