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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Alice Seba - Information Product Sweetie, Free Tips, More ...

My dear friend ... and highly successful Infoproduct author,
Alice Seba, is launching her Information Product Sweetie
Infoproduct how to course today at 1:30, EST.

3 Things you need to do to be successful online ...

1) Build and nurture prospect, customer, and peer relationships.

2) Build targeted email lists.

3) ... and you simply MUST create your own product to sell to
get to the next level.

And the way to do that easily is by creating information products.

Alice Seba's Information Product Sweetie course will show you how
to do it ... step by step.

Need more info?

Listen to a recently recorded infoproduct teleseminar with Alice ...
and grab weekly tips on creating and marketing your own information
... absolutely FREE.

All the details ...

Alice Seba - Information Product Sweetie, Free Tips, More ...

To YOUR success,


Monday, May 22, 2006


Internet Marketing Newswatch Tops Alexa ...

Mike Mograbi and Stephen Boutelle's Internet Marketing Newswatch Internet Marketing news resource has shot to the top of Alex'a coveted Movers And Shakers ... and with good reason.

.... it has become THE hot spot for the latest in cutting edge Internet Marketing news.

Many of the Net's top Marketers have actually made it their homepage ... and have notified their lists to support it, WITHOUT compensation of any kind ... it's that important a resource.

In addition ... IMNewswatch is YOUR resource ... Mike, Stephen, and the IMNewswatch team are constantly looking for the latest Internet Marketing related articles, teleseminars, podcasts ... anything and everything the Internet Marketing community is interested in.

Internet Marketing Newswatch

What Is Internet Marketing Newswatch?

Internet Marketing Newswatch RSS/XML Feed

As a fellow Internet Marketer, you know how important it is to know what's going on in the IM world at all times ... you have to stay on top of what the competition is doing ... on the cutting edge.

That's why I visit IMNewswatch DAILY ... and often times, I check in throughout the day.

'Hey, Mike ... you're getting paid for this recommendation ... right?'


Not a thin dime, my friend ... I owe Mike and Stephen for taking this resource from pipe dream to reality ... and I owe it to you for reading my blog.

Bookmark it, at least ... make it your homepage to get the most out of it.

Internet Marketing Newswatch

To OUR success,


Sunday, May 21, 2006


John Delavera's Turbo Niches - Save $50 ...

Today's the last day to save $50 on John Delavera's popular Turbo Niches niche product resale rights package ... and the ton -o- bonuses that go along with it.

Only a handful of the original 500 intro packages remain ... after they are gone, it will cost you twice as much.

Take advantage of the savings, and pick up your Turbo Niches package by midnight tonight to get the best deal on a great product.

John Delavera's Turbo Niches



Saturday, May 20, 2006


Marketing Main Event 2 - $50,000 In Bonuses?!?

Yeah .... I know.

It's one of the oldest ways to raise the value of product
and increase conversions ... toss thousands of dollars worth
of 'perceived' value bonuses into the mix. :P

Most of the time ... the perceived value comes no where
near the current, true value.

It's usually a bunch of digital downloads that are well past
their prime .... and have been handed out with free newsletter
subscriptions by every Tom, Dick, and Harry Marketer for years.

So why am I bothering to bring up Jeremy Gislason and Simon
Hodgkinson's Marketing Main Event 2
? ... which promises at
least $50,000 in bonuses? ... isn't this just another popular
Marketing duo stretching the truth to make extra sales?

Uh, no ... far from it. ;)

Marketing Main Event 2 is being backed by many of the
Net's top Internet Marketers ... and they've been asked to
contribute their BEST ... CURRENT courses, software and
scripts ... not the worn out ones that have been passed
around for years. ;)

This incredible ... still growing, cutting edge collection proudly
contributed by Internet Marketing's elite will be available for
only 10 days, starting June 1st ... or 1,000 copies, whichever
comes first (to protect it's value to lucky MME2 customers).

Right now ... getting on the notification list is the only way
you can be guaranteed you'll receive it ... don't blame me if
you wait to visit the site on June 1st or later and they're all gone.

Do the smart thing ... get on the no obligation notification list,
and lock in ... even if you don't plan on buying, you'll receive
some great Marketing tips from 2 very successful Internet
Marketers ... Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson.

The Marketing Main Event 2 Pre Launch Notification List

The early bird gets the worm ... and then some. ;)



Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sterling Valentine's Joint Venture (JV) Formula ...

... is now live, as of 12AM, EST.

Sterling Valentine Joint Venture (JV) Formula

Watch how one smart guy can go from near zero to $100,000 in just 90 days using joint ventures ... or will he?

I met Sterling in PA last year ... and he's one smart cookie.

But is he smart, and resourceful, enough to go from near broke to 6 figures in only 3 months?

Find out for yourself.

Sterling Valentine Joint Venture (JV) Formula



Monday, May 15, 2006


Sterling Valentine - Mark Joyner Teleconference ...

Are you doing Joint Ventures? I am, and you should be, too.

JV's can bring you more money in less time than virtually any other single online marketing strategy. In fact, JV's are known as the internet marketer's 'best kept secret weapon.'

Simply put, if you want a shot at the serious money online, JV's are not an option - they are a necessity.

I've been doing them for years, which is why I was recently interviewed as part of 'Joint Venture Formula,' the biggest Home Study Course and Action System ever created to teach internet marketers how to take advantage of this powerful but underutilized method.

It's the most anticipated internet marketing course of the year, and it's going to be released on Tuesday, May 16th. The buzz from the experts is deafening:

'Joint Ventures are one of the most powerful and most profitable ways to build a significant income online in the fastest period of time possible, and Joint Venture Formula is going to be a great way to learn from zero to sixty as fast as you can. Experts from all over the world have been interviewed, and you really need to check this out. Every single person that does internet marketing--this is a MUST HAVE.'

