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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Article Announcer - Jason Potash - FAQ

Answers to questions I've been asked regarding Jason Potash's Article Announcer launch from literally dozens of folks looking to purchase the software this morning at 9 AM, EST ...

# 1 - 'The site isn't live yet ... what's going on?'

A combination of server overload and problems with the secure server caused the Article Announcer site downtime for nearly 2 hours. It's live, now, and ready to take orders -> click here.

# 2 - 'The site was down when I tried to access it ... but I can pick it up, anytime ... right?'

Well, unfortunately ... wrong.

Jason revealed that he has only 490 copies available ... and as you can well imagine ... they're selling like ice water in the desert ... grab your copy while you can.

# 3 - 'I've read that John Reese is featured in the package ... is this true?'

Yes, it's true.

Mr. Traffic Secrets is featured prominently, as he both grills Jason Potash on anything and everything to do with article writing and promotion ... as well as revealing many of his own strategies. Find out more.

For more info on the Article Announcer launch, success stories, and more ... visit Jason Potash's Blog.

Much success,


Friday, June 24, 2005


Ewen Chia - A Super Affiliate Case Study

I recently orchestrated a joint venture (via my JV Notify Pro list) for an offer by well known Online Business consultant, Amber Jalink.

Amber's reputation preceded her ... a large number of JV Notify Pro jv partners responded to her JV offer ... including my long time friend ... and super affiliate, Ewen Chia.

Now I know that we've all heard the term 'super affiliate' used ... and it's usually tied into a hype filled promotion of some sort or another ... I'll let you decide whether Mr. Chia deserves that title, or not ... read on.

After the first stage of the promotion was over, Amber contacted me with the results ... thus far, and I was pretty happy with what I saw.

(Understand that these results cover a select 3 day run, June 21 - 23 ...)

45 sales ...

Not bad, considering that I hit my fellow JV members with Amber's proposal at the last minute before running off to Gary Halbert and Mark Joyner's Fusion Seminar in Miami.

Then ... to check on my login details ... I accessed the email Amber had sent, and rather than skim it for numbers, I read it completely ...

The number of sales was NOT the total number registered by all affiliates over that 3 day period ... Ewen Chia had racked up 45 sales of a $197 product on his own ... in only 3 days!
(... and not even a FULL 3 days ... Amber had not yet updated the stats when I first authored this case study ...)

As a matter of fact, he sold more units during that time period than all my JV referral members, COMBINED!

So there you have it ... Ewen Chia, VERIFIED in my eyes, yet again, as a super affiliate.

I say 'yet again', because I have personally witnessed him performing similar 'magic marketing tricks' for Marlon Sanders, Joe Vitale, and other Top Marketers I've worked with.

To learn more about Ewen Chia, and the methods, strategies, and techniques he used to make over $800,000 last year, alone ... click here.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Jason Potash's Article Announcer Blog, More.

As the launch of Jason Potash's Article Announcer draws
near (June 28th) ... the curious have been flooding his
Article Announcer Blog, in search of clues to finding out
what all the buzz is about.

Jason has responded with an audio interview of an 'average
guy' Mr. Potash granted pre launch testing access of AA to ...

I believe you'll be surprised ... and excited, when you hear
what this 'average guy' has to say ... in great detail, about
Article Announcer ... and how using it affected his traffic,
sales, and his own credibility.

( look under the "June 20th" post and you can listen to the
MP3 audio interview.)

Article Announcer Blog

Here's a brand new article from Jason Potash, himself ... ENJOY!

A Simple Secret To Seducing The Search Engines

In the Internet Marketing community, "traffic" and search
engine mastery are hot topics these days...

People will do almost ANYTHING just to get their site
indexed by Google faster... to boost their Page Rank
quicker... to drive more traffic immediately... and to get
a ton of incoming links to their website right away...

Yes, even if it involves handing over $137 for the latest
push-button traffic software or search engine trick.

Why all the fuss?

In this article, I'm going to reveal to you a simple, no
cost way to make the search engines crawl all over your
website like ants on a melted popsicle.

PLUS... you will start to get laser-targeted traffic and
boost your search engine rankings almost instantly. Not to
mention, you'll have (at least) 100 quality links back to
your website within a week.

And this doesn't involve any SEO hocus-pocus, buying into
some new "killer" traffic booster software, or trying out
the latest scheme to fool Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

Nope. This stuff is 100% legit, above-board, and has
already worked for years.

