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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Portal Feeder (Jason Potash) To Launch On 12-06-05

Jason Potash and Marc Quarles' Portal Feeder ... what the heck IS Portal Feeder? LOL

It's an article engine ... a comprehensive A - Z web site building
package ... and more.

Portal Feeder includes a complete CMS, template designer, token based website builder, etc.

There are several components to it, actually, and Jason will be revealing more details as launch day draws near.

Want to stay on top of everything and anything to do with PortalFeeder?

... to be notified the minute it launches, and placed on a priority list to make sure you're not left out (initial available accounts will be limited)?

... grab the latest version of Jason and Marc's amazing Orwell software ... FREE?

Get Me On The PortalFeeder Top Priority List ... And Give Me My FREE Orwell Software!

Much success,



Be sure to check out Jason Potash's Portal Feeder blog for more info, and visit the actual Portal Feeder home page for the Tuesday launch to see what all the hubub is about ... and lock into a spot during the only 24 hour period (12PM, EST, Tuesday - 12PM, EST, Wednesday) that Portal Feeder will be sold ... EVER!

Friday, November 25, 2005


Marc Goldman + Jay Abraham = Joint Venture Mastery

What happens when you take the uncrowned king of joint venture marketing, Marc Goldman, and combine his talents with those of arguably the world's most successful marketer ... via joint venture or otherwise, Jay Abraham ... ?

You get JV Mastery. ;)

Marc and Jay are making an offer you can't refuse ... they'll send JV Mastery: The Art of Profitable Deal Making straight to your mailbox ... for the cost of shipping, ONLY.

You'll have a full 30 days to evaluate the course, and apply all you've learned ... before you part with one thin dime (outside of the small shipping cost, of course).

But you better hurry up ... the course is nearly sold out ... and once it's gone, that's it.

Find out all about JV Mastery, the many free bonuses that are yours if you act now, and how you can pick up your copy for just the cost of shipping.

JV Mastery

Much success,



BTW ... today is obviously 'Black Friday' ... the start of the holiday shopping season.

What better 'gift that keeps on giving' than JV Mastery for the Online Marketer (or wannabe Online Marketer) in your life, eh?

JV Mastery

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Auction Tips - The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire

Discover how to easily claim a HUGE portion of the $86,000,000 spent on eBay every day ...

Review: "The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire" by Derek Gehl and Brandon Dupsky

I've just finished checking out the brand-new "Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire" by Brandon Dupsky and Derek Gehl, and I've got to tell you, it is by FAR the best system for making a life-changing income on eBay that I've come across.

Don't be embarrassed if you've never heard of self-made eBay millionaire Brandon Dupsky before. After all, he likes to fly "below the radar" (which gives him more time to focus on his booming eBay business)

But what you should know about him is that he's just a regular guy who got his start on eBay by selling a few odd-and-ends he found in his basement...

... and since then, he's refined his techniques to the point where he made $8 MILLION this past year alone ... amazing, isn't it?

And what's really great is that Brandon has agreed to team up with Derek Gehl, the well-known Internet marketing expert who is responsible for over $40,000,000 in online sales (he was the late Corey Rudl's long time partner, and now runs Corey's Internet Marketing Center).

... together, they can show you everything you need to know about profiting on eBay.

I'm talking about information like...

* Where to find in-demand products that you can buy for cheap and resell for massive profits!

* How to attract TONS of bids and make HUGE profits on every single auction you list.
* How to CREATE stunning listings that grab the eyeballs of eager bidders.

* How to easily rake in even MORE cash by establishing a glowing feedback rating.

* How to eliminate 90% of all eBay headaches by setting up foolproof payment and shipping systems.
* Techniques for driving 1,000s of qualified bidders to YOUR auction listings.

* ... and much more!

And if you have an existing Internet business, they can show YOU how you can use your current business to tap into the 2,000,000 visitors who come to eBay every day.

I give this eBay profit system the highest rating possible.

It includes a huge 237-page guidebook PLUS over 4 solid hours of audio instruction on 4 CDs...

... and contains every tip, strategy, and secret there is for getting started on eBay today, earning your first profit by tomorrow -- and making a life changing income of potentially $100,000 or MORE in your first year ...!

PLUS -- the live recorded conversations between Derek and Brandon are indispensable for explaining in detail the most powerful auction strategies that other eBay "Power Sellers" don't want you to know. ;)

I strongly urge you to check out Brandon's eBay profit-generating system as soon as possible (just recently released) Click here for a FREE preview.

Much success,


Friday, November 11, 2005


Jason Potash - Free Marketing Awareness Report

While researching SEO tactics during the creation
of his popular Article Announcer article marketing
software suite, my buddy Jason Potash uncovered a
lot of interesting info in regards to how the major
search engines work ... some of it, very shocking.

You are being watched, tracked, documented...

