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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Mark Hendricks - Secret Money Generator Deadline/Special Offer

Internet Marketing master Mark Hendricks has announced that he and his partner Frank Sousa will be taking their best selling Secret Money Generator software off the market after 1,000 copies are sold ... or on September 1st, whichever comes first.

They're also knocking $100 off the regular retail price during this special closeout promotion.

Need more info?

Watch the video, test drive the demo, listen to the audio, and see the testimonials ...

Mark Hendricks and Frank Sousa's Secret Money Generator Closeout Offer.

Much success,



Would you like to meet Mark Hendricks ... in person?

Check this out.


Home Based Affiliate Business - Credit Profits

My friend Joe Lloyd has been marketing online since 1997 and has developed dozens of websites and products in that time ...

In the Internet Marketing arena, he currently owns a popular affiliate program directory,, an Internet marketing community at, and is now launching a turn-key business opportunity based on his experience in the financial services marketing industry,

CreditProfits™ is a complete turn-key system for making money online by promoting credit cards. Included in the system is a domain name, custom website, access to credit card offers from all major banks, and advanced back-end software system that drives your very own “credit card directory” website.

Customers will earn as much as $40 for every credit card they give away through their site.

Managing the site is as easy as point and click for the customer with an easy to use control panel (allowing them to do things like add articles and content, maintain a link directory for link trades, edit meta tags and title tags, etc) and the site is automatically updated with the latest credit card offers as they become available.

Also included is a complete video training system that teaches the customer step by step how to promote their site through a variety of methods, get traffic, and start pulling in commissions by referring people to credit cards. Access to a private members area forum and unlimited one-on-one coaching will also be made available.

This is an all-in-one business opportunity for people who want to start making money online without getting involved in all of the nitty gritty of building their own site and developing their own system. The focus is on ease of use in allowing virtually anyone to make money online with little to no prior experience. At the same time, experienced marketers will be interested in the system as an extra profit stream that they can plug-in to their existing ventures with ease.

Credit Profits is set to launch tomorrow ... September 1st, 2005.

For all the info - Joe Lloyd's Credit Profits.



Only 500 units are being made available, and that's it ... so please don't procrastinate!

Start your own successful home based affiliate business - Joe Lloyd's Credit Profits.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Web Site Marketing Strategies - The Website Marketing Bible

If you've followed me for any length of time, then you know that I consider myself a pretty good search engine marketer.

There have been very few affiliate campaigns that I haven't been able to garner first page results for related keywords in the major search engines ... especially Google.

Lately, though ... I've noticed a few of my listings pushed down in the rankings ... stemming from a site named

Now ... of course, I'm not going to be pushed aside by another search engine marketer without finding out exactly who he/she is ... the owner of the site is a gentlemen named Michael Cheney.

As I surfed through his rather impressive offerings, I noticed that he had authored an ebook entitled The Web Site Marketing Bible ...

First of all ... The Web Site Marketing BIBLE?!?

I've never even heard of this guy!

... and he has the chutzpa to call his first major offering a Bible?

Still ... I continued to read.

... and then I found out a few things that amazed me.

Michael Cheney has been quietly bringing in thousands of dollars ... each week, since 1995!

... and his sites are frequented by over half a MILLION visitors ... year after year.

As if that wasn't enough, Michael Cheney's Web Site Marketing Bible has received rave reviews from the likes of Jay Conrad Levinson, Mel Strocen (CEO, Jayde Online), Andy Mindel (Founder, WordTracker), and dozens of other Web Site Marketing experts ... has been featured on CNBC, and in many of the worlds most popular business periodicals.

... and I've never heard of him, until recently.

Isn't about time you got to know Michael Cheney?

Check out his Web Site Marketing Bible for yourself ... and sign up for his free 7 day web site marketing course while you're there.


Friday, August 26, 2005


Online Auction Services | Auction Resource Network

Recently, a young man named Jason James emailed me in regards to my JV brokering services ...

I had no idea that Jason had been an Online auction power seller for nearly 4 years ... making an average of $11,000 a month on a popular Online auction site that starts with an 'e' .. ;)

Anyway ... I decided to check out what Jason had to offer ... despite the fact that I get dozens of JV brokering offers.


Because I really haven't spent a lot of time researching the ins and outs of doing business via Online auctions ... I do business with them, but I mean SERIOUS business.

This is what Jason James had to offer, through his Auction Resource Network:

1) - Weekly Updated Auction Hot Tips:
Instant Access to my auction beginners step-by-step selling guides, as well as access to my weekly updated auction success tips, AND full access to tips & advice from other top eBay™ Power Sellers™

2) - Wholesale Product Finder:
($197) Complete access to my private wholesale/dropship product sources

3) - eBook of the Month Club:
($4,679) Resell rights to a new eBook each month. Plus, FREE access to my personal collection of over 250 auction & internet business eBooks

4) - Dynamic Frequently Updated Content:
Fresh and unique daily updated articles, polls, top selling products & much more!

