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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The Latest Reese Report, By John Reese ... Free.

As of 1:00 PM, Today ... John Reese is going to be
making the latest edition of his 'Reese Report' available
for download F R E E, for a VERY limited time ...

(Not Live Until 1:00 PM, EST ... Today)

John Reese - Reese Report

This download will include:

1. Make Money From Google AdSense

John started a little "side business" barely 12 months
ago to prove (yet again) that he practices what he

This little business was solely focused on creating
what John calls "Virtual Real Estate."

In other words, small content web sites that make
money from advertising or affiliate programs.

(i.e. The sites don't sell any products of their own.)

This little side business of John's (which he will
tell you he has spent less than a total of 150 hours
developing) has already raked in.. are you ready for

$521,829.73 in AdSense earnings.

(And John expects this number to *exponentially* GROW.)

* And ... oh yeah, these sites have NOTHING to do
with "Internet Marketing" or teaching people how to
make money. They are tiny niche markets that ANYONE
can make money from.

And because ALL of his traffic was generated from
no-cost search engine listings, it's almost ALL profit
for him. (Aside from hosting and domain registration

Not bad for a side business.

Let's move on...

2. Make Money From InfoProducts

Do you sell (or plan to sell) digitally downloadable
ebooks or physical infoproducts?

If so, you MUST download the two files I am about to
lead you to. You'll learn how to sell TONS MORE of
your products and how you can grow your traffic
AUTOMATICALLY. (It really is impressive.)

3. Generate An Income With Affiliate Programs

Do you make money from affiliate programs?

Or maybe you have plans to start making big money by
promoting other people's products?

You'll learn how to BOOST all of your affiliate
commissions. Quickly. Easily.

And without any major headaches.

4. Produce Cash From Consulting, Hard Goods, or Any
Other Type of Internet Business.

You're about to discover several tried and tested
methods that can be applied to ANY business model
that's utilizing the Internet to find cash-paying

... and much, much more.

All you have to do is visit this link at 1:00 PM, EST
... Today, to grab your free copy of the latest 'Reese

... NO strings attached.

John Reese - Reese Report

Much success,

Mike Merz
John Reese - Traffic Secrets


If you visit the above link and the files have been
removed, PLEASE don't email me and ask me for them --
I am not allowed to give them out directly.

And once John takes the files down they will no longer
be available.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


InfoGoRound - Instant Niche Site Builder Launches ...

I just recieved this important announcement from the folks at InfoGoRound ...

"Now ANYBODY Can Generate An *Unlimited* Arsenal of
Adsense Style Web-Sites (Filled With Exclusive Content)
Almost Instantly!"

...And with absolutely NO experience needed!

Hey Mike ...

After 4 months of "top secret" development, it's
finally here:

"Instant Niche Web-Site Builder!"

...For the time first ever, you can now create
professional content / Adsense style web-sites
packed with private label content, in just a
few minutes! Each site is customized with *your*
Google Adsense listings (where you earn a commission
every time somebody comes to your site and clicks
on one of the ads displayed), and *your* affiliate
banner (the affiliate banner of your choice).

The most amazing part? ...This software is *yours*
for no additional cost, as an active member of IGR

InfoGoRound's Instant Niche Site Builder Info

(...If you're not already an IGR member, sign up
right away at InfoGoRound's Instant Niche Site Builder Info

(NOTICE: This software is SO new it's not even listed
on the IGR sales page yet - but immediately upon
becoming an IGR member you'll be able to login
and start creating instant web-sites of your very own!)

...I'm aware of at least several online membership
programs offering just 3-5 customizable Adsense
web-sites or web-site templates per month (on topics/
that they choose to release) as their featured service,
and charging up to $47 per month for it! ...With
IGR's Instant Niche Web-Site Builder software, you're
able to generate unlimited web-sites on the keywords
and topics of YOUR choice, for NO ADDITIONAL COST
as an active member!

