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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Jeff Dedrick - Secret Page Spy - Launches Aug. 1st

I just thought I would quickly tell you about a new site that Jeff Dedrick
is launching on August 1st, at 11 AM EST ... and a way for you to make
100% commissions.

Jeff Dedrick - Secret Page Spy

Jeff Dedrick's Secret Page Spy site will let people spy on other URLs
and on their top ten competitors.

But the cool part is the one-time-offer you will see (not live until
August 1st ... but you can check it out, bookmark it, and come back on
that day at 11 AM EST, sharp, and see what it's all about) ...

Not only will you get your own OTO page to use on your site, but
you will be upgraded from 50% commissions to an incredible 100%!

That's right ... you have a chance to make 100% commissions by
simply telling others about the cool spy tools on Jeff's Secret Page

Jump over there right now and check it out ...

Jeff Dedrick - Secret Page Spy

To your success,


Friday, July 21, 2006


I Just Got Off The 'Gizmo' With Neil Shearing ...

Uh ... you mean the phone, don't you Mike?

Nope ... I just finished a 15 minute conversation with my
long time friend, and Internet Marketing 'Guru',
Dr. Neil Shearing (ScamFreeZone.Com) ... we actually
recorded it ... and if we wanted to, we could have brought
on 10 or 20 of our brainstorming friends to join in on the
conversation ...

... using Gizmo.

What was the cost of a 15 minute call from New Jersey,
USA to London, England?

... nothing, absolutely free.

Ya see, Gizmo is free VoIP software that costs absolutely
nothing to use if you connect with another Gizmo user ...
and the clarity is excellent (no matter what part of the
world you're from ... think of all the long distance costs
you'll save!)

As a well known JV Broker, this tool is going to play an
important part in my relationship building process ...
what potential!

You could have your own work shops, brainstorming
sessions, record interviews, the possibilities are endless.

Give Gizmo a look see ... Neil and I are hooked, I'm sure
you will be ... too.



Thursday, July 20, 2006


Affiliate Cloaking Software - GoTryTHIS

Now ... usually, a product that goes by the name of 'GoTryTHIS'
would send up a red flag in my book ... WAY too over the top.

Then ... after being pummeled by email after email from every
high level affiliate marketer I know to check it out, I decided
I'd see what all the hub bub was about.

GoTryTHIS is affiliate cloaking software.

But it's not just ANY affiliate cloaking software ... and I've tried
just about all of them.

GoTryTHIS' developer is long time 'Super' programmer John Reel ...
his client list reads like a whos who of Internet and affiliate marketing
'Gurus' ... and he decided to take what he's learned from them and
jam it into the most advanced affiliate campaign management tool
on the planet.

How good is it?

Only 1500 copies will be made available ... and more than 1100 of
them have been scoffed up, already ... after just 5 days!

If you want a shot at grabbing one of the remaining 400 ... you'd
better act fast.




GoTryTHIS Update - Friday, July 21st 2006

As forecasted, sales for the 'black hat' version of GoTryTHIS
have totaled nearly 1200, as of this posting ... leaving only
slightly more than 300 units available ... and the scramble
to purchase this unique software before it runs out will no
doubt cause it to sell out very soon ... most likely within
the next few hours.

A 'white hat' version is also available at a lower cost, though
the 'black hat' full version is by far the more popular.

To see the actual number of 'black hat' units left, check
out the 'white hat' version, and find out exactly what all
this is about ... visit - GoTryTHIS

Sunday, July 16, 2006


5 Tips To Maximizing JV Partner Follow Through

5 Tips To Maximizing JV Partner Follow Through

By Mike Merz

Getting worthy JV partners to back your promotion is tough
enough ... making it easy and worthwhile for them to follow
through should be a priority.

We've all heard of the 80/20 rule ... 80% of the results being
generated by 20% of the actions ... in JV marketing,
unfortunately, the ratio seems closer to 95/5.

Here are 5 quick tips you can implement to try and jack up
the numbers in your favor.

1) Request a phone conversation in your JV invitation.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?

Now consider that each potentially high volume seller can
mean hundreds ... or even thousands, of dollars in sales ...
is a simple phone conversation or two worth it? Of course it is.

With the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
software like Skype and Gizmo, it's less costly and easier to
connect with partners around the world than ever.

