The Power Affiliate Marketing System

By Affiliate Marketing Experts Alex Tan,
Jo Han Mok, and Ewen Chia.

Learn How To Make BIG Money With Affiliate Programs!

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Ewen Chia, Alex Tan, and Jo Han Mok

Question: What Can These 3 Guys From Singapore Teach You About Making Money With Affiliate Programs, Via Their 'Power Affiliate Marketing System', That Isn't Offered In Dozens Of Other Affiliate Marketing Courses?

Answer: Read On ...

Stone Evans

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You're amazing! Until reading Power Affiliate Marketing, I only knew you as a name that I had seen spoken highly of all over the Internet. Now I understand WHY you attract such a loyal following...Power Affiliate Marketing ROCKS!

I currently sell over $1,000,000.00 in affiliate products online each year and I don't even do 1/2 the stuff you teach in your Power Affiliate Marketing manual. This highly organized marketing roadmap has really opened my eyes to how much more I *could* be earning right now by applying just a few of the insanely simple moneymaking strategies you reveal inside.

Anyone who is serious about raking in piles of cash with affiliate programs MUST utilize the explosive marketing techniques outlined in Power Affiliate Marketing. If you aim to be successful in this increasingly competitive online marketplace - you need to buy, read and apply the information in this book right now!


Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Ewen Chia, Jo Han Mok,
And ... Marlon Sanders?!?!

YES! ... It's True.

Ewen and Jo Han Have Teamed Up With One Of The Founding Fathers Of Internet Marketing, Marlon Sanders, To Present The All New Secrets To Unlocking Your Internet Empire Internet Marketing Start Up Program, Featuring A Member's Only Affiliate Program That Pays A Whopping 90% Commission Per Sale!

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Learn How Ewen Chia Became The Super Affiliate's Super Affiliate ... For Less Than 10 Bucks?!?!

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Ewen Chia - Secret Affiliate Weapon

Special Free Report By Ewen Chia That Shows You, Step By Step, How He Sold Over 55 High Ticket Products (at $997 EACH) ... As An Affiliate, In Only 72 Hours!

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The Power Affiliate Marketing System

The Power Affiliate Marketing System

By Affiliate Marketing Experts Alex Tan,
Jo Han Mok, and Ewen Chia.

In Just A Few Minutes, You Can Have Instant Access To The Complete Power Affiliate Marketing System And A Bonus Valued At Over $2997:

==> Module #1: The One Hour Power Affiliate Marketer

A condensed, power-packed 60 minute quick start audio that will cram months of "Deadly Affiliate Marketing Tactics" into a condensed power packed hour of actual training right in the comfort of your own home! The mystery of Affiliate Marketing has been removed for you, and all the fluff you'd have to wade through in a useless bulky manual loaded with crap from yet another 'guru' has been eliminated allowing you to focus on achieving results - FAST!

==> Module #2: The Power Affiliate Marketing Manual

An incredible "blueprint" for becoming a Power Affiliate. Virtually no stone is left unturned, and you'll be able to learn the strategies that have raked in thousands of dollars for Ewen and his partners in an easy to understand fashion which makes implementation a breeze! Even the top Internet Marketers have confessed to having picked up more moneymaking ideas and with this manual as a roadmap to mining Affiliate gold ... success is YOURS for the taking!

==> Module #3: Lesson Transcripts Of Ninja Marketing 2004

Owning these lesson transcripts is like having a gigantic "Bag O' Marketing Tricks" to completely obliterate the competition, right at your fingertips. These are hardcore 'non-traditional', 'battle tested', real world marketing tactics that work. You'll be able to re-engineer offers, reposition products, uncover the 'hidden benefit', completely change advertising strategies... get spectacular results from fewer dollars at the click of a mouse because NOW YOU'LL KNOW HOW!

This is really the most incredible moneymaking system you'll ever come across!

As a HUGE bonus, You'll also get an exclusive Charter Power Affiliate Marketing Reseller Membership worth $2997, Absolutely FREE! This allows you to get a replicated website 'turned on', and the ability to receive a whopping 70% commissions, or close to $90 for every sale you generate! Having this bonus is like having a complete E-business in a box all set up and running for you! Also understand that commissions are issued via check every 2 weeks (so you won't have to wait to have your mailbox stuffed with big FAT checks!).

This bonus alone is so good - and so valuable - you'd be crazy to pass it up!

Also ... if the Power Affiliate Marketing System doesn't make you absolutely delighted with your purchase and turn you into a power affiliate quickly and easily, you're still protected by a 90-Day, 100% Money-Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee.

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"The Perfect *Trio*"

"In case you do not know it Jo Han is the master copywriter of MANY famous & successful websites. People pay him some 1000s of dollars for getting a sales copy that will drive customers like a Huge Magnet to their websites... Jo is also known about his joint ventures. He is a GOOD MAN to work with and clever professional. Ewen Chia is a clever marketer, hard worker and inspired JV partner. If you are lucky enough to have Ewen as your affiliate then chances are you'll receive some very good checks:) Now add Alex Tan to the Gang and you have the perfect *Trio* from whom you can learn the secrets of powered affiliate marketing."

- John Delavera


Recently, a top-secret internet marketing experiment was conducted by Alex Tan, Jo Han Mok, and Ewen Chia ... with *unbelievable* results...

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In a few seconds, you'll have the chance to discover the most *powerful* secrets ever written (or spoken) about affiliate marketing.

Things like:

# The mysterious 80/80 rule that power affiliates abide by but never talk about. Revealed for the first time!

# How to use the "BCP" factor to pull amazing clickthrough rates that most marketers will only dream about!

# How to send a stampede of traffic to your website using 'Power Traffic Bursts'!

# 8 secrets of persuasive email copy that'll have you cranking out profit-pulling email messages without thinking!

# And much more!

If you would like to become one of the top-earning affiliates (in any program you chose) then you just can't pass this up...

Finally, 3 super affiliates who have managed to totally obliterate their competition, show you how they *really* do it:

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You'll be able to get all the methods that, when applied, will skyrocket your income as an affiliate. Even some of the sneaky tricks most people would *never* admit to using...

This is your unique chance to learn the *real* secrets from people actually *doing* it as we speak... not just talking about it...

See For Yourself, And Find Out Why I'm Making Such A Big Deal About This.

ALSO ... a free 40 minute audio has been added to the Power Affiliate Marketing site that explains everything in detail ...

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To Your Success,

Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies

Crispian Lye

"I WALKED Out Of My Job!"

I quit my lucrative job as a creative head in a multi national corporation after using the Power Affiliate Marketing System. I'm now FREE, happier than ever before, and I have more than enough time to do the things I like while actually making money in my sleep! Thanks Jo Han, Ewen and Alex! Your system has literally changed my life!

- Crispian Lye

PS. If you are easily offended by some "straight talk", then you may need to pass on this one... otherwise, don't walk to the site... run!

(Did I Mention That A VERY Lucrative Members Only Affiliate Program ... Paying 70% Commission Per Sale, Is Available To Those Who Take Action?)

AND, Listen ...

We're not talking about the 'ebook of the month', here ...

Three Of The Most Successful Super Affiliates On The Planet Have Put Together All The Techniques They Use THEMSELVES To Make Big Money With Affiliate Programs.

It's THAT Simple.

Start Learning How To Make SERIOUS Money With Affiliate Programs ... NOW!


Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC


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