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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Internet Marketing Expert Mark Joyner In The News ...

'Former' Internet Marketing Guru, Mark Joyner ... who bid farewell to the aforementioned title a couple of years ago is back with a vengeance (though he still insists that he's no longer a 'guru' ..;)).

Mark Joyner Happenings ...

Kenneth McArthur (JVAlert) Interviews Mark Joyner.
Tuesday March 22nd at 8 PM Eastern Time
Only 200 Lines Available.
Cost: Free

Mark Joyner, David Garfinkel, Gary Halbert, And Joe Vitale Webcast.
Wednesday March 23 2005 9PM Eastern Time
Cost: Free

Mark Joyner's First Product In Years ...
The Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript II

I'll be back with more Mark Joyner news, as it happens .. ;)


Friday, March 18, 2005


Mike Chen's Secret Weapon Revealed ...

As of 9 AM EST this morning, Mike Chen's Secret Weapon was officially revealed and made available.

I think you'll be extremely surprised at the package Mike and Mark Joyner have put together for this amazing piece of software (I was a beta tester ... so I know what it's all about).

Give it a looksee ... it's only be offered for two weeks, and Mike's server is being pushed to the max as I write this ... don't be left out.

Mike Chen's Secret Weapon

"It's simple. There are going to be two groups of people: Those who have Mike Chen's Secret Weapon and those who will be dominated by them."
Mike Filsaime

More Mike Chen Goes To College Updates


Saturday, March 12, 2005


Free Email Marketing Course Report, Webcast ...

If you're looking to optimize your email marketing - list building strategy, here's a free report that will not only help you build your list effectively ... it will show you how to get the most out of your email list, regardless of it's size (in this case ... size really doesn't matter. ;)).

Free Email Marketing - List Building Report

Be sure to register for the free webcast to be held on March 15th .... you'll find the sign up form, here:

Free Email Marketing - List Building Report

Take your email marketing to the next level ... and register today.

I'll be there ... hope you will, too.


Friday, March 11, 2005


A Free Gift From Mike Chen Worth $997 Dollars?

As I mentioned previously ... Mike Chen is leaving behind a successful Online Marketing career to go back to college.


Well ... that's his business, of course. ;)

Any way ... Mike had been working on a product that he was going to put a $997 price tag on, but as he is going back to college ... he won't have the time to market it, effectively.

So he's giving it away for free ...

What is it, you say?

A ClickBank - Paypal Affiliate Program Management script ... FREE.

Now you can allow affiliates to accept payment via ClickBank, Paypal ... or just Paypal.

... using just one affiliate link!

But you DO have to pass a simple test to pick it up ... give it a looksee:

Mike Chen's Free $997 Gift To You.

I already have the free gift, and let me tell you ... it's a VERY useful tool if you do business Online.

Much success,



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