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Friday, September 29, 2006


Yanik Silver - Underground II Teleseminar ... Free.

I just got a note from my friend Yanik Silver. He's not a
guy who shies away from a party but I think he might have
had one glass too many of Sake on Monday night.

During his birthday sushi dinner, he came up with an idea
for a 6-hour "marathon" call...yep 6-hours! (I'm wondering
when he is going to eat or pee the whole day - but hey,
that's his problem.) ;)

Yanik's doing some really fun stuff for 6-hours but you
definitely don't need to stick around the whole time. He's
doing three different, 2-hour sessions so it's convenient
for most time zones.

Yanik Silver's Free Underground II Teleseminar

Now this call is definitely unlike any B.S. "preview" call
you may have heard before. In fact, this might be closer to
a party than a conference call.

Yanik's giving away lots of fun gifts and many of his best-
selling products and resources throughout the call. (Don't
worry you don't need to buy anything to win - you just need
to be on the line.)

At last count, he has well over 18 guests scheduled!
Frankly, who knows who will come on and what will be said.
You've got previous "rogue agents" presenters from the
SOLD-OUT Underground II event coming on the line to give up
some of the same secrets they shared live plus brand new
secrets they've just discovered.

Then you've got celebrity experts who attended the event
like Marlon Sanders, Rosalind Gardner and Jeff Walker ..and
other real-life attendees who will be talking about their
biggest "takeaways" and "aha's" from Underground II.

Listening in on one, two or all three sessions will prove
extremely profitable to your bottom line.

Okay now here's my fair disclosure: Yes, this call is to
highlight Yanik's new Underground II DVD/CD package
release. There will only be 500 sets sold EVER and
registrants for the call will get a full, 24-hour head
start over anyone else (another big reason to sign up!).

But as you can hopefully tell this marathon call is
anything but a pitch - I promise it'll be well worth taking
time out to get on the call...

Head over here now to register:

Yanik Silver's Free Underground II Teleseminar



P.S. Don't wait because these lines will be filled fast!
Yanik's been able secure 1000 lines for this huge Call but
I can assure you'll they'll be snapped up quickly. Word has
quickly leaked out about this call and already 507 people
have registered just this morning.

This call is *NOT* being recorded or replayed so there's
only one way to hear it and that's to jump on the phone
Oct. 4th. Hundreds of people were locked out of the last
call Yanik did and it wasn't anywhere near as exciting and
fun as this!

Yanik Silver's Free Underground II Teleseminar


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