Well, not *you* specifically, I'm talking about
your websites.

I just finished reading Jason's new 'conspiracy'
and I am now fully convinced that 'Big
Brother' is alive and well on the Internet and
watching your EVERY move!

This 21-page report gives specific examples of why
this is happening and what you can do to protect
your business (and grow it), by outsmarting 'Big
Brother' and using their methods against them.

Read this report now.

But, more importantly, ACT upon the suggestions
and strategies contained within it.

Your online business depends on it!

Go here and read it (you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader):

Jason Potash - Free Marketing Awareness Report

Much success,



You'll also have the ability to grab Jason's totally
free 'Orwell' software via the aforementioned report
... get it now, before Jason puts a price tag on it. ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Firesale Profits By Michael Rasmussen

When it comes the hot trend of putting together firesale promotions ... Michael Rasmussen wrote the book.

Michael Rasmussen's Firesale Profits details how Michael has used fire sales to make as much as 162 THOUSAND dollars in only SEVEN days!

Fire Sale Profits launches tomorrow, November 11th, 2005.

Be sure to get on Michael Rasmussen announcement list to find out how to get your copy as soon as it's available.

Michael Rasmussen - Fire Sale Profits

Much success,


Monday, November 07, 2005


Michael Penland's Marketing Seminar ... Why Should You Attend?

Why should you register for Michael Penland's Internet and Joint Venture Marketing Super Conference ... in sunny Orlando, Florida ... December 10-12, 2005, ASAP?

First of all ... take a gander at the speakers.

Mark Hendricks

Alan R. Bechtold

Nathan Anderson

Ted Ciuba

Willie Crawford

Ewen Chia

Morgan Westerman

Jason Cox

Mike Stewart

Glenn W. Turner

Dale Calvert

3 Mystery Speakers

OK ... nuff said.

That's reason enough ... isn't it?

Sure it is ... BUT.

It costs only $497 ... that's it. Total cost.

You're already logging into your favorite travel site ... making flight and hotel reservations, aren't you?

Hold up ... there's a reason why you have to do this NOW.

In less than 6 days (November 12th), the price WILL go up to $997.

It's quickly becoming a no brainer at this point ... some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing ... sunny Florida in December ... only $497.

BUT ... there's still more.

If you order within the next 6 days, you'll grab "Joint-Ownership" marketing and resell rights to the complete DVD set of the seminar (a $1997 value) ... and additional bonuses you'll have to visit the sales page to see (it takes up too much space).

Uh ... but that's not it. ;)

If you sign up through the following link ... and I'm credited with referring you, I'll personally PalPal, or send you a check for, 200 US dollar bills ... $200 in cold, hard cash ... to spend any way you like it's YOURS ... no tricks ... no strings attached.

Michael Penland's Internet and Joint Venture Marketing Super Conference

That makes your final cost to attend this potentially life changing event a mere $297.

You simply won't find an offer like that anywhere, my friend.

But you have to register, ASAP ... I may pull this offer at any time.

Here's that link, again.

Michael Penland's Internet and Joint Venture Marketing Super Conference

Here's all you have to do, once you've registered via the link, above.

Send an email to:

mprebate @

... with proof of purchase, your full name, and PayPal address.

If you want it sent by regular check, please include the name it is to made out to, and your full address.

Once I've verified things through my end, I'll confirm your eligibility ... and you'll receive your rebate within 60 days (assuming you've paid in full ... and have not requested a refund, of course).

... and that's it. ;)

If you have been to an Internet Marketing seminar featuring the level of speakers that will be participating in this event ... then I won't have to say anything more to you ... you're already in the process of ordering.

If you have NOT ... don't miss this opportunity ... both YOU, and your business deserve it.

Here's that link, again:

Michael Penland's Internet and Joint Venture Marketing Super Conference

I'll see you there!


Sunday, November 06, 2005


Affiliate Program Marketing Explained ...

For years ... I've been recommending affiliate program marketing to my 'newbies' as a great way to break into Marketing on the Internet.

Simply put, affiliate program marketing involves the promotion of a merchant partner's wares by an affiliate partner ... by generating click throughs, leads, and sales, the affiliate partner receives compensation ... usually in the form of a commission percentage when a sale or lead capture is made.

Truth is ... even the most experienced and successful Internet Marketers count on affiliate program marketing as a one time and residual form of income ... some even make a fantastic living promoting affiliate programs, solely!

If you have an interest in learning how to make affiliate program marketing part of your gameplan to achieving Online success, I highly recommend Anik Singal's Affiliate Classroom.

Affiliate Classroom is one of the most cutting edge and informative resources I've ever seen on the subject of Affiliate Program Marketing, and I'm not alone .... Internet Marketing 'Gurus' like Yanik Silver and Big Jim Daniels (along with hundreds of other successful affiliate marketers) have long praised this fantastic resource.