Let me give you a quick example. Recently I created a
little "test" website.

The search engines didn't know about it. It had no
incoming links. No traffic. No SE rankings...ZIP!

Fast forward 7 days... My website was indexed by Google,
Yahoo and MSN, it got well over 200 incoming links and
started to generate traffic... shortly thereafter, Google
granted my site a Page Rank 3.

Again, this did not cost a penny, just a few hours of
my time. I created a play-by-play video that shows the
website and how I did it (see the weblink below).

Here's another example: An "average guy" decided to try
this same strategy. He now has #1-#8 rankings on all
the major search engines. You can listen to him explain
how de did it during a recent audio interview:

Article Announcer Blog ... and free audio interview

(Note: After you click above, look under the "June 20th"
post and click the MP3 audio button and video button on
the site)

So, how can you get these same kind of results?

I wish I could make this sound more complicated but, all
that you need to do is simply submit one article to a
handful of Article Directories.

Writing and submitting articles has long been a proven,
time-tested strategy for increasing traffic, subscribers
and sales.

But now in 2005, articles have re-emerged in a BIG way,
thanks to recent information leaked by Google within their
US Patent Application 20050071741.

We now know that quality content and incoming links are
essential (now, more than ever) to the survival of your
websites within the search engines.

Bottom line. You need to start creating and submitting
articles to get all the benefits I just outlined above.

In fact, Google is practically telling you to do so!

But, where do you start? Where should you submit your

Here's a blueprint that outlines the 7 keys to writing
successful articles.

Follow these 7 keys and you are guaranteed to get more
traffic, more incoming links and higher search engine
rankings and page rank, by simply distributing your
articles across the Internet.

Let's get started.

Key #1: Choose a HOT Topic

You'll need to do a little research on this one. If you
are already familiar with the target market for your
article, this should come easy. Research, spy, observe. Do
whatever it takes to understand your target market. What
issues are hot? What topics currently appear within top
ezines, messageboards, ebooks? What keywords are they
using to search online?

It's also a good idea to frequently visit article
directories and content sites. These sites contain current
articles on a variety of popular topics. Often, you can
view the most popular article topics (or clicks) as well.

Here's a short list of article directories:

Key #2: Choose a "Magnetic" Title

Magnetic title? That's right. Your article title is your
headline. If it doesn't pull the reader into the article,
nothing will. Just think ... what if I called this

"Get More Traffic In The Search Engines", "Easy Search
Engine Tips", or "Free Traffic Generation Strategies".

BLAH! See what I mean? These don't pack much "punch", do

Your title is just like a classified ad. Look at it this
way. If your article title is crowded on a webpage with
100 others, what will make it jump off the page?

Key #3: Use The AIDA Principle

Attention Interest Desire Action

This universal formula applies to your articles as well.
Once you've enticed your reader to read your article (via
a great title), you need to keep them reading.

The first paragraph of your article is critical. If it's
dull, boring and lifeless, your reader will surely bail
out. You must keep their interest right from the start.
Try using short paragraphs, sentences and words. This will
keep the tempo upbeat and make your article much easier to
read (or skim, as most do online).

Key #4: Create Several Sub-Headings

To better organize your thoughts, divide your article into
sub-headings. At times, writing a 500-700 word article can
seem insurmountable. Sub-headings make things easier.
Instead of tackling the entire article at once, try
writing one paragraph at a time.

Key #5: "Close The Sale" With A Resource Box

One of the worst things you can do is to leave your reader
hanging. They've just read your great article, now what? A
resource box appears at the very end of your article. It's
the last line that your reader sees. It's your chance to
set the next step.

Make sure that your resource box is compelling. Make the
reader jump over to your website, sign up for your ezine,
download your latest ebook, claim their free gift -- get

Also, the resource box allows you to include a direct link
back to your website. Sit back and watch your link
popularity soar!

Key #6: Poofread Your Work

Did you catch that? It should have read, "Proofread".
Nothing hollers out amateur, newbie, or just plain
unprofessional than an article filled with typos and bad
grammar. If you don't have an English major in the family,
hire a proofreader. Their rates are reasonable and they
can save you from damaging your reputation online.

Key #7 - Promote, promote, promote

Let's make one thing clear. Without key #7, keys 1-6 are a
waste of time. Bottom line, no one will read your article
if you keep it stored on a floppy disk in your desk.

