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Monday, August 28, 2006


Brad Fallon And Andy Jenkins ... Going Natural

It's been a while since well known SEO expert Brad Fallon
and Online store expert Andy Jenkins teamed up to craft
their extremely popular Stomping The Search Engines course ...

Brad and Andy ... well known for making millions of dollars
selling physical goods on the Internet, using Brad's search
engine optimization techniques to take advantage of natural
search traffic, and Andy's Online store selling techniques and
strategies to convert the traffic into sales, have been seemingly
out of sight for some time now.

But the fact is ... they've been silently working on their greatest
masterpiece, yet.

Problem is that it's SO top secret, even Brad and Andy's closest
associates have no clue what the final product is! LOL

The only information we have at this time is a video ... and
everybody's talking about it.

Brad Fallon And Andy Jenkins ... Going Natural

Once you've watched the video ... you'll be send to a page where
you can register for ongoing news, as soon as it's available ... and
early notification when the product is finally revealed.

Brad Fallon And Andy Jenkins ... Going Natural

From the looks of it ... this is going to be one of the biggest and
most talked about launches in Internet Marketing history ...
and you can follow it right along as it unfolds.

Brad Fallon And Andy Jenkins ... Going Natural



Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Ewen Chia's Free Super Affiliate Report ...

As a well known JV Broker and Affiliate Manager, I've had the opportunity
to work with the very best affiliate marketers in the IM world ... the super

And I bet if you had the chance to ask me one question, it would be ...

"Mike, who is the best affiliate marketer you've ever worked with?"

Well ... it wouldn't be fair to make a blanket statement like that ... I've
worked with a number of top affiliate marketers that perform better in
specific niches ... but I will tell you that the one affiliate marketer that
has made the most money for me ... is Ewen Chia, hands down.

He's been in the top 3 of every single promotion I've invited him into
... and we're talking dozens of promotions of all kinds ... if Ewen Chia
gets behind something, he's going to make sales ... in a BIG way.

How the heck does he do it?

Well ... Ewen has just put together a brand new report that reveals
a few of his secrets, and will no doubt increase your commission
checks, if you apply what he has to say.

Learn from the man that walks the talk ... grab Ewen Chia's free
super affiliate report
while it's still available.

Ewen Chia's Free Super Affiliate Report




Gain access to the report, Ewen's special Q & A blog, an
upcoming private interview with Internet Marketing legend,
Marlon Sanders, and much more ...

Ewen Chia's Free Super Affiliate Report


Update - Monday, August 21st

Listen to a special 41 minute audio featuring Ewen Chia and
Internet Marketing legend Marlon Sanders as they reveal the
5 most powerful secrets of super affiliate marketing
available for the next 24 hours - Listen to the audio)


Update - Saturday, August 26th

Ewen Chia's Super Affiliate Cloning Program is down to the
last few remaining spots ... Ewen will be closing the program
once the 1,000 spots have been filled ... which should happen
by Noon, today, EST ... or sooner.

Find out all about Ewen Chia's Super Affiliate Cloning Program
before it's gone.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Mike Filsaime - Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

As you no doubt know from my previous posts,
I've either brokered joint ventures or served
as an affiliate manager for many of the Net's
biggest Marketers ...

Mark Joyner, John Reese, Yanik Silver, Rich
Schefren, Joe Vitale, Jason Potash, Frank Kern,
Anik Singal, Michael Cheney, Jeff Walker, ...
I can't even list them all here, over 100 ...
last I counted.

Do you know which famous Internet Marketer
allowed me to work with him as an affiliate
manager/JV broker on what would be my biggest
final paycheck till this day?

Mike Filsaime ... during the Butterfly Marketing

All of the variables that make a great product
launch ... credibility, strategy, timing,
motivation, and a great product ... fell into
place, just right.

And to tell you the truth ... Mike Filsaime made
my job easy ... the man is an absolute genius,
and I'm reminded of it every time I see another
Butterfly Marketing success story, and remember
how we sold 1500 BM courses in just days.

That's why it's a privelage for me to announce
Mike has put together an inexpensive, condensed
version of how he became successful ... it
launches on Tuesday ... August 8th at 8AM, EST,
and it's called 'The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript'.

I can't give you the link to it, yet ... but I
WILL allow you to download, absolutely free,
a chapter that Mike forgot to include ...

Mike Filsaime - Butterfly Marketing Manuscript - Missing Chapter

Download it - print it out - and drink it in

You'll soon realize why working with Mike Filsaime
helped my own success ... and how it can do the same
for you.




Mike has set up an early notification list registration
page that will go live at 8 AM,EST ... early birds will
get the inside on fast action bonuses, and more ...

Mike Filsaime - Butterfly Marketing Manuscript


Update - The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript reached
#1 in the ClickBank Marketplace for both of the highly
competative categories it was listed in ... in just 24 HOURS!

Find out what all the commotion is about ...

Mike Filsaime - Butterfly Marketing Manuscript


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