Check out Anik's FREE Affiliate Classroom introductory video ...

... and find out how you can take advantage of this fantastic Affiliate Marketing resource for only $1.

Anik Singal's Affiliate Classroom.

Believe me ... your affiliate program marketing campaigns will never be the same. ;)

Much success,


Friday, November 04, 2005


Marketing Main Event Sale, $50 Rebate.

- Start Newsflash -

Today is the LAST DAY to pick up this popular package (Monday morning ... at 9AM, EST, it will be pulled).

This is NOT a Marketing ploy!

If uou've been waiting for the best price, here's your chance.

Save $50 in cold, hard cash off the regular price ... in the form of a cash back rebate.

Forget the perceived value bonuses ... you won't have time to use any of them, once you have the Marketing Main Event package in your hands, anyway.

Money talks!

Order the package through this link, ONLY:

Marketing Main Event Farewell Special Offer

... and email proof of purchase to mmespec @ ... along with your name and paypal address ... and in approx. 60 days, you'll have $50 in your hands ... to use as you like.

No paypal account?

I'll send you a check ... make sure you include the name it should be made out to, and your complete mailing address.

This is the LAST DAY ... and the BEST DAY to purchase ... at the BEST PRICE available.

Much success,


- End Newsflash -

At 9 AM, EST .... Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason's Marketing Main Event Sale will begin ...

What is the Marketing Main Event?

Simon and Jeremy have made exclusive deals with a number of successful Internet Marketers to bring you a special package that just may be the best value for your dollar spent this year.

The sales page isn't live until 9 AM ... but you may register here to find out what's going to be included in the package, and gain the ability to purchase it as soon as it becomes available.

There is absolutely NO obligation to purchase if you register ... you may unsubscribe from the list at any time.

Be prepared to be pummeled with offers to purchase this package, as the buzz surrounding this offer continues to grow ... sidestep all the hoopla by getting the info straight from the horses' mouth ... Simon and Jeremy.

The Marketing Main Event Sale

Much success,


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


What's Yanik Silver Up To, These Days?

Last April, Yanik Silver brought together a group of
elusive and secretive real-word online success stories to
share exactly how they are raking it in (I gave you the
scoop on that ... remember?)

Appropriately enough, he called his event the "Underground
Online Marketing Seminar". And because of the unique
concept it totally SOLD-OUT 5 weeks early (while most other
events are still trying to sell tickets up until the very
day of the seminar).

Let me tell you this event was incredible.

I didn't get the chance to attend, physically, but I managed
to get a copy of the tapes ...

I'd never heard of any of the speakers ... but I know who they
are now. ;)

It's a big world outside of the Internet Marketing niche, and
they proved it by blowing me away with their knowledge
of making money Online.

Anyway ... I don't know how Yanik did it (again) but he managed
to uncover an *ALL-NEW* group of "Underground" six-figure,
seven-figureā€¦and even 8-figure earners for the Underground
Online Marketing Seminar II.

It's all going on March 2006 in an undisclosed location in
the "spy capital" of Washington, DC.

March of next year might seem too far away to even think
about but there's an important reason not to delay.

Actually, there are *3* reasons to pay attention now:

Reason #1: There are less than 71 'Early-Bird' spots open
for the lowest discounts, bonuses and surprises (including
a private VIP networking 'Espionage WhoDunIt' dinner).
Yanik is mailing to his own 100,000+ mailing list and other
selected partners are promoting this so the race is on.

Reason #2: Like I mentioned, last year this unique event
sold-out 5 weeks early. And from the buzz, build-up and new
success stories - I have reason to believe this year may
sell out even quicker.

Reason #3: To go along with his theme, Yanik's giving away
a brand new 2006 Mini Cooper. And if you get in before the
early-bird deadline you can get 2 chances to win it.

It would be a huge mistake to miss out on this:

Yanik Silver - Underground Online Marketing Seminar II


P.S. Listen, this is definitely NOT the same "Usual
Suspects" you see speaking anywhere else. In fact, you've
probably never heard of this unusual bunch of "doers" who
are coming to break their silence (I can only mention their
"code names" here but you'll find out their true identities
and stories on the site):

* Agent eBay High Roller...
* Agent Content is King Kaching...
* Agent AdSense Young Gun...
* Agent Moonlighting Moneymaker...
* Agent High Priced Sales Galore...
* Agent Ms. Microniche Millions...
* Agent Mr. H...
* Agent eBook Hotshot...
* Agent Recurring Revenue Renegade...
* Agent Dealmaking Master...
* Agent Quickie Profits &...
* Agent Listbuilding Maestro
* Agent Recurring Revenue Renegade

Collectively and conservatively these "mystery" men and
women bring in over $94M in revenue online per year.

If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this
knowledge - what would that be worth to you?

Don't wait and lose your place:

Yanik Silver - Underground Online Marketing Seminar II


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