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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Yanik Silver - Underground Online Seminar Secret Call

In case you haven't heard about this yet - check this out.

Back in April 2005, Yanik Silver brought together a group
of real-word online success stories to share exactly how
they are raking it in.

Appropriately enough, he called his little experiment the
"Underground Online Marketing Seminar". And because of the
unique concept it totally SOLD-OUT 5 weeks early (while
most other events are still trying to sell tickets up until
the very day of the seminar).

In fact, it was so successful that the crowd demanded
another one! He hosted the Underground II event last March
and this one sold out even faster - 6 1/2 weeks prior.

This year, he'll be hosting Underground III event and to
give you a small taste of the breakthrough information he
is interrogating 3 of his 'Rogue Agents' this Tuesday,
January 30th from 4 pm - 5 pm, ET for a LIVE teleconference

This top-secret audio transmission will be free for Yanik's
Secret Service (Y.S.S.) agents (except for long distance
charges) but you will have to register to lock-in your spot
and get the special phone number and PIN. The lines can
only hold 300 people so if you want in - please register

Yanik Silver - Underground Online Seminar Secret Call

You definitely don't want to miss this call if you're at
all interested in hearing the "under-the-radar" secrets
these 3 elusive Internet successes use to quietly making
their fortunes online (NOT selling "how to make money
online" info).

Let me be perfectly clear.these are NOT the "usual
suspects" you see at every seminar (in other words, they
make their money actually "doing it" not just talking about
it).just average folks who have truly cracked the code to
internet wealth!

Rest assured, even though Yanik is not charging admission
for this call - it'll be anything but a "pitch" for the
upcoming event! (In fact, from previous calls he could
easily charge $79 or $99.)

Don't wait!

While it's fresh in your mind, go reserve your slot right

Yanik Silver - Underground Online Seminar Secret Call



P.S. Have you've ever wondered IF there might just be a
group of real people making big money online who do *NOT*
speak at the seminars? Yes, there are! And now you can meet
3 of them LIVE this Tuesday on a special, one-time only
call. Yanik is going to grill and interrogate mercilessly
to reveal some of their jealously-guarded secrets.

Yanik Silver - Underground Online Seminar Secret Call

P.P.S. Spots are running out for the for Underground III
and the price goes up on January 31st - don't miss the
biggest event of the year -

Yanik Silver - Underground Online Seminar


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