You've got to promote it!

How can you promote your article? There are close to 90
article directories, article banks, free content sites,
article announcement lists, and article syndication
services out there. And the best part is ... 95% of them
are FREE!

Plus, there are thousands of ezines, websites and blogs
that are looking for article submissions. Develop a list
of contacts in your target market. Next, e-mail each ezine
publisher, blog owner, or webmaster a copy of your latest
article. There are countless stories of individuals who
have succeeded using this exact same approach.

Wouldn't you like to get your next article picked up by an
ezine with 32,000 subscribers or have 8,000 websites
visitors view your article tomorrow?

Now go on, and get writing!
Jason Potash makes it easy to create and blast out your
articles all over the Internet using his ingenious new
Article Announcer Article Marketing System. Click here
to see what's happening on Tuesday, June 28th.

Much success,


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


What Do Michel Fortin, John Carlton, And Gary Halbert Have In Common?

Hmmm ... let's see.

They're recognized as 3 of the world's greatest copywriters?

True ... VERY true ... but that's not it ...

I met all three gentlemen at Gary Halbert and Mark Joyner's Fusion Seminar In Miami this past weekend?

Also, true ... and it was an experience I'll never forget ... but that's not the answer I'm looking for ...

They all consider Jay Abraham the most brilliant marketing consultant on the planet?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

That is correct, my friend. ;)

But ... unfortunately, Jay is SO highly regarded that you can't get near him ... or one of his legendary training courses, unless you're willing to part with many thousands of dollars.

And though it would be well worth the money in the long run ... the average Joe and Jane Marketer have had to go without a detailed, inside look at Jay Abraham's Marketing wizardy ... until now.

Introducing Jay Abraham's Insiders Club.

Catch ya on the inside .. ;)



Membership is limited ... so please don't be angry with me if access to Jay's Insiders Club is no longer availble by the time you get there.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Jim Edwards' Mini Site Creator Home Study Course Review

If you want to create money-making websites, read what world-famous and respected author, Michael Campbell (author of "Clickin' It Rich" and "Revenge of the Mini-Net") has to say about Jim Edwards' "Mini-Site Creator" Course.

From the Desk of Michael Campbell
Best-Selling Author, "Clickin' It Rich" and "Revenge of the MiniNet"

"There's an old adage... you get what you pay for. Never has it been more true than in the case of Mini Site Creator.

This video series is painful to watch... not for me, but I feel "his" pain. Jim Edwards must have invested hundreds of hours into this course. I remember having to learn all this stuff the hard way, by trial and error, making lots of mistakes along the way.

Nowadays, I take the basic mechanics of website design for granted. I think nothing of popping off graphics in Photoshop, or uploading sites with FTP. Making webpages is second nature. It's so easy to blast off a dozen or so per hour...

But not so for the beginner, dropped off in a land of info overload and overwhelm... which leads to distraction, which leads to inaction... heads up... all of you! If you've been buying stuff and hoarding and not really doing anything with the information you've collected, this course will connect all the dots for you.

This is not just a course on how to create minisites as the title would have us believe. It is the most complete html tutorial that I've ever seen. You're shown how to use the free Mozilla Composer to create your sites, starting from scratch, and assuming you know absolutely nothing about html or making web pages.

Some courses tell you to - figuratively speaking - go boil a pot of water. This course assumes nothing. Jim tells you what a pot is, where the kitchen is, what water is, how to put the water in the pot, then put it on the stove, how to turn on the stove and when to turn it off. That's the kind of attention to detail we're talking about here.

The focus of the course is creating minisites, specifically landing pages and squeeze pages where you drive your PPC (pay per click) traffic. But it goes way beyond that, and you'll certainly be set free from the land of templates and site builders after watching this course.

Unlike other beginners' courses which gloss over the html part, or kindly refer you to online tutorials, Jim shows every little conceivable step.

And I do mean everything. Starting with downloading and installing Mozilla on your hard drive, you're shown formatting basics like how to make text bold and centered. Then from there, we're slowly lead -in baby steps - all the way to crafting a sales page, with an ecommerce system, complete with order page, thank you page and a series of follow-up autoresponders.

There's a video for everything. And it's very well done.

When you complete this course, you'll be able to make good minisites, or websites of any kind, from scratch, with confidence, and be able to whip through hosting, ftp, domain names, making graphics, autoresponders, Clickbank set up, and just about everything else you can think of.

