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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Launches At 12PM, TODAY.

Yeah ... I know ... you've heard all about it.

In the forums ... in your Inbox, from countless sources ... and now, finally, at 12PM, EST, Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing course will be available to the public.

To jump on the Butterfly Marketing notification list ... which will allow you to be among the first notified when the site goes live, and be privy to early bird bonuses ...

Mike Filsaime - Butterfly Marketing

PLEASE be patient if the site is not up when you first try to access it at 12 PM ... Mike is doing everything he can to make sure this doesn't happen, but the interest in this course has been so overwhelming, the crush of traffic will no doubt take a toll on the servers ... if that is the case, try it again every few minutes.

Good luck ... and much success,


Thursday, January 26, 2006


Jimmy D. Brown & Ryan Deiss Launch Content Goldmine ...

I've been a fan, and friend, of both Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan
Deiss for many years ... as well as a proud Nicheology member.

So when Jimmy hit me with the following announcement for
Content Goldmine, I was on it ... I recommend you do the same.

Read on ...

Everywhere I turn I find people all searching for the same
exact thing, regardless of the nature of their internet
business. They're all looking for...


And, truth be told, I'm no exception.

* We all want a FASTER way to build our businesses.
* We all want a EASIER way to build our businesses.
* We all want a BETTER way to build our businesses.

Faster - Easier - Better.

What if there WAS such a shortcut available?

What if you could have someone else do all of the "work"
FOR YOU like researching markets, creating keyword lists,
creating your marketing materials and so on?

What if someone else put together everything FOR YOU to
drive FREE search engine traffic, build Adsense sites,
populate "profit blogs", promote affiliate programs and
build massive opt-in lists?

And *YOU* get to keep 100% of the money you make from
someone else's efforts?

You'd be crazy to walk away from such an arrangement!

Today is a turning point for you and your business,
because a shortcut is available to you if you get in
before our cap is reached.

Read all about how you can get your own "silent partner"
to work on your behalf ...

Jimmy D. Brown & Ryan Deiss - Content Goldmine

Best regards,
Jimmy D. Brown

P.S. Ryan Deiss and I just launched this today and we expect
it to be SOLD OUT within a few days. If you are familiar
with our NicheOLOGY site, then you know that we are
very serious about our membership cap.

We sold NicheOLOGY out in a few days and it's been sold
out for over TWO YEARS now.

We expect CGM to be equally as successful.

Stop what you're doing and take a look right now ...

Jimmy D. Brown & Ryan Deiss - Content Goldmine



Thursday, January 19, 2006


Learn Internet Marketing - The IM Secret Society

So you want to learn all about Marketing on the Internet ... but you don't know where to start?

Read on ...

Sometimes it seems like the people who are making money online are all part of some Internet marketing secret society. I can just see them sneaking out of their houses at midnight under cover of darkness to a secret location that's always changing. Maybe they have cool secret handshakes and codenames. Then they have their meetings in soundproof chambers where they discuss some of the best-kept money-making secrets on the planet.

I'm kidding of course.

But in all seriousness, there is something that separates those who make money online from those who merely dream about it.

That "something" is focus...and a proven blueprint.

There aren't really any marketing "secrets." Oh sure, there are some really good techniques that folks discover and keep under wraps, but the basics aren't a mystery.

Problem is, there are so many "basics" that it's easy to get confused.

You see, some people will tell you to do AdSense. Others will say you should have your own product. Still others say all you need to do is be an affiliate.

Then when you start marketing, you get another 101 opinions. SEO is the best. Press releases are the best. Joint venturing is the best.


What you need is a simple, easy-to-follow blueprint that will take you through the entire process: from choosing a niche, to creating a product, to marketing it.

And that's exactly what you get when you become a member of Rebecca Hagel's new membership site. In fact, you'll get over $499.91 worth of marketing materials for just a fraction of the price.

Check it out now.

Learn Internet Marketing - The Internet Marketing Secret Society

Much success,


P.S. There aren't any "secrets" -- but those who learn how to make money online really DO get to become a member of a "Secret Society." Become a member now by going to ...

Learn Internet Marketing - The Internet Marketing Secret Society

Monday, January 16, 2006


Frank Kern And Ed Dale Release Undies iPack

If you've been reading this blog since January of last year, at least, then you know I was one of the first to announce Frank Kern and Ed Dale's now infamous Underachiever Mastery course.

700 copies were made available ... and they sold out in days.

Recently, a well known Internet Marketer (Dr. Michael Woo Ming) ran a survey to determine the best course of 2005 ... Underachiever Mastery won by a long shot.

Unfortunately ... UAM is no longer available.

BUT ... Frank and Ed are BACK, with the all new Undies iPack!

I don't have enough room to list all the benefits of Undies iPack ... nor the time sensitive special bonuses that are being offered.

Frank and Ed can explain all that stuff a lot better than I can ... ;)

This I will say, though ... if you missed out on the chance to grab Underachiever Mastery, I implore you to not procrastinate ... pick up Undies iPack before Frank and Ed pull the plug on that, as well.

Frank Kern and Ed Dale's All New Undies iPack

Much success,


Saturday, January 14, 2006


Free Teleseminar With Mark Joyner - January 17th, 2006

I have some really exciting news for you if you love taking part in...

Those rare Tele-seminars that deliver so much high-quality information that
it seems like you should have paid for it...

The Tele-seminars that give you one 'break-through' idea right after

Or the ones that...

Yea, I bet you're thinking Tele-seminars like that don't exist.

Well, they do ... rarely. That's why I'm so excited.

This free Tele-seminar with Mark Joyner and Patricia Ritsema van Eck on how
Mark manifested nearly 50K selling information products doing exactly what
you can do with a brain, a word processor, and a little perseverance.

I'm sure you remember the buzz about Mark's "Wife Caught Cheating" letter
(and if not, that's all the more reason to be on this call) ... but Mark is
going to be discussing:

* His 4 step process that you can literally implement as soon as you hang up
the phone

* Brainstorming and idea generation to get your mind spinning with new ideas

* How to turn your passion into a product

With that said, you can't afford to miss this call. Almost every major
Internet success has at one point in their career produced an e-book...

Why is that?

Because they are virtually free to create and people always want more

Let me ask you this -- think about you're favorite hobby or interest for a
moment. Now think about how many books you have on the topic alone.

People always have a thirst to learn more. This won't change.

So take action on this and give yourself more money in 2006.

Imagine driving that brand new BMW, just because you applied what you
learned on this call? Or maybe a you'd rather lay under the sun in a new
boat? Or maybe you want a second home?

The possibilities are endless, but none of that will happen if you don't
take action.

But you have to act fast. As I write this there are already 124 people
registered for the call and we could only reserve 500 lines.

The seminar will be this Tuesday January 17th at 7:00 P.M.
Eastern time.

To register click on the link below

This is a one-time call with Mark Joyner to learn how he made almost 50K
selling information products. If you are curious, I'd suggest you register

To your success in 2006,


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