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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Andrew Fox - Dominating ClickBank ...

A former high school drop out from N. Ireland,
Andrew Fox left high school with no qualification's
or prospects for the future.

With nothing but raw determination and an un
relinquishing desire to succeed he was able
to turn the tables.

After working as a movie store assistant and
car washer, Andrew started his own Internet
Company back in 1999.

After a string of successes and failures Andrew's
business really exploded when he was invited
to speak alongside several millionaire business
owners at Car Galletti's 'Internet Marketing
Super Event' held in Treasure Island Hotel, Las

Andrew, just 21 years old shocked the crowd
with his powerful speech.

His latest product shows how the ordinary
person can start an instant internet business
selling products they don't even need to
create. For anyone on a shoe string budget
it the perfect entry model.

It's presented in a video tutorial format for
easy learning.

Andrew Fox - Dominating ClickBank ...

Andrew said "I find video teaching much better
than a standard ebook or even audio. I'm glad
it's helping so many people out there'

For more information on Andrew Fox and his
latest products visit his website here

Andrew Fox - Dominating ClickBank ...




You don't even need your website, product
or email list to get started. This is one of the
most simple ways to make money online

Andrew Fox - Dominating ClickBank ...

Monday, October 23, 2006


Jeff Alderson - Xybercode System

Does the name Jeff Alderson ring a bell?

... No?

How about Adword Analyzer? Traffic Equalizer?

Different story, right?

Seems like everyone and their mother has purchased one
... the other ... or both.

Well ... Jeff Alderson is responsible for the aforementioned,
as well as a number of other must have software apps.

But nothing he has ever put out before is going to compare
to what a maximum of 1500 lucky folks are going to have
the chance to purchase tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12 PM, Noon ...

... Jeff Alderson's Xybercode System.

The Xybercode System is Jeff's first physical product ...
actually, it's 37 individual products, WITH the source codes!

Heck ... there's so much more being offered that I can't
squeeze it all into one blog post ... go to the following page ...

Jeff Alderson's Xybercode System

... to register for more info, early notification, and a course
that Jeff was going to sell on it's own that he's decided to
offer you free access to just for requesting more info on
tomorrow's launch.

Jeff Alderson's Xybercode System

The sales page will be live at 12 PM Noon, tomorrow ...
be there if you want to find out about the special bonuses
available to the first 500 customers ... ONLY.



Sunday, October 08, 2006


Chris McNeeney's Affiliate Project X ...

Every once in a while, a new product promotion comes along that's
a little different than the others ... a few people mention it ... then
a few more ... before you know it, there's a major buzz in the forums,
blogs, newsletters ... it's everywhere.

Chris McNeeney's Affiliate Project X campaign has enjoyed that kind
of attention ... and it's been selling like hotcakes since the moment it
went live.

But here's the funny part ... despite the success Chris has had selling
Affiliate Project X, he actually gives away many of the little known
secrets that have made him a successful affiliate marketer to those
that have simply followed his promotion from Day 1, read the
Affiliate Project X sales page in it's entirety, and opted in to grab
his free 'affiliate bombshell' e-course .... no cost, no obligation, nada,
nothing ... you could walk away a much better affiliate marketer
having done that, alone.

Have your doubts?

Don't take my word for it ... see what all the hub bub is about for yourself.

Chris McNeeney's Affiliate Project X

You'll end up learning a thing or two ... before you even hit the purchase link.




FYI ... and this is not a marketing ploy, if you were considering picking
up Affiliate Project X ... Chris has made it clear that he intends on raising
the price when he reaches a certain sales goal (he's already raised it
once since launch day ... obviously, he's not bluffing)


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