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Just in case you're in need of more direction...

If you are new to Internet Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Webmastery,
etc., you may be having difficulty figuring out what this site is all about.

First a little explanation of what Internet Marketing is...

Internet Marketing is the online version of traditional Marketing.
Instead of establishing what is known as a "brick and mortar",
or physical business in the "real world", you're setting up shop in

Many of the same standards apply:

You introduce a product or service line, give it a "storefront",
and then use various advertising techniques to attract prospects,
and attempt to turn them into customers.

You may offer free information, samples, feature limited versions
of the main product or service, discounts, etc., as an attraction.

Once you have sold the prospect, and they become a customer,
it is very important to not let that be the end of the communication.
Follow up and good customer service are critical, and can result in
multiple and future sales, as well as establishing a good reputation.

Internet Marketing has many advantages:

Minimal or zero overhead, the ability to advertise and promote
inexpensively, and minimal loss if the business goes under.

Traditional Marketing has one, distinct advantage:

Actual physical contact.

There's nothing like it to establish a strong bond, and turn a prospect
into a customer. Using the courses we provide, you'll learn important
techniques that will help you close the gap, and launch a successful
online campaign .

Affiliate Programs give you the ability to represent someone else's
products and services, which you are expected to promote for them,
and in return, receive a commission.
They are generally free to join, and the better ones (which, of course
we represent;), provide excellent training.

The "Merchant" (the individual or group that the program represents)
has their wares promoted inexpensively, while broadening their reach,
and the "Affiliate", acting as a representative of the company, can
make an infinite amount of money, depending entirely on their
originality, creativeness, determination, and a little promotion capital,
without having a product of their own to sell.

Everyone's happy (as long as you choose the right program, and learn
how to promote it!).

Important! Top Affiliates know that it's crucial to treat the programs
that they represent as if they were their own business!

That means offline promotion, training their Sub-Affiliates
(their success is your success!), 100% dedication, and being driven
to succeed.

In order to do this you have to learn how, first!

Having now set the table, let's sit down and dig in!

On the site's main page, you'll see that I've broken Internet Marketing
For Newbies' offerings down into 4 separate sections:

- Overview: what you're reading at this very moment...

- Advice: Free tips and information to help you reach your goals.
If you need personal direction, feel free to ask! Need Help!

- Articles: Free tips, tricks, and sage advice from the top names in the
biz, updated weekly. A great addition to the learning process!

- Resources: It has taken me nearly all of my 4 years online, through
much trial and error, to come up with the best resources available.

The time I've saved you in research alone makes the "Resources"
section an invaluable resource in itself!

The most important of the resource categories is, without a doubt,
Courses, Systems, and Programs.

In order for you to use any of the content that this site provides, and
launch a successful online campaign, you'll need to know what you're

Courses, Systems, and Programs gives you access to the very best
training available, including free advice, downloads, newsletters, and
so much more, from the most respected (and successful...)
names in
the business.

Start there first . Once you've acquired the knowledge, you won't be
able to wait to apply it!

Use the rest of our valued resources
to compliment and improve your

For more about the guy responsible for all of this, read about me!

Thank you for visiting, and here's to your success!

Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies

Webmaster's note:
Throughout this site, you'll see my personal rating of the programs
and services offered by IM4Newbies, which are either going to be
Recommended! or Highly Recommended (HR)!
Why won't you see "O.K." or "Not Bad"?
That's simple.
It won't appear here if it's not the very best, or close to it...


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