(Even I learned a few things, like Jim's secret "Ultimate Opt-in Subscription Box" which I plan on implementing on my own sites :-)

The only downside of this course are the production values. Compared to the some of the slick and professionally polished tutorials that are out there, the Mini Site Creator course is real meat 'n potatoes kind of stuff.

Jim often messes up and pauses during the videos when something doesn't go as planned. He often wonders out loud why one thing happened when he expected another.

But you know what? He's human, and that's exactly the sense you get when you're watching this course. It's just like being in a live classroom where stuff happens and the teacher needs to adapt. Although it's a little quirky at first, you easily get used to it and it's almost like having Jim sitting beside you, guiding you through every step of the html process.

If you're prepared to put in the time to learn, this course will break you free from the use of templates and site builders, into total html freedom. You'd pay ten times more to learn this stuff without help. And I'm glad someone finally and the strength and determination to put together the most complete web training course -for would be marketers - that I've ever reviewed.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, "If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment of knowledge always pays the best interest."

This course - my friends - is a heck of an investment and money well spent. Empty this information into your mind and you're never likely to go hungry again.

by Michael Campbell

Author of Clickin' it Rich, Revenge of the Mininet,
and the Internet Marketing Secrets Newsletter.
Visit ==>


So if you want to put up your own money-making mini-sites fast... and learn from someone who knows exactly what they are doing and, more importantly, can show YOU how to do it too... head on over and get more information about the course right now.
Click Here To Find Out More About "Mini-Site Creator"


Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Start an Online business with a shoestring budget ...

If your attempt to find a simple way to start your own Online business has left you with little money ... and even less to show for all your hard work ... my friend Neil Shearing has a solution for you.

You see, Neil Shearing has been teaching those new to Internet Marketing how to start their own Online business on a shoestring budget for many years, and one of the reasons that Neil has been so successful is that he doesn't rely on the latest trends, short cuts, or the promotional strategy of the month to make a good living Online ... he teaches sound marketing techniques, strategies, and principles ... time tested and reliable ways to help you learn how to make a fulltime living Online.

Neil Shearing's best selling Internet Success Blueprint has been totally revamped to include 18 movies (you'll actually have the chance to see how it's done ... not just read about it) that will show you ... step by step ... how he has been able to generate a six figure income from his home based Online business for years ... and how you can follow his lead to start your own successful online business.

Give Neil's Internet Success Blueprint a looksee.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Derek Gehl To Head The Internet Marketing Center ...

..., in place of it's tragically fallen leader and founder, Corey Rudl.

Of course ... those who knew of Corey and his legacy realize he can never truly be replaced, but if another marketer were forced to take over the reigns ... Derek Gehl is as good a choice as any.

I just recieved this email from Corey's widow, Tracy Rudl.

It is with great sadness I must inform you that my husband, Corey Rudl, passed away in a tragic car-racing accident on Thursday, June 2, 2005.

I know that because of all the media attention Corey's passing has received, many of you have already heard this terrible news. But I know this will still come as a great shock to many people -- and for that I am deeply sorry. There are no words for moments as unexpectedly tragic or heartbreakingly sad as this...

On behalf of Corey's entire family, as well as Corey's team at The Internet Marketing Center, I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to those of you who have already sent e-mails and letters or left phone messages expressing your support and condolence.

We've all drawn strength from your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, and we'll always remember your kindness.

Corey's passion was helping people.

He loved knowing that he was helping "real people" start and grow Internet businesses. And he was extremely proud of the thousands of success stories he'd helped to create over the years. Nothing made Corey happier than getting letters from clients who had finally "quit their day jobs" to run their Internet businesses full time...

And that's why, on behalf of my entire family, I would like to personally take this opportunity to assure all Corey's customers and subscribers that his legacy will continue.

Going forward, the company will be headed up by Derek Gehl, an Internet entrepreneur and marketing expert in his own right who worked side by side with Corey for more than eight years to develop the marketing strategies and software you've seen released by The Internet Marketing Center...

Corey had the highest regard for Derek and considered him to be his "right-hand man"... and for the last couple of years, as Corey began to spend more time on the road, away from the office, he'd left Derek to manage his team. So the family backs Derek during this transition 100% -- we all have the highest confidence in Derek's ability to continue Corey's legacy.

