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Monday, June 19, 2006


The Ultimate Affiliate Manager Course ...

... will be available to the public on June 27th, at 12 PM Noon EST.

If you've been following the various Internet Marketing news sites and forums over the past month ... you'll notice that there are at least 4 Affiliate Manager related courses being offered in the month of June ... ALONE.

Why the sudden interest in that topic?

It may have a lot to do with the announcement Anik Singal made at a popular affiliate marketing seminar back in January of this year ...

Anik Singal, the owner of one of the most popular affiliate marketing membership sites around ... Affiliate Classroom, announced that he and his team were going to start working on the ultimate affiliate Marketing and management home study course ... The Affiliate Manager - 1st Edition.

Soon after working out a game plan ... he made it known that the product launch would be June 27th ... considering Anik's credibility and popularity in the affiliate marketing world, it doesn't take a great deal of thought to wonder why his competitors would rush to launch their products prior to June 27th ... now does it?

Here's a few good reasons why you should wait till June 27th ...

- Anik Singal has worked and interacted on a daily basis with affiliate marketing industry leaders for nearly 2 years.

Commission Junction ... LinkShare ... ShareASale ... Kowabunga ... Shawn Collins ... and more.

Not only has Anik won the respect of the aforementioned for his affiliate marketing prowess ... ALL of the above are supporting his The Affiliate Manager - 1st Edition home study course.

Not enough?

The names Allan Gardyne, Phil Wiley, and Rosalind Gardner have become synonymous with affiliate programs ... each of them has reviewed the course, and gave positive feedback.

But that's not all ... over 100 of the Net's top Internet and Affiliate Marketing professionals have reviewed the course ... and have promised to support the launch on June 27th.

You can jump on the affiliate manager course bandwagon ... and grab the first course that pops up ... or you can wait for the affiliate manager course that is supported by the affiliate marketing industry ... and dozens of the biggest names in Internet Marketing, on June 27th.

Read all about ... including special time sensitive bonuses on launch day, free reports, videos, and a whole lot more ... just visit:

The Affiliate Manager - 1st Edition free report

The Affiliate Manager - 1st Edition free 14 minute video

The Affiliate Manager - 1st Edition update blog

The Affiliate Manager by Anik Singal ... it'll be worth the wait. ;)



Thursday, June 01, 2006


Marketing Main Event 2 Launches Today ...

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last
few weeks I'm sure you've already heard about Jeremy
Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson and their MME2 site.

While the rest of the world seems to be going
crazy let me give you some facts:

MME2 is a one time payment membership site.
(There are 2 and 3 time payment options, though.)

And yes, it's certainly different from what
you may have been expecting....

There are a lot of brand new products
you can sell and these include:

Software, Audio Courses, Video Courses,
Private Label. (the 'mix' is pretty much spot on)

And this is where it gets real interesting...

You also get to sell *4* ready made, full supported
and totally automated membership sites!

This you have got to see for yourself (in the past
I've seen people offer membership reseller licences
but not like this - You can sell memberships and
licences to others too) That's gotta be a first!

If you like the idea of owning 4 new membership
sites in the next hour then you'll love it.

And really that's only the tip of the iceberg.

These guys have put together a members area
that will really benefit people.

There's a integrated JV network, A member to member
special offer section, a support forum and (to be
honest) more stuff than I could list here in one

If you want to know why this is getting all the
publicity you only need to take a look for yourself.

It gets my highest recommendation and a
big two thumbs up!

Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson - Marketing Main Event 2


Yes there is a downside

The membership is limited to 1000 people and
I think it's fairly safe to say these are
going to get snapped up fast.

The offer lasts from June 1st through to
June 10th or until the 1000th membership is sold.

(trust me here this thing won't go all 10 days)

I'd recommend you take a look sooner
rather than later:

Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson - Marketing Main Event 2




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