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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Jeff Johnson: Blueprint for Getting More Traffic to Your Websites ...

My buddy Jeff Johnson has helped thousands
just like you grab more than their fair share
of traffic from the search engines... most of
it for free.

He's not much for the limelight but he has
poked his head out at a few high-profile
events over the last 3 years... and when he
has he has literally changed the face of
internet marketing.

He's actually that "blog and ping" guy from
John Reese's best selling Traffic Secrets

And he's also that guy who was voted
"Underground Internet Marketer of the Year"
at Yanik Silver's Underground Marketing

And at Stompernet Mike Filsaime was talking
on stage about his "friend who sold out his
25,000 coaching club within minutes"... that
"friend" Mike was referring to was Jeff

Why am I telling you all of this? Simple...

Jeff has just announced that he is hosting
his first "public" seminar (actually it is
more of a one-on-one workshop but I'll let
him explain the difference to you).

Up until now the only way you could get
into one of Jeff's world famous seminars
was to be part of his exclusive sold-out
coaching clubs... several of which cost
between $10,000 and $25,000 to join.

Oh yeah, Jeff also sold copies of the
DVDs from his 25k coaching club for $2,997
... a DVD set for almost three grand...
and he sold out every single one of them
in less than 4 days.

Free $2,997 DVD set ....

Jeff hasn't sold copies of his 25k DVD set
since he sold it out but he is willing to
give you a free copy of the DVDs as part
of his "Fast Action Bonus" package when you
sign up for his new Get More Traffic
Blueprint Workshop
right now... but only
for the first 15 people that reserve their

Here's your special reservation link that
actually knocks off up to another $500 ...

Jeff Johnson - Get More Traffic Blueprint Workshop

In fact, Jeff's giving away an entire Fast
Action Bonus package to the first 50 people
to reserve their seats... valued at a very
real $6,935.00 (that's what he has actually
sold the Fast Action Bonus Items for in the

Including the chance to save up to another
$500... but only for the first 50 people to
reserve their seats... and only if you use
this special discount link. If you visit the site
without using the link, you will NOT be given
the chance to save another $50

$1000 reserves your seat:

Here's that special discount reservation link again ...

Jeff Johnson - Get More Traffic Blueprint Workshop

The great thing about Jeff's Get More Traffic
Blueprint Workshop is that can reserve your seat for
less than $1,000... but seating is very limited, and
the $6,953.00 Fast Action Bonus Package is
guaranteed to sell out long before the seats do.

Please do yourself a favor and check out what Jeff
has to offer you right now, before it's too late and
your lose your seat... and your chance to grab an
extra $6,935 in Fast Action Bonuses.

Best Part ...

Jeff will let you attend the entire first day of the
workshop without risking a single penny... and
he'll throw in a crisp new $100 bill and buy you
and a friend dinner and cocktails if you feel it
isn't worth every single penny you paid.

Be sure to use your special reservation link and
save up to another $500:

Jeff Johnson - Get More Traffic Blueprint Workshop




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