Wanna see a sample? Here's a site that was created
in under 5 minutes using Instant Niche Web-Site Builder...

Instant Niche Web-Site Builder is packed with exclusive
features and benefits (you definitely won't find this
software ANYwhere else!)...

-Generate unique web-sites based on the keywords &
topics of your choice - and do it almost instantly!

-Choose from a handful of professional templates
(additional templates will be added in upcoming

-Key placement of Google Adsense ads to maximize
visitor clickthroughs!

-Dynamically inserted news feeds based on your
chosen keywords to attract additional search engine

-Keyword rich, private label content straight from
IGR's exclusive article database! This is a major
advantage, as it means the sites you create will be
as unique as possible... Our software pulls articles
from throughout the IGR database based on the keyword(s)
you enter (vs. generating sites from article "packs"
where everybody ends up using the exact same set of

-All sites can be customized in just about any way you
desire (add content, modify existing content, change
templates, add additional affiliate links, change color
schemes, etc.)!

-Automatically generated Terms of Use and Privacy
Policy page!

-Free upgrades & future versions!

-And much, more!

Click here to sign up for IGR today and have your
first site created and ready to upload in just a
few minutes from now!...

InfoGoRound's Instant Niche Site Builder Info

As excited as I am about Instant Niche Site Builder,
I should mention it's just ONE of the many *major*
benefits you receive the moment you become an IGR

Other benefits include instant access to *thousands*
of private label articles including IGR's exclusive
private label article database, access to IGR's
one-of-a-kind Instant Newsletter Generator (which
enables you to generate professional newsletter issues
instantly!), access to *exclusive* niche article packs
and private label product packages (including sales
letters and graphics!) an active members-only forum,
and more!

IGR is *the* place to be if you're serious about
succeeding online and/or as an information marketer!

Sign up TODAY to get a head start on creating your
own arsenal of content / Adsense web-sites with IGR's
all new Instant Niche Site Builder:

InfoGoRound's Instant Niche Site Builder Info

Here For Your Success,

Bryan Winters

P.S. Instant Niche Site Builder will *literally* enable
you to create unlimited content / Adsense style web-sites
like the sample above in just 2-5 minutes EACH. And,
each site utilizes IGR's *exclusive* private label
article content - meaning there are NO author bylines
or links to author web-sites included. And you can
even modify the private label articles to your exact
preference (if you so choose) - you may even want to
insert your own affiliate links within each article,
before uploading to your web space, for even GREATER
profit potential!

InfoGoRound's Instant Niche Site Builder Info

Saturday, February 18, 2006


How Marlon Sanders Discovered The Amazing Formula ...

How I Discovered The Amazing Formula That Sells
Products Like Crazy

By Marlon Sanders

You think you have problems?

I remember when I had to buy deodorant with all pennies.
And lived on minute 30 second State Fair corn dogs and 50
cent burritos.

But that was then.

Today, I woke up whenever I felt like it.

I did the same thing yesterday and the day before. I don't
have an alarm clock anymore.

Back then, my car smoked when I picked up my hot date. And
the guys in valet parking laughed. She was a real model
and dressed quite lavishly. It was our one and only date.

Today, my status symbol is I don't wear a watch and don't
need a cell phone. Those are my "freedom symbols."

See, a fancy car doesn't mean much to me. Nor a million

What matters to me is respect. Helping people. And most of
all, freedom.

If you don't have freedom, then what good anything else
you have?

Back then, my writing teacher in school made fun of my

Later, I wrote letters that made more than she earned in a
month -- and even all year.

On warm days, you'll usually find me sittin' outside
drinking tea and reading or writing. Only because that's
what I like to do.

What made the difference?

It's not brains. I have average intelligence.

It's not luck. I've had more than my fair share of
difficult times.

It's not contacts. I'm a lousy networker.

No, the only thing I can attribute the freedom I have to
is what I call "The Amazing Formula."

