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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course - 90% Discount?!?!

That's right, we're talking about over 27 Marketing DVDs ...

More than 3,324 pages of pure marketing know-how ...

There's over 31 Cds ...

It's nearly everything Dr. Joe Vitale has ever created on marketing.

Find out why Joe Vitale's 80 pound loss can be YOUR gain ... if you act quickly (April 24th is launch day ... and it may be the ONLY day this course will be available at the discounted price - limited quantities).

Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course - 90% Discount




Need to know more?

Sign up for the free notification list and grab 2 bonuses whether you wind up purchasing ... or not!

Joe Vitale - Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course - 90% Discount

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Alice Seba ... Affiliate Marketing Sweetie.

A word from Alice Seba ... Internet Marketing Sweetie, on the subject of affiliate program marketing:

The Internet world is a-buzz with great riches to be found with affiliate programs. There’s a ton of software programs that will promise you that with the click of your mouse, you can create a vast empire of income-producing websites ...


A business that lasts is built on solid foundations and programs like that will see your empire crumbling faster than you can say, “I’ve been had!”

People make the mistake in thinking that a business built to last is too much work or takes too much time. Sure, you’re going to have to work for it, but if you work SMART, you can get results faster than you may have thought.

So, how do you work smart? The best things I’ve found is to find someone else who’s ALREADY doing what you want to do and follow in her footsteps. If you want to follow in the footsteps of someone who’s been making a steadily increasing full-time income with affiliate programs since 2003, go here:

Alice Seba ... Affiliate Marketing Sweetie.



Saturday, April 08, 2006


Private Label Rights Niche Products - Nichetastic

Looking for brand new private label niche products?

Read on ...

Who else wants a famous marketing expert personally creating products for them?

Do you think you could make money with products that a marketing expert personally researches and creates for you?

Now you can find out!

For the first time ever marketing expert and author Rebecca Hagel is releasing eight amazing products with private-label resell rights.

Here's what you get when you join Rebecca's Nichetastic site now:

=> Over the next two months you'll get a total of eight 10,000 word "private label" reports that Rebecca personally researches and writes -- they're yours to modify, resell, or use nearly any way you like (you can even put your name as the author!)...

=> These reports will be in profitable niches that not everyone else is doing (forget about the usual stop smoking, make money online and credit repair and baby niches -- you won't see any of those tired niche products here). Rebecca is an established marketer with an eye for niches... and you get a rare chance to take advantage of her expertise.

=> You'll also get one sales letter for each product (text only) -- and yes, she'll be personally creating these sales letters for you, too!

=> Need keyword niches for these products? She's got you covered on that. You'll get a keyword list for each niche product.

=> Bonus: Want even more content? Rebecca's arranged for her colleague to prepare ten bonus private-label articles for you for each product! That's an extra 5000 words of content to do with as you please -- sell them, create a blog with them, post them on your site, load 'em up in your autoresponder... the only limit is your imagination.

=> Bonus: Need marketing help? Join now and you'll also get Rebecca's Niche Product Creation and Marketing Formula Manual which takes you step-by-step through her personal niche discovery, joint venture, product creation and marketing system (a $197 value previously available only to my workshop students and IM Secret Society members...for personal use only).

Here's another major benefit: To protect your investment she's capping membership at just 250 members. Not 1500, not 750 and not even the common 500. Just you and 249 of your colleagues will get in before she closes the doors.

Once people start hearing about this site, those spots will fill up fast. So click the link below to reserve your spot in this unusual PLR site now ...

Rebecca "Becky" Hagel's Nichetastic



The cool thing about the private label products is that Rebecca Hagel *personally* researches and writes all the ebooks. Most PLR site owners outsource this stuff.

That's why a membership to this site is such an extraordinary deal -- you'll probably never see a known marketing expert and author personally penning books for you again.

Go check it out before the 250 seats are gone...

Rebecca "Becky" Hagel's Nichetastic


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