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Sunday, April 22, 2007


The World's Most Popular Online Video Chat Service ...

I know ... I know ... a lot of Online Business folk, including myself ... up until recently, associate the terms 'chat room' 'voice chat' and 'video chat' with recreational Online users that utilize the aforementioned to waste hours on end yapping, and texting away about virtually anything ... and nothing. Certainly not connected with learning how to make more money ... honestly, anyway.

Still ... as JV Marketing is based a great deal on building relationships and interacting, I thought it a good idea to see what I could do about raising the bar ... in terms of taking relationship building and interaction beyond a forum setting.

And ... I've found the following to be true ... that there are levels of interaction that are more effective the closer they get to being real time, and physical.

Email, Good ... IM, Better ... Phone, Very Good ... Physical Meeting, Best.

Of course ... on the downside of being the best, physical encounters are impractical in the Internet Marketing world ... if not almost impossible.

But what if you had an interactive tool that could take you as close to a physical encounter as you could get?

Enter audio and video IM chat ...

If you have a web cam, you'll be seen ... if not, a simple mic and you could talk to anyone in the room ... anywhere in the world ... in addition to IM texting in real time ... the next best thing to being there.

So ... I figured that if I was going to mess around in an area I knew little about, I searched out the world's most popular Online video chat service ... with over 4,000,000 active members ... PalTalk.

Though PalTalk is free to join and use ... a simple, inexpensive upgrade increases quality and usability a great deal, which I ... myself, have done.

I'm testing out my own room (free, as well ... for now) for use, exclusively, by my JV Notify Pro partners called JV Marketing Brainstorm ... if you are an experienced JV Marketer and are not a JV Notify Pro partner, feel free to join us at JVNotifyPro.Com to find out how to gain access to the new video audio chat room.

My chief JV Notify Pro Moderator ... Reed Floren, high ranking community partner ... Chris Schumacher, and myself are the only active members during the testing phase ... but we're looking for other JV Marketing savvy folk to take it to the next level ... click here for more info.

I look forward to seeing, hearing, and brainstorming with you .. ;)



Tuesday, April 10, 2007


John Reese's Traffic Secrets Blowout ...

I'm fortunate to have had a long friendship with John Reese
... I've even worked with him as a JV broker on a few of his
promotions ... I'm not going out on a limb when I say that
for a relatively young man, John Reese is one of the true
Internet Marketing pioneers ... that being said, I'll pass on
an announcement that he's asked me to share with you ...
please take a minute to read the whole thing, it'll be worth
it. ;)

- Mike

It's finally time to say "goodbye" to a well-known
Internet Marketing friend...

"Traffic Secrets"

I'm talking about my 'famous' home study course on
web site traffic generation and all things Internet Marketing...

The massive (10) DVD, (5) CD-Rom, and over 400 pages
of hard-hitting online marketing strategies course.

The same course that shocked the Internet and produced
the first known "Million Dollar Day" and has been
'talked about' more than any other Internet Marketing
course in history.

(Just do a Google search for "Traffic Secrets" and
see for yourself.)


No one in the world can buy it now. You can go to the web
site at and see for yourself.


(Then keep reading.)

This course is arguably the greatest training course in
Internet Marketing history up until this point. I'd put
the success stories that Traffic Secrets has produced
up against those of ANY other Internet Marketing course
in a heartbeat. Because I know first-hand about the wealth
that Traffic Secrets has produced for just 'some' of
the people that have used it -- I can only imagine how
much wealth has been built by all the people that have
been exposed to it. I imagine that number is MASSIVE.

* There's a reason almost every Internet marketing expert
or "guru" has recommended Traffic Secrets at one
point or another. It became the "Bible" of Internet Marketing.
And most marketers agree, Traffic Secrets is a MUST-HAVE
for any serious Internet marketers' library.

** Go to any major Internet Marketing discussion forum
and do a search for reviews or opinions about Traffic Secrets
and you will find out for yourself how nearly 'everyone'
recommends this course for those that can afford it.

If you DON'T already own a copy of this famous course
then this may be the most important email you ever receive...

Here's the deal...

I decided to take Traffic Secrets off the market because
I will be releasing Traffic Secrets 2.0, an all-new edition
sometime this summer. It will be unlike any other
traffic generation course ever released. Trust me when
I say it's "unbelievable."


Traffic Secrets 2.0 will ONLY focus on traffic generation

The original Traffic Secrets course, as most people know,
wasn't just about generating traffic to a web site. It covered
Internet Marketing from A-To-Z. It taught valuable strategies
on how to become successful with Affiliate Marketing,
List Building, Testing & Tracking, Conversion Tactics,
InfoProducts, Outsourcing, Autoresponder Tricks, and a lot more.