It all began in 1978 when I read an ad in a magazine for a
book by Ben Suarez that would show me how to escape the
"rat race," otherwise known as a job.

That ugly blue manual with press-on type for the title
changed my life. Some days I wonder what would have
happened if I hadn't bought that book? What if I saved the
small cost of the book? Where would I be today?

It took me years later to stumble across what became
famous around the world as "The Amazing Formula." There's
almost no one in this business who hasn't heard of it.

One in every 102 people in the world who surf the web in
English have been to one of my web sites.

What is the "Amazing Formula" and how can it help you?

That's more than I can tell you in this article. But I can
tell you a few ways you can use it to turn your life
around if you're in a hole like I was back then.

Every day almost there's a new product that comes out on
how to market on the Internet. And a lot of those products
are good.

The problem is, you've got 21 ways to build a web site, 33
steps to sales letters, 15 Google Adsense tricks, 8
methods of viral marketing, 33 steps to Google PPC

But you don't know where to START. So you just keep
studying and studying till you can't study any more.

I know. I've been there.

The best thing you can do for YOU today is to get started
with the basics.

The hardest web site you'll ever put up is your FIRST one.
The hardest letter you'll ever write is your first one.
The hardest product you'll every create is your first one.
And the hardest email you'll ever write is your first one.

Here is the BIG picture for you to keep in mind:

1. Get your own product to sell

My first version of "Amazing Formula" was HORRIBLY ugly. I
wish you could SEE it. Then you might believe me.

It had a giant black margin that sucked all the ink out of
people's ink jet printers.

It had typos all over the place I didn't fix for 3 years.
But I got it going. That's the most important part.

I think it only took me a day or two to write the original
version. After it started selling, I expanded and improved
on it.

I teach my students to start with audio products.
Actually, I've been teaching that for over 5 or 6 years
now. I have products that took 3 hours to create that have
brought in 20 G's or so. Not bad for 3 hours work. Beats a

2. Put a sales letter on a web page

You don't need a fancy page to start with. Later, if it
sells, you can hire a designer.

To start, do something simple. Basic. The original
"Amazing Formula" page was really ugly. It had this
terrible gray background. But for many years it was one of
the most copied designs on the Internet.

Mostly because it was simple.

Remember this: The thing that gets people to buy is your
sales letter. Not your graphic design.

And the most important part of the sales letter is your

3. Mail somethin' to people once a week

You need an "opt-in" on your web site so that you can
email people an article or an offer once a week.

You gotta keep your name in front of people.

Articles are great. Terry Dean was the old master of
those. I read his old articles and STILL think they're

Email isn't as easy as it used to be with the filters and
all. But it's STILL the single most effective way to
promote yourself without spending anything much.

4. Get and publish results

You need to get results from your customers and PUBLISH
those results. People buy based on social proof. No doubt
about it.

By the way, if you've had RESULTS with "The Amazing
" and would be willing to share those with others,
just go to:

Tell us your story. I'd love to hear it.

5. Do what's right for your customers

I know that sounds terribly trite. But you know what? It's
true. I don't endorse junk or the "hot product of the
week" to my list.


Because a lot of it is junk. I just won't endorse trash to
my list. Won't do it.

You know. It may be pollyanna but I believe that caring
about people still works in the long term. Maybe not the
short term. But the long term.

There's lots of promises and things others will say I
don't. There's pressure sometimes because of what people
will say to make a buck.

But if it ain't right, it ain't right.

Take care of your customers. And I have to believe that in
the end, they'll take care of you.

6. Publish articles to get traffic

One of the best ways to get traffic is to take those
articles you write for your customers and post them on
article directories where they get posted on dozens or
hundreds of web sites.

You get natural traffic, name recognition and a search
engine boost from the inbound links. Plus, you can wrap
'em up and publish a bunch of articles in a viral ebook.

