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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Buy XSitePro V1 ... Get V2 Upgrade, Free.

How would you like to get your hands on one of the hottest
software products of the last couple of years?

... AND automatically qualify for a free upgrade to version 2
when it is released in a few months time.

If you haven't already guessed - the software I'm talking about
is XSitePro V1, which has revolutionized the way many leading
Internet marketers develop web sites.

But don't just take my word for it.

Just read the following unsolicited testimonials and you'll
realize just why this is the one tool you really MUST have on
your computer if you're serious about earning a living on-line.

Here's what Tom Hendricks had to say.

"Wow! I've used Frontpage for years and it's been pretty good. I
tried Dreamweaver and it's tougher to master. Those packages
aren't even in the same ballpark. All I can say now (since I
already own it) is that this package is highly under-priced. It
truly is worth it's weight in gold."

And if you're worried that you might not be able to master this
incredibly powerful web site development tool, read what Holly
Cotter, a highly respected Internet marketing coach, has to say
on the subject.

"XSitePro is awesome! It is so easy to use that a grade school
kid (or as grade school kids are so computer-literate these
days, perhaps I should say an 80 year old grandmother) could
create beautiful web sites in no time ... without knowing one
lick of HTML. This is hands down the BEST software of its type
on the market, and I am recommending it to ALL my coaching

Chris Bloor puts it wonderfully when he says:

"A drover's dog could build a great looking website with this!"

And if your on-line career is in need of a jump-start have a
read of what Arif Shakir had to say:

"I'm a beginner in the Internet marketing business and I must
say that XSitePro has jump started me tremendously. I can't
believe the things I am able to do, and neither can my family."

And these are just a handful of the thousands of testimonials
that have come in over the past two years.

Here are a few one-liners to give you an idea of the incredibly
passionate support that XSitePro users have for the software.

"Anyone not using your product, in my opinion, is a masochist
and a fool"

"XSitePro delivers on it's promises 1000 times over"

"A dream come true for anyone interested in publishing
professional web sites"

"If you learn the basics, it is impossible to make a bad site"

"I can honestly say that XSitePro is just about the best piece
of software I've EVER encountered"

"Very easy to use even by a child or an idiot like me"

"I wish I'd found it sooner before I wasted my hard-earned money
on other loser software"

"XSitePro is the software I use exclusively now and it keeps
getting better"

"It completely takes out the tedious parts of building websites"

"Just so many great time saving features"

"Incredible tool no matter if you're just getting started or a
seasoned pro"

"The quality of the tutorials and manual are exceptional"

You can read these testimonials in full (and lots more) in full
by going to:

And here's the great thing. All of these comments relate to
version 1 of XSitePro. Imagine what people are going to say when
they see version 2, which is due for release in a few months

At this point, you might be thinking that it will be better to
hold-off and wait for V2 to come out, but you'd be so wrong. It
wouldn't be the right move at all!


Firstly, the new version won't be released for at least four
months so you'd be missing out on having this incredibly
powerful tool at your disposal right now.

Secondly, it is highly likely that the price of version two will
go up. By taking advantage of this offer right now you'll be
getting XSitePro at the current price, which could represent a
substantial saving.

And then there's the real BIGGY!

If you buy XSitePro version one right now you will get version
two for NOTHING!

That's right. As soon as version two is released later in the
year you'll get a special code to get your upgrade without
having to even take your credit card out of your wallet.

Let me just recap on that ...

- You'll have the software to use right now

- You'll get it at the current price and not risk any price
increases for version 2

AND ...

- You'll get version 2 included in the price.

So don't waste another minute.

Have a read of the testimonials above and ask yourself whether
you're serious about your online business and if the answer is
YES, get yourself over to the link below and get your copy of
XSitePro right now - before it's too late.

Here's the link:

To Your Success,

Mike Merz


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