If you already have a relationship with them, it might not be
necessary ... but for all others, getting to know them better
must be made a priority ... so be sure to include an email you
can be reached at, and a phone number with an invite to chat
along with it. If they don't wish to converse on the phone,
follow up via email ... but do your best to build and nurture
a relationship that can last long after the current campaign is

You should also go over important qualifiers like social proof,
conversion percentage, etc. that you may have culled from test
campaigns prior to pre launch.

2) Set everything up for them.

If your affiliate system allows you to set up an account without
triggering a welcome email, set up an account for them ... and
give them the log in details. If not, give them the sign up link,
but tell them you'd be more than happy to do it for them.

Make sure you have everything at hand's reach ... links, ad
copy, banners, and other tools ... you want to make it as easy
as you can for them to participate.

It's also recommended that you provide affiliate log in details
and other important links in every JV follow up mailing to
increase the likelihood that they'll access them.

3) Give them a review copy of the product.

If the JV partner has performed well for you in the past, or you
have enough reason to believe through research or referral that
they have selling potential ... give them a copy of the product
... or set them up with a comp account for the product/service.

Most JV partners will not get involved in a promotion if they
don't have an opportunity to review the product/service, well
in advance of the promotion (one to two weeks prior, at least),
for obvious reasons.

Include access links to digital products or services in your JV
letter, or request their mailing address if the product is physical.

If you can, see if they're willing to give you a testimonial once
they've had a chance to review ... and give their testimonial
a prominent place on your sales page.

4) Run a JV contest that runs commensurate to a fast action
bonus and/or early bird promotion during the first week of launch.

Put together a prize budget based on a specific number of sales
to be reached by the end of the contest, mention the sales
leaders in regular JV mailings ... in addition to possible new
promo tools and positive news regarding the campaign thus far.

Post all follow ups on a JV blog, and provide the link in each

5) Offer to co promote.

Even if you feel that gratis comps, commissions, and content
prizes should be enough compensation ... nothing guarantees
JV partner follow through better than a promise to co promote
their offer after your launch period dies down.

Include an offer to set up a co promotion at a later date in
your JV letter ... and make sure you follow through if you want
them to support you with the same intensity in the future.


Mike Merz is a well known JV Broker, Affiliate Manager, and
owner of - The Joint Venture
Marketing community for experienced JV Marketers.

You are free to use this article, as long as the contents ...
and this resource box, remains unchanged.

Copyright 2006 Mike Merz

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Affiliate Software Review - Synergyx

My interest in Synergyx started when I noticed that a number
of high level Internet Marketers ... the likes Yanik Silver, Jeff
Walker, Mark Joyner, and others ... were using an affiliate script
that seemed ancient as far as a user interface ... though they
used in, nonetheless ... despite the existence of newer, more
feature rich, and aesthetically pleasing software that is now available.

I kept seeing this "/cgi-bin/sgx2/affiliates.cgi" link in all of their
correspondence ... wondering what the heck 'sgx2' was.

Then Mark Joyner tipped me off ... it was Paul Galloway's Synergyx.

When I asked why he and others near or equal to his level of
success employed it, he maintained that it was reliable, flexible
... and that Paul's customer and mod support was excellent.

To decide if it's the affiliate software you've been looking for,
read all about Synergyx.



Monday, July 10, 2006


The Proper Care And Feeding Of JV Partners - Part 1

The Proper Care And Feeding Of JV Partners - Part 1

By Mike Merz

In this article series, I'll be revealing proven ways to make your
JV fueled campaigns more consistent and productive ... whether
short or long term.

1) Finding the right JV partners.

Generally, the difference between common affiliates and JV
partners is that the latter are specifically sought out by the
merchant, affiliate manager, or JV broker because of their
success within the market the product is targeting ... they have
a successful track record, and credibility ... and the merchant
normally takes extra steps to entice them to participate.

I've found in my experience that often times a lesser known
potential partner has actually been more successful than the well
known 'Guru', due to the fact that their lists and traffic were
specifically targeted to the promotion being offered.

Although there are popular tools and services you can purchase
to find JV partners, here are a few free options I've used,

A) - although the results found are far from accurate
(data is gathered via users of the Alexa toolbar, so the results
are not consistent across the board), it's certainly accurate
enough to acquire valuable info.

B) The popular directories (The Open Directory Project (DMOZ),
Yahoo, etc.)
- unlike search engines, those listed had to
jump through additional hoops to get accepted ... making it
more likely they are established in their niche. Yes ... there is
a possibility they knew someone on the inside that helped them
get listed, but that's the exception ... not the rule.

C) Top results in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo
, MSN Search, etc.)
- even less accurate than B ... but
still reliable enough to do further research.