I taught that whole system in "Amazing Formula." And quite
a few very successful businesses have been built off of

Marlon Sanders is the author of "The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy
." If you'd like to get on his
mailing list and receive tips, articles and information
about online marketing, visit:




Just wanted to point out that Marlon Sanders has newly updated his infamous Amazing Formula for 2006 ... click here for all the info.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Big Seminar - Free Teleseminar - Mike Filsaime

Unless you've been under a rock the past month ... you've heard about Mike Filsaime, and his Butterfly Marketing course.

I was fortunate enough to have a hand in the ultra successful launch of BM (1,000 packages sold in first 5 days ... 1200 sold in first 7 days) ... and have learned a lot, myself, during the process ... in regards to the tools, techniques, and strategies Mike Filsaime has employed to leave a $150,000 a year career in the auto sales industry to become one of Internet Marketing's most powerful players ... earning an astounding $800,000 in the last 11 months of 2005.

Mike Filsaime will be spilling a lot of insider Butterfly Marketing secrets on a free call with Armand Morin, of Big Seminar and fame ... tonight, February 16th, at 9PM, EST.

To register for the call ... absolutely free, go to:

Big Seminar - Free Teleseminar - Mike Filsaime

... and fill out the '14 Hours Of Free Marketing Training' registration form at the bottom of the page.

I'll be listening in ... will you?

Much success,


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Free Marketing Makeover Teleclinic - February 21st ...

Date: February 21st, 2006

Time: 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

Faculty: Marketing Experts Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin and Rick Raddatz.

Topic: Give Your Website a Marketing Makeover!

Is your web site not living up to your expectations? ... Do you want more leads? More sales? Then this is the event for you.

Phone Number: 512-225-3110

Passcode: Free Registration

The call is limited to a set number of participants ... don't miss out on the chance to receive a 'marketing makeover', courtesy of Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin and Rick Raddatz.

Free Marketing Makeover Teleclinic - February 21st - Free Registration

Much success,


Friday, February 10, 2006


Alice Seba - Internet Marketing Sweetie - Special Offer

Well known Internet Marketing Sweetie, Alice Seba, will teach you ... and show you how to apply, the nice guy/girl tactics that have allowed her to enjoy a comfortable, stay at home Mom lifestyle ... for less than $20?!?

You heard it right. ;)

My dear friend Alice is offering her popular Internet Marketing Sweetie course for only $19.95, BUT that special price is only available until Valentines Day (February 14th, of course).

Now THAT'S a gift that keeps on giving ... for less than the cost of a dozen roses!

Grab it while you can (uh ... the course, NOT Alice! LOL) ... Alice Seba's Internet Marketing Sweetie Special Offer.

Much success,



Armand Morin - Big Seminar 7 - Atlanta - April 7 - 9, 2006

Armand Morin has finally made it official ... The Big Seminar 7 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia USA ... on April 7th, 8th, and 9th.

The previous 6 Big Seminar Internet Marketing seminars have been sold out events ... and Big Seminar 7 is already shaping up to be just as hot a ticket as the rest ... 296 of the 500 seats have already been reserved!

Many experienced Internet Marketers (including myself) will tell you that attending the major Internet Marketing Seminars is an investment in your Online business ... and you.


Nothing beats live networking with peers of your success level and higher ... the relationships and JVs made after hours in the restaurants and bars can be almost as important as the training you'll experience at the event, itself!

Remember when 'Rocky' first came out (for those of you old enough to remember)?

You left the theater swinging your fists ... you felt like you could take on the world! LOL

That's the kind of energy you'll feel during and after the event ... you won't be able to relax with all the new techniques and strategies swimming around in your head ... you'll feel empowered, revitalized ... you might even start working on a new project with someone you've hooked up with before you even leave Atlanta ... it can truly be a life changing experience.

To hear a special audio message from Armand, himself ... grab 14 hours of free Internet Marketing training, and be privy to a special bonus that has never been offered before ... register for Armand's free Big Seminar Update (no obligation).

Armand Morin - The Big Seminar 7 - Atlanta - Free Update

Much success,



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