The original course could take anyone and help them
become successful online. It was a complete training



Traffic Secrets has sold for $1,000 ($997 actually) ever
since it was released. And it has *NEVER* been sold
for one penny less. Ever.

Thousands upon thousands of people have purchased
Traffic Secrets and have gladly paid $1,000 for it.

* It's been one of the best-selling Internet Marketing
courses of all-time.

BUT... a lot of marketers, entrepreneurs, and small
business owners missed out on this valuable course
because the $1,000 price tag was just too high for

Used copies (sometimes incomplete ones) have
been successfully sold on eBay for $500 to $750.

* Just in the past couple of weeks I saw one sell
for $585. You can go to eBay and research the
'closed' auctions and find it for yourself.


I have pulled the course off the market. It is no
longer being sold from the web site as I mentioned
at the beginning of this email. I have no plans
to ever sell this original version ever again...

However, we still have a bunch of copies of the
course in our inventory. And we need to get
rid of them as quickly as possible. Once they
are gone, that's it. We don't have any plans to
make any additional copies ever again. It's history.

So here's the 'crazy' thing I have decided to do...

Since so many people have contacted us in the
past and 'begged' us to offer Traffic Secrets somehow
at a lower price, we're going to do it.

Again, this is the ONLY time we've ever offered
this course below the $1,000 original price that
thousands of others have happily paid.

So I originally decided to slash the price
by 50% OFF and offer these remaining copies
for $500. BUT...

Then I changed my mind.

I figured...

"Why not make it a real NO-BRAINER price?"

(Because we need to clear out this remaining inventory FAST.)

So I made a final decision...


That's the "blow-out" price I have decided on.

Want a copy for yourself? You can grab one for $377.
BUT only if you submit an order while we still have
a copy available for you.
(More on that in a second.)


Here's some other news...

Anyone that owns an original copy of Traffic Secrets
(that was purchased directly from me) will get a
BIG DISCOUNT when Traffic Secrets 2.0 is released
this summer.

So if you bought a copy of Traffic Secrets in the
past you're going to get this special discount.

If you don't already own a copy of Traffic Secrets
and you are lucky enough to grab one of the
remaining copies for $377
, you'll also qualify for
the huge discount off Traffic Secrets 2.0.


Pay close attention...

The Traffic Secrets "Blow-Out" Sale is happening
this Friday, April 6th, 2007 at exactly 3PM EST.

At exactly that time the site will be open for a limited time.
The remaining copies of the original Traffic Secrets course
will be available on a first come, first served basis.

But once it's gone, it's gone FOREVER.

* Each course will also include two "Automatic Email Profits"
DVDs that were once offered as a special bonus in the past
but was removed from the main course offer. We have
some in inventory and are going to give them away with
each $377 order. (While supplies last.)

If you would like your own copy of Traffic Secrets for $377
(and the special discount for TS 2.0) please go to

John Reese Traffic Secrets Blowout


Submit your name and email address to be notified
when the sale goes LIVE.

I will contact you again with all the details of
the "Blow-Out" Sale when things are ready to go.


Who knows!

Hehe. I'm actually being serious. And this isn't some
kind of marketing gimmick. Heck, you know me by now,
I don't do business with all that "hype" and crap like
a lot of other marketers do online... anyway...

My staff hasn't been able to get a precise inventory
count yet because the course is sold as a "kit."
What this means is that our fulfillment center
assembles each course order with all of the components --
the manuals, the hand-outs, the CD-Roms, the DVDs,
etc. Some of the CDs and DVDs end up with cracked
cases and get slightly damaged. We don't want to
sell any of those to our customers -- we destroy those.

So that affects the overall number of course kits we
can assemble -- because if one piece is broken it
wipes out an entire course; because we order the
same number of components to be made each time
we do a re-order run. Yadda yadda yadda...

I estimate that we had about 3 months worth of inventory
when I pulled the plug on the site. But I expect this
remaining group of courses to sell out FAST because
of the ridiculous $377 price.

If you want a copy for $377 be ready to take action
this Friday at 3PM EST. That's the best advice I can
give you. Because once these courses are gone
they're gone.

If we receive any order that we are unable to fulfill
we will issue an immediate full refund.

* NOTE: I am unable to play "favorites" so please don't
contact our staff and ask us to put aside a copy
for you. That wouldn't be fair to everyone else.
(Thanks in advance.)

Go to the site *RIGHT NOW* and join the list if you
want your copy of Traffic Secrets (and the Bonus DVDs)
for $377:

John Reese Traffic Secrets Blowout

And stay tuned for Traffic Secrets 2.0 which will
be due out very soon!

"Good Luck" to everyone that wants one of
the $377 courses.

Yours For Online Profits,

John Reese




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