I know this is what Corey wanted.

Derek will provide more information to you about how the company will move forward. (He will be sending an e-mail later this afternoon.) But I just wanted to personally let you know what's happened.

Corey was an adoring husband... a loving son... a doting brother... a caring friend... and an inspirational leader and mentor.

It's so hard to say good-bye...

Tracy Rudl
On behalf of The Internet Marketing Center

Life goes on ... but the memories remain.


Saturday, June 11, 2005


Information Entrepreneur Intensive Is LIVE ...

An Important Message Regarding Randy Gage, Ford Saeks,
and Joshua Shafran's Long Awaited Information Entrepreneur
... PLEASE Read The Following In It's Entirety ...

Do You Want Pampers or Depends ... ?

Ok excuse me for being glib. I don't want to be vulgar, but
given the circumstances, I couldn't resist. As you may know,
there is a very special event coming up.

An event like none ever conducted before. That's where the
diapers come in. But more about that in a minute...

This event is specifically for speakers, Internet marketers,
authors, consultants, and anyone who want to learn how to
market information products. Or anyone who has ever dreamed
of opening their own lucrative home based business, but didn't
know what kind to do. Information marketing is the ideal
business, with high profit margins, easy product development,
and it's the perfect way to capitalize on the Internet.

This is the most comprehensive, relentlessly-detailed, hands-
on training ever conducted on how to become an information
entrepreneur and build a residual income information marketing

It will cover the entire gamut of things you must know to
start up an operation from scratch, with little or nothing out
of pocket, and build it into an ongoing money machine.

It is being put on by "the three tenors of information
marketing." Between them they have sold more than $50 million
dollars worth of products and services. Add in their
deliriously happy clients and protégées, the figure is in the

This is the first time ever these three men have been on the
same stage. They're too busy running their own businesses and
making money. But the chance to spend a few days
masterminding new business strategies, working together for
the first time, not to mention pocketing a cool million
dollars each, was simply too intoxicating for them to pass up!

So they agreed to collaborate together for the first time,
presenting the first-ever and quite likely only ever:

Information Marketing Intensive

This thing is going to be huge! This is "The Three Tenors" of
information marketing. (Only you will be the one doing the
singing. Singing all the way to the bank!)

Each one of these guys is a giant in his own arena. Each has
built a reputation as the preeminent expert in his area of
expertise. And now they are going to be together on the same
stage, for the first time ever!

Each will be present for the entire event. Each will present
his own packed-with-million-dollar-ideas sessions. And each
will also be present and jumping in and contributing during
the sessions of the other two.

Other times two or all three of them will be working together
on segments, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions. It will be
an All Star "tag team" of epic proportions!

Here's the most important part...

This is not one of those "talking head" seminars that leave
you in a coma by the time it's over. It is a powerful, hands-
on, interactive event that includes Hot Seats, actual Case
Studies, and exercises that will have you working on your own
projects while you are there! It's interactive and
experiential, so you learn by actually DOING!

In addition, you will be watching and experiencing real email
and Internet promotions, done live before your eyes, and
observe as the orders pour in! You'll see the "behind the
scenes" stuff that makes the cash stream in.

Which gets us back to whether you want Pampers or Depends...

You will be in the room live, and watch as several actual e-
zines promotions are mailed, and then track the orders as they
come pouring in. When you sign in, the promoters will be
issuing you a supply of disposable diapers. Out of
consideration to other attendees, please wear these during
this segment, in order to protect you from soiling your
knickers, as you calculate how much money is being taken in
before your very eyes!

And that is just the beginning! You'll be slapping yourself
upside the head wondering why you never thought of this, when
you see how to attract new prospects during the Case Study of
a viral marketing "Hub" site one tenor created. (Plus, who
knows? They may just decide to snatch an attendee from the
audience and make them famous by the end of the weekend, to a
database of eager people who want to buy their new information
products. Could that be you?)

You will actually be writing powerful, testicle-grabbing,
moron-proof headlines and "killer" marketing copy for your own
website, brochure, or sales letter during the copywriting

Try to keep some semblance of composure, as one tenor relates
how he invented one simple product (which YOU could easily
have thought of), that has sold more than $28 million worth so
far, and counting.

You could be selected for a "Hot Seat" where your project is
the star. This is where the Tenors analyze, strategize and
critique your idea, concept, or marketing strategy.