5) - Up to the Minute eBay™ & Online Auction News:
Never miss a beat with our daily updated eBay™ and online auction news page

6) - Auction Tools/Services-Discount Directory:
($297) Special discounts on auction products and services you can use

7) - Awesome Monthly Bonuses:
($497) Power Seller secrets, eBay™ beginners journal, Secret Auction Tips, little-known eBay™ feedback tips, how to acquire the best event tickets, and more!

8) - The Right to Promote my Exclusive Affiliate Program:
Earn huge profits with with our lucrative Affiliate Program

9) - Auction Selling Tools and Software:
See the exact products and tools I use on a daily basis to run my highly profitable online auction business

10) - Members Only Discussion Forum:
Network, chat, and get answers from other online auctions sellers

11) - A Full Year’s Worth Of Unlimited Personal Consulting:
($997+) You'll have direct email access to me to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your online auction business

12) Make money on eBay New Resource Full Access To My Step-By-Step eBay™ Coaching Videos:
($197) Over five hours of step-by-step eBay™ coaching videos that show you exactly what you need to do to be successful on eBay™

Now THAT sounded interesting ... a proven seller on the largest Online Auction site offering all of the above is certainly something to check out if you have an interest in making money with Online auctions.

Then I saw this ...


For a very limited time, I am offering a 75% MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT (only for a few days as a test) since my website is still very NEW... Limited Time Offer
Become a lifetime member before (Midnight) Monday, August 29, 2005, and lock-in your membership price of only $98.97 - This price, however, is only good if you order by this date. If you order after Monday, August 29, 2005, you can expect to pay the normal price of $395.97 -- No Exceptions!

... and I was SOLD.

Give Jason James Auction Resource Network a looksee ... and make it quick if you want to lock into his intro rate of 75% off, if you really want to learn how to make serious money with Online auctions.



Jimmy D. Brown | Optin List & Web Site Traffic Video Newsletter

If you could choose between these two, which would you
most like to have beginning today...

* A huge list of hungry subscribers, or
* A flood of eager beaver visitors to your site?

Tough decision, huh?

After all, both are VERY important when it comes to
the success of your Internet business. It's hard
to imagine making it big without either of them.

So, which would you choose to have starting now?

What if you could have BOTH?!

Jimmy D. Brown has just released a set of videos
teaching you exactly how to grow and profit from
opt-in lists and web site traffic.

The shocking part is this: he's basically giving
them away for only $10.00.

(No, that's not a typo - and it's not a "down
payment" either ... the videos are only ten bucks!)

He hasn't told me for certain, but I'm guessing
that he'll probably limit the number of memberships
on this offer like he did for Nicheology.

Nicheology sold out in about 3 days, so don't take
any chances. Drop what you're doing and download
these videos to SEE how you can build large mailing
lists and drive visitors to your web site.

Need something to wet you whistle?

Here's a brand new free report by Jimmy D. Brown ...

Jimmy D. Brown's 'How To Make 6 Figures Online!' Free Report

Much success,


P.S. In case you're wondering, Jimmy's content
is "cutting edge" stuff. It isn't rehashed like
most of the junk you see these days. The videos
are fresh, original ideas for building huge lists
and driving a flood of traffic to your site that
you simply won't find anywhere else.

Monday, August 22, 2005


The Keyword Bible Special Discount Offer

Introducing the Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

The new Keyword Bible renders all other keyword research
tools and software obsolete. Not only do you get millions of
keywords in over 23,000 lists, you can quickly and easily
add your own lists to the database with the click of a button.

Searching the database is just as easy. Type your keyword
and get thousands of matches across several lists. Pick and
choose which lists you want, or simply click the merge
button to generate a giant list, ready to paste into your
favorite portal building software.

- Quickly and easily search over 23,000 keyword lists
- Contains millions of individual niche keywords
- Use the lists to build portals, mininets or PPC
- Generates [brackets] and "quotes" for Adwords
- Merges lists into a single file - no more cut 'n paste
- Uses plain text so it's simple and easy to use
- Lists the top 41,000 paying Google Adwords keywords
- Finds profitable niches that you'd never even dream of
- Easily add your own keyword lists to the database
- It's a keyword list manager and search engine all in one

Now instead of spending hours compiling your keyword lists,
you can get them in a few seconds at the click of a button.
You'll never go back to the "old school" online tools once
you've tried this one. You'll get to spend far more time
building your sites and on your PPC ads, instead of digging
for keywords.

