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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Mike Filsaime - Viral Friend Generator, More ..

Just wanted to mention that I'm looking forward to
meeting everyone that will be attending Mike Filsaime's,
2007 Figure Business Workshop in Long Island, NY,
... February 23, 24, and 25 2007.

I'm sure you know all about Mike Filsaime ...

I was fortunate enough to be his JV Broker/Affiliate
manager for last January's now famous Butterfly Marketing
launch (1500 copies sold in less than 100 days).

Since then, he's also added The Butterfly Marketing
(one of the best selling Click Bank
products, ever), and his shocking Death Of Internet
report (a viral Marketing masterpiece).

Back to Mike's Long Island event, not only has
it long been sold out ... many of the Net's most
successful Internet Marketers shelled out the 5
Grand cost ... stars like Rich Schefren, Brad
Fallon, Andy Jenkins, and Mike Long will be there.

I'm sure Mike will also be revealing his brand new
Viral Friend Generator to the lucky attendees ...

If you'd like to find out when it's launching,
more about it, and how you can get it ... visit:

Mike Filsaime - Viral Friend Generator

Much success,


Sunday, February 04, 2007


Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System

Do you want a little inside info on a brand new
membership site that is going to launch on Tuesday,
February 6th?

If you have an internet based business, you know
that traffic is the lifeblood of that business ...

Did you know that for the price of 2 movie tickets, you
can access the greatest collection of online traffic
tactics available anywhere?

Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System

It's amazing to me that this incredible resource is going to
be available for just $15 every 3 months ($5 per month).

I'm telling you this after finding a traffic tactic within that
I will personally be using that by conservative estimates
will bring me 10,000 unique visitors next month.

Since the program I'm promoting converts 2 sales out of
every 100 visitors for a profit of $50 per sale, this means
that this one traffic tactic alone will generate an extra
$10,000 next month for me... not bad for a $15 investment.

What can you do with information like this?

Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System

In addition ...

Keith Baxter got 13 experts to reveal their closely
guarded traffic generating secrets within it's very
cyberwalls ...

These 13 people control MILLIONS of unique
visitors each week.

Want to know who these 13 are?

Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System

But it get's better...

If you visit the following link right now, you will
have a chance to win a Microsoft Zune loaded with
these 13 interviews!

Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System

Frankly, if you have an internet based business,
blog, or just an affiliate program you are promoting,
I can't imagine why you haven't already clicked on
this link...

Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System



PS - I didn't mention this, but you are in for a
surprise when you see what this site is all about...

Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System

PPS - Why are you still reading!

Keith Baxter - Stealth Traffic System


Day Job Killer Video - $1 Million In ClickBank Sales, More ...

I have just discovered something pretty incredible, and as a valued
member I had to let you in.

And this is breaking news by the way.

Some guy from the U.K. (who simply calls himself "Chris") has just
released a video which shows how he makes over $1 million per year
from ClickBank (that's his PROFIT, not revenue).

Well, the figure is $1,135,343.23 to be exact.

You can see it here:

Day Job Killer Video - $1 Million In ClickBank Sales, More ...

And get this: this is the same guy who released "Affiliate Project
X" back in October, the guide which came out of nowhere and broke
several sales records.

He's about to drop his next (and he has hinted his last) product
"Day Job Killer", one of the most anticipated of 2007.

If you can't wait, see what the hype is about here:

Day Job Killer Video - $1 Million In ClickBank Sales, More ...

Apart from LIVE proof of his income, Chris also GIVES AWAY a niche
he made six figures from last year.

Yes, he literally is about to GIVE you this niche, so you can go in
and profit from.

That's how confident he is.


Yes, I was shocked too; he gives away an underground market
that he pulled in six figures plus from as an affiliate in 2006.

"I dare you to compete against me" he seems to be saying...

And (yes, there's more)... he also shows a "link" that generates
$500 per month.

$500 per month? Not much - right?

It isn't.... except he says he has 100-200 of these little "links"
on the web.


In short, you HAVE to see this.

It's free and it's one of the most incredible things I have ever

Presenting, your $1 million ClickBank account:

Day Job Killer Video - $1 Million In ClickBank Sales, More ...




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