Watch spellbound, as one tenor presents the Case Study on the
online business model he built in the health and weight loss
industry that raked in over 17,000 customers in 90 days, and
paved the way for the company to turn down a high eight figure
(you do the math) buyout offer for the business;

Try to keep your jaw off the table as another tenor presents
his Case Study of two e-zines he sent out: one that produced
$212,850.00 in 48 hours, and another that raked in more than
$225,000.00 in the same time frame! (Both to lists smaller
than 15,000 names BTW!);

Keep your diapers on. You may need them, when one tenor
reveals how he made an extra $250,000.00 in consulting fees--
in twenty minutes;

You may need to change your diapers before the next Case
Study, when you see how one tenor created a sales process for
a start-up Internet venture that grew that company to one of
the top 50 web properties in the world--trafficking over 18
million unique visitors every month-with as many as 50,000
people taking some action on their site at the exact same

You'll watch in utter rapture and amazement, during the Case
Study of how one tenor created a sales system for a client
that swamped them with over 6,200 new customers in less time
than it takes most people to complete a jigsaw puzzle;

Please refrain from fondling yourself, as one tenor details
how he and a client started a $44.95 monthly membership site,
which grew to exactly 3,539 active members in just the FIRST
month of business...and is adding 500 to 600 new members a

Most importantly of all, you will leave actually knowing how
to immediately apply these new strategies as soon as you get
back. And you'll be working on many of your own projects
during the event yourself. You will leave knowing how to make
money with YOUR expertise in YOUR market!

Rumors have been swirling about this event for weeks. As you
may know, no tickets were available for sale. Until TODAY.
The site went live at 12:01 am today. So this is your chance
to lock up your space before they all are gone.

Get all the details for yourself. See why of all events you
could attend this year, this is the one you simply can't
afford to miss. Really. Click on the link below, or cut and
paste it into your browser.

I'll be there. I hope to see you!

-- Mike

P.S. Wednesday evening is an optional and very exclusive VIP
Reception and Private Dinner with "the Three Tenors."
Attendance at this optional event is SEVERELY limited.
Although the guys will each speak briefly, this is really more
of a social "get to know each other" event. It's your chance
to make new friends and reconnect with old ones. But you have
to register now if you want to get included in this select
group. Ticket sales start now.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Jason Potash - Article Announcer Preview

As a JV broker for Jason Potash's upcoming Article Announcer article announcement software launch, I've managed to pull a few details out of Jason regarding his soon to be buzz worthy release ...

>>> Introducing ArticleAnnouncer:

If you've been keeping tabs on all the SEO buzz lately, you already know how critical incoming links are to the survival of all your websites.

Now, more than ever, articles have re-emerged as the premier strategy to obtaining a steady flood of quality, incoming links to all your websites -- while boosting your SE rankings and traffic. There's only one problem... submitting your articles to all the top article directories and announcement lists is extremely tedious and time consuming.

Until now... introducing ArticleAnnouncer.

This powerful new software is specifically designed to streamline and automate your article submissions. Blasting out your articles (one time) will guarantee you a non-stop stream of incoming links and a ton of targeted traffic.
ArticleAnnouncer is also bundled with a comprehensive "blueprint" (called ArticleBlueprint) that details all the ins and outs of how to create, outsource, optimize, and promote your articles for maximum results!

>>> How is this different from EzineAnnouncer?

Well, the name says it all. EzineAnnouncer was originally developed as an "ezine announcement" tool. The article submission features were added as an afterthought. ArticleAnnouncer goes way beyond what EzineAnnouncer offers, provides a ton of more resources and includes several (must have) time-saving features specifically tailored to submitting articles. Plus, the step-by-step "how to" information revealed in ArticleBlueprint ensures that anyone can make this strategy work for their business.

Much success,

Jason Potash

Well ... there you have it. ;)

Stay tuned to this blog for the ArticleAnnouncer article announcer software launch announcement.

Also ... if you are an experienced Marketer that wants to have the opportunity to offer ArticleAnnouncer to your subscribers and/or site visitors the moment it's launched (and make a nice commission in the process), join my JV Notify Pro joint venture announcement list for immediate notification and JV affiliate sign up as soon as it's made available.



Don't forget to check out Jason's shocking free report, which details dangerous promotional trends that may wind up getting you banned in the long run. Grab Jason's shocking free report.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Joint Venture Marketing,Networking Opportunities ...