Keyword Bible is brought to you by the Scot Standke, the
creator of Keyword Avalanche. And those of you who know
Scot, know that he's serious when he says that there will be
exactly 1,000 units of the Keyword Bible sold. After that...
you're stuck doing keyword research the old fashioned way.

Oh... and one more thing. If you go to the sales letter,
you'll see the "street" price is $495. But for you, because
... as a friend of Mike Merz, and JV Notify Pro joint ventures,
I've managed to negotiate an introductory price of only
$247. A savings of over $240, but only for my friends ...
and only for a limited time.

So take advantage of the special price that I've secured for
you. But don't delay.

- It's downloadable software so there's no waiting
- Over 23,000 lists containing millions of keywords
- Lists over 41,000 highest paying AdWords keywords
- Quickly and easily add your own lists to the database
- Save over $240 off the list price, but only if you act now

I've made it simple and affordable for you to own the
Keyword Bible. All you need to do is click and 0rder Now.

Don't delay... and risk being left out. It will sell out and
I can't promise anything other than there are spots
available at this moment. So grab that mouse and click
before it gets away.


Thursday, August 18, 2005


Perry Marshall - Google Keyword Teleseminar

A couple of days ago you probably woke up one morning to find that some or maybe even most of your Google Adwords pay per click keywords were "Inactive", requiring higher bid prices to be reactivated.

Thank you very much, Google!

It's deeply appreciated .. :P

Well Perry Marshall has been researching this and is bringing order to the chaos with a fast, free teleseminar:

The Google Keyword Slash & Burn Teleseminar W/ Perry Marshall

When? - Thursday night, August 18 at 9:30pm Central Time (10:30pm EST / 7:30pm Pacific).

I know this is short notice, but it's important.

Perry and Bryan Todd are going to be discussing ...

1) Techniques for getting those bids back in line ...

2) New, hidden opportunities this uncovers, and ...

3) How to take advantage of the current swirl of
chaos this has created.

Hope you can make it - register for free ...

The Google Keyword Slash & Burn Teleseminar W/ Perry Marshall


Saturday, August 13, 2005


Internet Marketing Seminars Update

Whether you're new to Internet Marketing ... or a seasoned Pro, I can't stress the importance of attending as many of the better Internet Marketing seminars as you can.

If not just for the knowledge gained ... the networking potential is absolutely amazing, and will almost definitely make a major impact on the general success of your Internet Marketing ventures.

NOTHING beats real, physical interaction with your peers (and mentors) ... and more profitable JVs are brought to life in the bars, cafes, and restaurants AFTER the day's events than you'd ever believe possible.

Don't think they're worth the money?

If there were ever a case for the old 'consider it an investment in your business ... AND yourself' line to be delivered ... it would be right now. ;)

Here are a few upcoming Internet Marketing Seminars that I HIGHLY recommend you consider attending.


The 1st Annual Internet Publishers' Mardi Gras Seminar

Brought To You By - Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Peter Lenkefi

The Speakers

When - September 9-11, 2005

Where - Hyatt Regency - New Orleans, LA USA


The Internet Marketing Main Event Seminar

Brought To You By - Shawn Casey, Paulie Sabol, And Mike Filsaime

The Speakers

When - September 16 - 18, 2005

Where - Phoenix Airport Marriott - Phoenix, Arizona USA


Internet Success System Master Mind Conference

(Internet Marketing Seminar And Home Study Course - Premium Package)

Brought To You By - Mark Hendricks

When - October 20 - 23, 2005

Where - Doubletree Guest Suites - Tampa, FLA USA


Marketing Cruise With Millionaires Seminar

Brought To You By - Joel Christopher

The Speakers

When - October 29 - November 3, 2005

Where - Carnival Cruise Lines - Miami, FLA USA


Quick Friday, August 19th, 2005 FYI

Today is the LAST day that Yanik Silver's Underground Online Secrets Seminar Tapes will be made available ... NO extensions ... NO excuses ... that's all, Folks!

I Want My Copy Of Yanik's Tapes Before They're All Gone!

Also ...

Tomorrow the hotel rates go up at the Doubletree Suites where Mark Hendricks is holding the next Internet Success System Master Mind Conference in October ... it gets $200 more expensive on August 20th.

Lock in now, and grab a great course ... and seminar, for $200 less, TODAY.

Sign Me Up, Mark!

If I find out of any other Internet Marketing Seminars worthy of my recommendation ... you'll be the first to know. ;)


Thursday, August 11, 2005


Mark Joyner - Simpleology.Com

Those of you that have known me for any length of time know that I'm a long time fan ... and friend, of the 'Godfather of Internet Marketing' ... Mark Joyner.

If you, as I, have been fortunate enough to meet Mark in person ... then you already know that he's an electrifying, personable, and incredibly intelligent man ... and easily worthy of the aforementioned moniker ... considering his accomplishments and vast body of work over many years.

