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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Neil Shearing - Insider Rollout Secrets

If you've *ever* wondered how the "gurus" make fortunes
while the little guys struggle to sell online, you have to
read this...

Neil Shearing is the guy who "tells it like it is" and is
also the driving force behind since 1997!
Now that's an online pedigree to be proud of... helping
people build their online businesses for almost a decade.

Well, Neil's just released an ebook which blows away
anthing I've seen before... he describes in precise detail
how he took one ebook idea and turned it into sales of
$253,603.47... yes, that's over a Quarter Million Dollars!

How many other people online can do that?

How many are willing to share all the secrets used to
generate that massive total from one ebook idea?

Luckily, Neil's done just that in "Insider Rollout Secrets",
and I strongly suggest you grab a copy... this is an
ebook that will change the way you think about making
money online.

As Michael Cheney said...
"Every once in a rare while I come across information online
that is so valuable it makes me feel like I've just had my
eyes opened for the first time. I can say, hand on heart,
it's one of the most valuable things I've ever read in my
ten years online."

Neil's new ebook does that to you... it makes you see
the "big picture"... the way you *should* be doing things
instead of the way you've *been* doing things... and then
goes on to show you exactly *how* to do everything!

Check it out... I give it my strongest recommendation...

Neil Shearing - Insider Rollout Secrets

By the way, Neil is offering a $10 introductory discount on
orders for the first few days only, so check it out and grab
your copy today
to save ten bucks!



Sunday, March 26, 2006


Niche Empire ... Coming Soon.

Niche Empire?

All I can say up till this point is this ...

It launches on April 4th ... it's being run by Alan Cheng and Anthony Fesalbon (of ... and it has to do with AdSense, private label rights (PLR) articles, and more ...

But you'll have to get the rest of the details via Alan and Anthony's announcement list:

Tell Me More About Niche Empire

Trust me ... you'll be reading a lot about Niche Empire between now and the 4th of April ... get it from the 'horse's mouth', now.

Tell Me More About Niche Empire



Thursday, March 23, 2006


Neil Shearing - Free Copywriting Report ...

My long time friend, and one of the most respected men in Internet Marketing ... Neil Shearing, has put together a 23 page copywriting "cheat sheet", available in both PDF and HTML format ... and it's 100% free ... no strings attached.

Unless you intend on paying a Pro ... or have the likes of Joe Vitale, John Carlton, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Michel Fortin, Gary Halbert, Peter Stone, David Garfinkel, or Gary Bencivenga living next door to you ... you're going to have to learn a thing or two about copywriting if you want to make more money, Online.

Here's your chance to grab 8 years of copywriting tips, tricks, and techniques from the good Doctor, himself ... Dr. Neil Shearing ... gratis.

The report has been downloaded over 5,000 times in the last 2 days ... find out why.

Neil Shearing - Free Copywriting Report



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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Brad Callen - Keyword Elite - 12PM, EST ... Today.

Chances are you already know this (due to the tremendous buzz surrounding this launch), but just in case you didn't ... here's a reminder.

Brad Callen (SEO Elite) is officially launching Keyword Elite at 12PM, EST, Today.

Keyword Elite, 'the Web's premier keyword research tool', is the absolute perfect partner to Brad's SEO Elite search engine optimization software.

Brad has been secretly working on this new tool for over 8 months now and it's finally ready.

You can find out more information about the software and see several demo videos at ...

Brad Callen - Keyword Elite

Also, Brad's giving away a very special eGuide called Adsense Supremacy ... which he wrote specifically for the first 100 Keyword Elite owners.

You can visit the website to learn how you can get a copy:

=> Brad Callen - Keyword Elite



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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


TheDowser Niche Database Launches ...

At 12:00 PM, EST, today ... Max Pastukhov, Fabian Lim & Ivan Wong (TheDowser Development Team) soft launched their brand new TheDowser Niche Database, 'the fastest and easiest way to gain instant access to over 5 million keywords and niches.'

The huge success of the original TheDowser keyword research software has made this launch a hot topic ... and to add to the fire, Max, Fabian, and Ivan will not only be offering TheDowser Niche Database at an early bird price ($100 discount), they're including ... absolutely free to early bird customers ...

... full reprint/private label rights to TheDowser Niche Database 5 million keyword data!

I don't know how long the pre launch bonus and discount will be made available, so if you click on the links in this blog post and find that they're no longer being offered ... I'm sorry.

Don't take a chance ... grab TheDowser Niche Database, today.

TheDowser Niche Database Early Bird Offer


Mike Merz

Monday, March 13, 2006


Marlon Sanders - Free Amazing Formula Chapter ...

... to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the release of one
of the Net's most important Internet Marketing courses ...
the Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy!

Marlon had this to say about the release ...

Marlon Sanders here.

I just released an entire new chapter of my Amazing
Formula product
. It's an advanced chapter with new
information not in original product. It's brand new. To
read the special chapter, go here:

Marlon Sanders - Free Amazing Formula Chapter

The reason we're releasing the advanced chapter is because
the Amazing Formula is going to turn 7 next week. And I'm
having a HUGE birthday bash conference call with loads of

Speakers like Stephen Pierce, Jim Edwards, Jeff Walker,
Yanik Silver and over 11 others.