As a known affiliate broker ... and owner of JV Notify Pro joint ventures, I'm going to start announcing premium joint venture opportunity previews in this blog as they become available to me.

Each joint venture will be screened by me, personally, and will guarantee JV Notify Pro partners special perks not available to the general public.

Meet the following 3 requirements ... and you'll have exclusive access to these joint ventures ... past, current, and future.

1) You must be a member of JV Notify Pro (Free to join ... period).

2) You must have the ability to make sales for the merchants you decide to promote ... this offer is NOT for newbies. Only experienced Online Marketers need apply. Must have at least one website of your own, and/or a responsive email list to promote to. If you decide to bring a proposal to the table, you're going to want those who sign up to promote it to be at least somewhat productive ... show your fellow partners the same courtesy, please.

3) Spamming, or any other unsavory promotional tactics are strictly prohibited.

That's it. ;)

Here are our current premium JV proposal previews.

Here is a list of current JV Notify Pro partners.

Much success,


Thursday, June 02, 2005


Set Up Your Own Blog ... Free - Jim Edwards

Here's a brand new article by my bud ... and top notch Net Marketer, Jim Edwards.

I've received a lot of email lately from people asking how
they can set up their own blogs for family, friends, or
business purposes without spending much money or hiring an
expensive programmer or web developer.

Well, ask no more because I will now show you exactly how to
get your own blog without dipping too far into your own
pocket (if at all) and get up and running, even if you don't
have your own website, hosting account, or domain name.

You basically get two choices when it comes to setting up a
blog: host it yourself, or use a service that hosts the blog
for you.

Each one carries advantages based on your level of skill,
experience and how many options you want to add to your

If you choose to host your blog on your own website, then
you can pick from a number of different options, including and

However, if you don't want to host it yourself, you can also
go to, put in the term "free blog" and obtain a
long list of services that will host a blog for you, either
free of charge or for a fee.

Probably the best-known free blog service resides at

Recently purchased by Google, Blogger boasts thousands of
blogs on topics ranging from ecommerce to pet manners.

Blogger enables you to set up a functional blog in about 5
minutes and start posting your thoughts, rants, or family
facts with the world.

Log on to and find another free option
offered by Microsoft's online service, MSN.

This service makes it a bit easier to share photos than
Blogger, which requires a separate software tool called
Picasa (also available from Google for free).

MSN's blogger service also seems to appeal more to
individuals sharing their thoughts than to businesses trying
to scare up new customers or get their links crawled by
search engine spiders (another advantage of publishing a

So if you're publishing the family blog, this one might
offer more of the user-friendly options you need.

The one drawback to using free services always comes back to
the age-old saying, "You get what you pay for!"

These free blog services come with virtually zero customer
support, so if you can't figure it out on your own, good
luck finding anyone to assist you.

If you don't mind paying $5 a month, you can get a full-
featured weblog at that offers a decent level of
customer support.

The blogs available here offer many more features than
Blogger or MSN, but also require you to understand a bit
more about blogging's more advanced features like "trackback
links" and "pinging" blog directories to let them know
you've updated your blog (so others can come take a look at
your new material).

Regardless of whether you choose the free or paid option,
using a hosted blogging solution rates best when getting

However, once your blog really starts to take off and you
find you need more "bells and whistles," you may want to
consider upgrading to a more sophisticated blogging

For a free video that explains "trackbacks" and more,
check out:


Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how
to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted
visitors to your website, affiliate links, or blogs...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links?
"Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving
Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate
links... without spending a dime on advertising!
Click Here>


Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Bryan Winters - Infogoround Article Database

Seems like everywhere you go nowadays, someone is hawking content generating software ...

They assume that the major search engines will cheerfully spider the gobs of generated content and propell the user to the top of listings for related keywords and keyphrases.

Uh ... time for a wakeup call. ;)

Google and Yahoo didn't get where they are by being naive to Spamming attempts, my friends.

REAL content is king ... and in the long run, it's that type of content that gets results, again ... and again.

That's why I'm glad to see that Bryan Winters has finally unleashed his Infogoround article database, offering tons of private label articles that you can call your own (no need to hire a ghostwriter).

Use them on your web sites ... in your newsletters ... anywhere there's a need for quality content.

Give Bryan Winters' Infogoround a looksee.

... and give your web site visitors and newsletter subscribers what they want ... REAL content. ;)



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