D) - aside from being a great tool for targeting
keywords/phrases for SEO and PPC, is also a handy
way to find top performers for specific terms in the major search

E) Word of mouth - it's possible to bypass the aforementioned
methods in certain instances if you already know someone that
has a relationship with a 'player', or 'players', in your niche. Ask
them to introduce you to them ... and, if the potential JV partner
is receptive to your interest in ongoing interaction, you'll be
further along in your initial quest of building a relationship with
them that could lead to promotion of your wares down the line.

F) Attend a seminar - you can't look at a seminar in the way of
how much money you're going to spend, but rather as an
investment ... the dividends of which depends a great deal on
your actions. In addition to taking away as much usable
knowledge as you can from the event, seminars are a hot bed
for potential JV opportunities during down time ... many a
successful JV relationship has been created in coffee shops,
restaurants and bars before and after the actual day's events.

The Proper Care And Feeding Of JV Partners - Part 2
How To Get Potential JV Partners On Board Your Promotion


Mike Merz is a well known JV Broker, Affiliate Manager, and
owner of - The Joint Venture
Marketing community for experienced JV Marketers.

You are free to use this article, as long as the contents ...
and this resource box, remains unchanged.

Copyright 2006 Mike Merz

Saturday, July 08, 2006


John Delavera - Turbo Mega Event - July 26th Launch

Mark July 26th, 2006 on your calender ...

John Delavera is going to release a BIG SUPER TURBO
MEGA package
on that date.

Yes, I know what is included in it and I can tell
you that it's BIG; when John says Big he means
something like Godzilla on Steroids...

I'm going to keep you updated ... and John will
no doubt surprise you again and again with new
additions before the launch ... but for now:

- Remember that date July 26, 2006 and ...

- Use the link below to register with the notification

If you do, you just may be 1 of the 7 lucky people who
will win this package and get access to the members'
area ... absolutely FREE.

Here's the link ...

John Delavera - Turbo Mega Event Update and Contest Info




A little inside info: this is going to be the first
time John offers private label rights to his scripts,
wholesale memberships you can sell, NEW products for
your use and a MEGA collection of CDs if you act fast.

More soon!


SEO smArticle Composer Pre Launch Special

If you celebrate 4th of July, I hope you had a good one and enjoyed
the fireworks, fun and family time.

But here's the thing, the fireworks have not stopped.

Here's why...

Let me ask you something.

As an online business owner, are you bringing in at least $150 - $500
for each and every website you build?

If you're not, you should be!

SEO smArticle Composer Pre Launch Special

I just heard from Scot Standke of and Jim
Morris of recently.

Just last year, these guys amassed $228,378.00 in Google Adsense
earnings and they've been running one of the most cutting-edge
private membership sites on the topic for over a YEAR.

These guys are not a fly-by-night operation.

And let me tell you something about Scot and Jim... they constantly
stay 2 steps ahead of the game!

With the search engines constantly changing things, sites are getting
massively de-indexed (wiped out) and erased right off Google, Yahoo
and Yahoo.

In short, Adsense earnings are plummetting due to either footprints
left in sites, people using software generated sites, some event using
duplicate content on their site, and this is just a few of the common

Some solution or system had to come along which stabilizes Google
Adsense profits and allows you to grow your profits without much
fear of losing them.

I've been allowed to offer you a Launch Special before the public
gets to see it at an increased price.

SEO smArticle Composer Pre Launch Special



P.S. There's also a report there you can pick up called...

The Power of Article Marketing: How a United States Army
Captain pulls 5-figures working his online business only part-time
... all while working a full-time job!

==> SEO smArticle Composer Pre Launch Special

Monday, July 03, 2006


Richard Schefren's Internet Business Manifesto ... LIVE.

Just a very quick heads up...

Rich Schefren recently spent $25,000.00 putting
together a video broadcasting system, just so he
could stream LIVE video from workshops and

I am not sure exactly how he plans to use it...
but the good news is that in a few days he is
going to run something of a "beta test" of the

In fact, he is going to be broadcasting from his
$2,997.00 workshop in Florida.

And here is the amazing thing... he will NOT be
charging for the video feed.

Of course, there are a limited number of lines
available (since this type of video streaming
takes huge resources)... so be sure to register
immediately. Go here now:

Rich Schefren LIVE



P.S. If you ever wanted to attend a high-priced
Internet seminar from the comfort of your own
home... well this is your chance. I don't think
this offer will ever be repeated ...

Rich Schefren LIVE


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