Well .... I'm one of a small group, there's only EIGHT of us (originally ... that number has grown substantially through the course of today, and will continue to grow at an amazing pace ... I assure you) ... as a matter of fact, that Mark has entrusted to deliver the following message ...

Mark Joyner has just announced the launch of

What is Simpleology?

In a nutshell ...

"Simpleology - Find out how a simple 15 minute a day "praxis" allows anyone to get whatever they way. Attain total mastery of Time, Energy, and Money ..."
And ... "Learn Simpleology in a FREE 18 Day Step-by-Step Interactive Multimedia Experience Based on Cutting Edge Speed-Learning Psychology ... Each Fun Daily Lesson Takes Just a Couple Minutes ... Instant FREE Access for Everyone."

I can't do MJ's Simpleology concepts justice in one blog post .. ;)

But I will say that Mark has put a LOT of work into it ... and it shows.

Second ... I'll also remind you that it's absolutely FREE to join.

Need I say more?

I didn't think so .. ;)

I'll see you on the inside. ;)


Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Yanik Silver's Underground Online Marketing Seminar Tapes

Every once in a while, the Internet Marketing community experiences a major release ... the buzz is deafening ... everyone talks about it ... everyone wants 'in' on it.

Well, It's happening ... AGAIN. ;)

The Guru - Yanik Silver

The Product - The Underground Online Marketing Seminar Tapes

(Visit Yanik Silver's Undergound Online Marketing Seminar Blog for additional info ...)

Product Description - a strictly limited number (ONLY 87 left,
as of 8/18) of the "At-Home" DVD, Audio CD version and workbook
from this one-time-only event (including the bonus Dan Kennedy
"Q & A" lunch).


I have an important time-sensitive update for you about my limited-edition DVD/CD set from the "Underground Online Seminar" ...

On August 19, 2005 at 6 PM, ET - the site will no longer be taking any orders even if it hasn't sold-out. (Though there are only 87 copies left so it is likely to sell out even before this final cut-off date).

I don't want you to be too late and see this notice ...

"Sorry, the Underground Online Seminar Package Is No Longer For Sale"

My business partners think I'm crazy - but I've decided to totally pull this package off the 'Net!

The reason ... to focus more time onother personal projects.

Trust me, this is not some marketing gimmick.

If you're on the fence, this may be your final chance to secure your copy.

And if you're unsure -- I always stand 100% behind my products so if you want to put my DVDs to the test, there's no risk (except if you miss out).

Here's the link again:
The Underground Online Marketing Seminar Tapes


Yanik Silver

P.S. Remember, what really made this event different is the fact NONE of the presenters were "gurus". In fact, they weren't the same usual suspects you see at other Internet seminars.

Find out what all the buzz is about and even get a sneak peek at the confidential information shared right on the site:

The Underground Online Marketing Seminar Tapes

Much success,


Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The Internet Marketing Main Event Seminar ...

I just wanted to let you know that I will be "going on tour", well ... attending an event so huge (with the "Bad Boys" of internet marketing), that I'm going to feel like I'm living the life of a famous rock star .. ;)

As fulltime marketers, we sometimes joke of how great it would be to "live like Rock Stars."

That is just what the following Internet Marketing experts do!

There is a SMACK DOWN called...

"THE INTERNET MARKETING MAIN EVENT" and the Superstars Playing (speaking) are:

Mark Joyner
Michel Fortin
Gary Ambrose
Nathan Anderson
Alan Bechtold
Carl Galletti
Craig Perrine
Dr. Mike Woo Ming
Russell Brunson
Mike Filsaime
Paulie Sabol
and Shawn Casey

So if you want to be a "groupie" like me and learn from the best in the business ... and live like a Rock Star for the 4 night, 3 day event ... then join us!

Visit the link below for your "VIP" back stage pass ...

The Internet Marketing Main Event Seminar

I know this email is a bit cute, it is all in fun ... The truth is, not only will this be one of the best Internet Marketing seminars you could possibly attend ... the surprisingly low cost will easily make it the best "bang for your buck".

The experience level of speakers and special guests that will be attending will make you wonder how they could possibly pull it off so inexpensively.

The "BAD BOY" speakers all make 6 figure incomes to "Millions" per year online ... be there as they reveal their secrets, so you can have the life you always wanted.

You may not want to live like a Rock Star, but it is fun to do what you want, when you want. ;)

You owe it to yourself to make it to this event!

Click the link below, now, to learn all the details ...

The Internet Marketing Main Event Seminar

Change your life, and have the time of your life while you do it.


Mike Merz

P.S. - This is the early bird price, so register now at the low VIP price before it goes up!


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