- Brad Fallon, Creator of 'Stomping The Search Engines'

'If you want the definitive guide to putting together Joint Venture arrangements so you can do it once and do it right--and make a profit--this is the course you want. Buy it today--buy it right now!'

- Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author of 'The Attractor Factor'

'I think this product is great for a couple of reasons. I happen to know some of the people who are a part of this product, and I happened to see some of the interviews. I have to tell you, what I've seen so far is pure gold. I think it should be part of every marketer's library.'

- Mike Filsaime, Creator of 'Butterfly Marketing'

'What Napoleon Hill did with 'Think and Grow Rich,' Sterling Valentine is doing with 'Joint Venture Formula.' I highly recommend you take a closer look at it, absorb it, read it, listen to it and see if it doesn't make a big difference in your life.'

- Alex Mandossian, Co-Founder of 'Ask Database'

'I met Sterling Valentine and within the course of two emails I realized, 'this is one of the smartest people I've ever met.' Watch him!'
- Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author of 'The Great Formula'

'This is shaping up to be one of the most compelling stories in Internet marketing this year.
Almost three months ago Sterling stood up at a seminar and declared that he would make $100,000.00 in 90 days... starting from scratch. He had no product, no list, on powerful joint venture partners.

I am betting he hits his goal - in fact, I don't want to jinx him, but I think he will blow it away...'

- Jeff Walker, Creator of 'The Product Launch Formula' (helped John Reese with his Million Dollar Day)

By working the formula himself, Sterling's website has even gotten more hits than the White House, proving that JV's can be the key to your internet marketing success.

I want you to register for the two upcoming pre-launch teleseminars this week.

Mike Filsaime used JV's to do 1.5 million dollars this year with Butterfly Marketing, and Sterling's doing a complimentary educational teleseminar with Mike this Friday night, May 12th.

On Monday night, May 15th, internet marketing legend Mark Joyner will be doing another teleseminar with Sterling.

Sterling promises that both of these sessions are going to be 'all killer, no filler' learning events packed with content you can use - not pitchfests.

I highly encourage those of you who are interested in internet marketing to register for these calls now:

Sterling Valentine - Joint Venture (JV) Formula - Teleconference W/ Mark Joyner



P.S. If you get as much email as I do, I'm sure you get
all kinds of stuff that you probably ignore.

Make sure that this is not one of them - JV's are the
single greatest way to divide your effort while simultaneously
multiplying your effects.

That means you could be working a lot less and earning
a lot more.

I urge you not to miss the opportunity to register for these
calls. Even if you can't attend, get registered so you can
gain access to the recordings and the transcripts from these
two internet marketing powerhouses.

Remember, it only takes ONE GOOD IDEA to really
turn things around.

I feel so strongly about the opportunities that JV's can open
up for you - Joint Ventures have helped me get where I am
today, and I want the same success for you.

You deserve it. Register now:

Sterling Valentine - Joint Venture (JV) Formula - Teleconference W/ Mark Joyner

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Michael Cheney - $250,000 In 7 Days ... How?!?!

Behind the scenes of a $250K Launch Week ...

You are going to get zero cost access to the behind
the scenes unedited footage of Michael Cheney's
phenomenal $250K Launch

- You pay nothing to see these videos
- You don't have to give your email address
- You don't have to buy anything
- You don't have to DO anything apart from click on this
link right now:

Michael Cheney's $250,000 Adsense Videos Launch Videos

- You get to see how he did $250K gross sales
- You watch as he hits No. 1 in the ClickBank Marketplace
- You see some of the techniques he used to get a 351
Alexa Ranking!
- You will see 'live' as his site pulls in $4000 an hour!

I seriously do not know how long Michael will keep
these zero-cost videos online so go and watch them
now before he pulls them ...

Michael Cheney's $250,000 Adsense Videos Launch Videos



Saturday, May 06, 2006


#1 In ClickBank - Marketing And Ads Category ...

... Michael Cheney - Adsense Videos

You can't complain to me that you missed out on
the launch offer price of Michael Cheney's AdSense
because you have still got time to grab it
before it is gone forever.

There are now just hours left on Michael's launch
offer where you can get every single one of his
step-by-step AdSense Videos and all the Bonuses
for just $87.

On 9th May 12:00 GMT this offer will expire and
the price will go up.

You can easily make back your one-off investment
many times over just by using ONE of the methods
you discover in these videos.

So act now and start earning what you REALLY
deserve with AdSense:

Michael Cheney - Adsense Videos



Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Michael Cheney - Adsense Videos

In a rush? Be the first to see the AdSense Videos:

Michael Cheney - Adsense Videos

Remember I told you about the British marketer who's
raking in over $19,000 per month just from AdSense?
His name is Michael Cheney and for the very first
time he has sat down and RECORDED in VIDEO FORMAT
the exact step-by-step system he uses so that you
can copy it for yourself.

If you use AdSense on your website you NEED to see
these videos, end of story.

Check out the site right now and DISCOVER HOW:

You can TRIPLE your click through rate over night
(like Michael did) just by using ________ _____
____ .

You can find thousands of pages of unused, untapped,
quality content by using _____ _______ .

You can easily double your AdSense revenue by using
this every day household object - what is it?
A ________ of course!

** Why you must act now

There is a time-limited offer on these videos and
the clock is ticking. If you get them right now
you will only pay the launch offer price of $87,
the price will go up in less than a week so do not
wait around as you will miss out. Get in there now
and start powering up your AdSense earnings:

Michael Cheney - Adsense Videos




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