And each one of them is going to offer tips and copies of
their products that will be given away.

But the most important thing is to check out the PDF.
Again, it's from an advanced version of the Amazing
that hasn't been released.

Marlon Sanders - Free Amazing Formula Chapter

Best Wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Much success,


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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Who The Heck Is Sterling Valentine?

... and what's his JV (Joint Venture) Formula?

Read on ...

Crazy Internet Marketer Roams L.A., Terrorizing
Unsuspecting "Guru's"!

Ok, maybe not exactly "terrorizing", but
Sterling Valentine is at it again - this time
storming the hallways and meeting rooms
of Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Marketing Magic
Conference with his video camera, grabbing
interviews with the JV experts for his
upcoming DVD/CD mega-infoproduct,
"Joint Venture Formula!"

I mean, is this guy nuts? He fired all of
his clients, sold just about everything
he owns, bought a video camera and
took off on "the mother of all road trips"
just to meet the world's Top JV Masterminds -
and REALLY ticked off his girlfriend in the
process. (Apparently, he didn't consult her
beforehand, so he may not have a condo
back in Philly to come home to!)

He's been living on a diet of ramen noodles
at home (he says they're the cheapest) and
Ensure protein shakes on the road (he says
they're the most portable to carry and quickest
to drink between interviews). He hasn't slept
in days, is almost broke and is marching up
to the top names in the internet marketing
world out of the blue with his camera to ask
for an exclusive interview - is he insane?

Frankly, I'm not sure if he's a genius or a
lunatic (or maybe a little bit of both), but
get this: he just got an exclusive video
interview with Mike Filsaime from Butterfly
Marketing, and he's going to post a clip from
it within the next day or two. He says Mike
revealed some exclusive tricks and tactics
used to sell 1.5 million dollars of Butterfly
in under 30 days, and that some of the
infomation he squeezed out of Mike has
never been revealed before in public.

Maybe the sleep deprivation has gotten to
him and he just scared it out of Mike!

Sterling's already gotten clobbered by bandwidth
charges on the videos he's put up so far-
a 9,006 Alexa ranking will do that to you -
so he said he's only going to keep the
Mike Filsaime clip up for 24 hours max,
and then he's taking it down to save money,
which I can understand. Between gear, tape,
plane tickets and hotel rooms, Sterling is
burning through cash on this project, and
his savings is close to depleted.

I suggest you sign up at Sterling's site
ASAP so you can get notified when the
Mike Filsaime clip goes live. I have a feeling
that if you wait to sign up, you'll miss the
notification email. He said he's going to
post the clip outside of his usual blog for
server traffic reasons, so if you miss the
email announcement, you'll probably never
see the interview clip.

Here's the link ...

Sterling Valentine - Joint Venture Formula

Much success,


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Friday, March 03, 2006


Make Money Blogging - Blogging To The Bank

Not too long ago, I was approached by a young man named Rob Benwell ... via IM, in a major Internet Marketing forum.

He wanted to know if I would care to promote his new make money with blogging course called Blogging To The Bank ...

Now, understand that folks make offers of this type to me on a daily basis ... some I get behind because I feel they're worth it ... many, I don't.

Some are actually good ... but the number of requests I get is so high that I have to get behind those I REALLY like, and let the others go by the wayside ... unfortunately.

I don't often get the chance to review things right away ... I'm extremely busy with my own day to day business, and usually have to wait till the end of the day ... or week, to check these offers out.

So even when I saw that many of the biggest names in Internet Marketing were behind Blogging To The Bank ... including the owner of the very forum that Rob had asked my participation in, Allen Says (Warriors Forum) ... I still hadn't found the time to give it a good look through.

Even when it had replaced products that had held the top spots in their respective categories in the ClickBank Marketplace for YEARS ...

... until now.

I found just over 40 pages of solid information on making money with blogs, made possible by a young man that tested and tweaked the techniques and strategies contained therein till he felt them just right.

Now ... there are a couple of things in there you may or may not want to apply, as they border on black hat ... but the rest of the content should be right up your ally if you want to learn how to monetize your blogs, quickly ... and successfully.

Give Blogging To The Bank a looksee ...

Make Money Blogging - Blogging To The Bank

Much success,


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


John Delavera - Turbo Scripts - Save 65% (Ends 3/3/06)!

Here is a short message about a special deal released
by John Delavera.

John is offering almost all of his products with a
phenomenal 65% discount in a special limited-time
event that will ONLY last until March 3, 2006.

You can choose any or all of his products - the same
discount applies to any product in the list. Just to
give you an example, you can get JVManager for $173.95
instead of $497.00; actually John announced that he is
NOT going to offer JVManager again for such a crazy low
price, and I don't blame him!

You see... JVManager has been named as the "officially
recommended and offered by the Warrior forum" script
through an endorsement sent to all Warriors by Allen Says
himself! (Warriors is an elite community of Internet

You can also get all of the other Turbo Scripts, such as
Special Offer Manager, Dynamic Pricing Generator, the
cool "Buy Me A Drink" script, etc. PLUS: You get John's
superb support - well known to this Universe.

But ONLY if you act now before March 3, 2006.

Here is the link - John Delavera Turbo Scripts Discount Offer

Much success,



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