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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Affiliate Marketing Tools - Affiliate Wizard.

As you may or may not know ... I'm very big on building highly targeted, campaign related email sub lists, especially when promoting affiliate programs.

In many cases ... it has elevated me to the top 5% of all affiliates in terms of sales for the programs I am heavily involved in.

I've done it by putting together SEO optimized email capture pages ...

But my friend David Lake has just released a new affiliate software product that will enable you to build the same type of list without authoring and updating webpages ... it's called Affiliate Wizard.

Just plug in your affiliate URL, autoresponder sign up link, and a few other bits of info ... and it spits out a link that you can promote via email, or website.

When the link is clicked, a special, unblockable pop up subscribe form will load ... in addition to taking the prospect to the affiliated location desired.

Now you can start building the same kind of ultra targeted sub lists I do ... without the hassle of building all those email capture pages.

Give Affiliate Wizard a looksee ... for less than the cost of the ebook of the month, you can start building your own, campaign related sub lists ... and start receiving bigger affiliate checks. ;)




David guarantees you'll be thrilled with Affiliate Wizard, and even provides a free demo version so you can give it a test drive, plus screenshots, and all the details (not to mention a special members only affiliate program).

Give Affiliate Wizard a try ... and see how quickly it pays for itself. ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Marlon Sanders Action Grid High Ticket Product Creation System ... Special Offer!

It seems that everyone and their brother/sister is putting out an ebook/PDF/infoproduct of one sort or another these days ...

And ... hey, there's nothing wrong with that at all!

Creating and selling your own infoproducts can be pretty lucrative ... and extremely cost effective.

But there is a couple of things you should take into consideration ...

Digital products don't enjoy the value that physical products do ... which will often result in a very high refund rate (customers get to keep it ... often times, AND still get their money back, and there's something to be said about having a product shipped to you, reading an actual text manual, seeing and holding the DVDs and CDs, etc.).

PLUS ... the average infoproduct (for the reasons aforementioned) costs less, resulting in profits per sale of only $20, $30, or $50.

What's wrong with that?


But wouldn't it be great if you could actually develop a product of your own that would generate $400, $500 ... even $1,000 or MORE, per sale?

I know ... sounds 'out of your league' ...

Products of that level were meant for guys like John Reese and Frank Kern ... right?


Internet Pioneer, Marlon Sanders has put together a step by step system that will enable you to create and sell your own high ticket products ... Marlon Sanders' Action Grid.

And get this ... for a VERY limited time, you can grab Marlon's Action Grid High Ticket Product Creation System for as little as $82.83, up front!

PLEASE ... do not procrastinate on this one .... Marlon Sanders is one of the founding fathers of infoproduct creation ... he knows what it takes to be successful, and how to make YOU successful, as well (just check out the testimonials on his site ..;)).

One more time ...

Marlon Sanders' Action Grid High Ticket Product Creation System Special Offer!


Mike "you can thank me later ..;)" Merz

Friday, February 18, 2005


Blogging For Dollars With Allen Says.

Internet Marketing pioneer Allen Says writes the blog posts ... you make the profits.

The head Internet Marketing Warrior, himself, has devised a way for you to earn money referring others to his Instant Guru Blog.

Find out how to join Allen Says' My Blog Network, and start earning those referral commissions ... ASAP.

Once again ...

Allen Says' Instant Guru Blog.

Allen Says' My Blog Network.


Mike "Longtime Warrior" Merz

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Jim Daniels - EZ Web Business Builder Software.

Those of you that have known me since I started out Online ... way back in 1998, know that one of my first Internet Marketing mentors was Jim Daniels of and

Though I had been Marketing offline for years prior to becoming a home based Online business 'newbie' ... I picked Jim to learn how to Market on the Internet.

And here's some really good news .. ;)

Jim Daniels has squeezed his 10 years of Online business experience into a brand new product ...

ezWebBusinessBuilder -- the world's first "view it and do it" software for making money Online.

This is a physical product ... a CD, actually, that you just pop in and follow ... step by step.

This is NOT the 'make money Online product of the month' ... it's a step by step, A to Z, soup to nuts tutorial on how to build a web business from the ground up ... or jumpstart an unproductive online venture.

Who needs ezWebBusinessBuilder?

Those interested in ...

... starting a new home based online business.

... growing an existing Online business with low cost and no cost, proven techniques.

... migrating an existing offline business to the Internet.

... turning ideas into profits.

How does ezWebBusinessBuilder work?

Step 1: You place the CD in your computer and it starts up automatically.

Step 2: You watch as a series of videos show you every step you need to take. (If you're new, don't worry... the CD helps you research and find the best way for you to make money online.)

Step 3: After each video plays, one click walks you through doing each step yourself, at your own pace.

... that's it!

Jim does not release new products very often ... and the reason is, he demands quality over quantity ... which is why ezWebBusinessBuilder is converting like crazy.

It works .... Jim Daniels guarantees it.

Interested in finding out more?

Unfortunately ... I can't list everything ezWebBusinessBuilder does in one post ... it would be WAY too long. ;)

Check out everything ezWebBusinessBuilder has to offer (Jim can tell you about it better than I can ..;))

I highly recommend it.


Mike "BIG Jim Daniels Fan" Merz


Jim Daniels is currently offering a special introductory discount on ezWebBusinessBuilder ... take advantage of it, while it's still available.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Free, Live Underachiever Webcast Training With Frank Kern.


Wednesday, February 16th - 12:00 pm Noon Central Time (10am PAC/11am MTN/1pm EST).


Right Here.

You'll also find out how to claim one of the remaining 132 Underachiever Mastery courses.

But beware ... the first 568 sold in 12 hours ... don't be left out (only 700 units will ever be made available).


Monday, February 14, 2005


eComXpo - The First Affiliate Marketing Online Tradeshow.

eComXpo, the first ever virtual online tradeshow for the Affiliate Marketing channel.


-February 17-19, 2005


-The comfort of your home or office

Why should you attend?

-Choose from 100 educational sessions ranging from search, to email to making blogs pay
-Network with hundreds of merchants, thousands of other affiliates and executives from the top networks
-Learn how to finally quit that day job from experts including Shawn Collins, Declan Dunn, Linda Woods and Haiko de Poel, Jr.
-Have the chance to win great prizes such as iPods, flat-screen TVs and Caribbean vacations
-Receive all the benefits of a top tradeshow for only $89.95 without leaving your home or office
-Get a free one year subscription to Revenue Magazine, plus $500 in valuable coupons

Click here to learn more or register.


Thursday, February 10, 2005


Online Press Release Tips, Course (Alice Seba).

Online press releases can either be a great way to announce and promote your offerings ... or wind up a practically worthless exercise.

Alice Seba guarantees she can help you achieve the obviously preferred, former result. ;)

Alice's new course, Press Release Profits, covers all aspects of writing and submitting a press release that will get noticed.

Need a few tips from "The Press Release Queen", herself ... as an appetizer?

Alice Seba's Free Press Release Tutorial.

If you intend on doing business Online for a living ... I advise adding Online press releases to your promotional arsenal.

But ... there are right ways and wrong ways ... let Alice share her years of successful press release experience with you, and start taking advantage of this potentially lucrative advertising method.

Alice Seba's Press Release Profits.

Much success,

Mike "BIG Alice Seba Fan" Merz

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Problems With ClickBank Sales?

I've used ClickBank's payment processing/affiliate network services ... as both a merchant and affiliate, for many years ... with great success.

... until the last year, or so. :P

Ever since the whole KOUNT thing, my sales and commissions have been about as consistent as my posts to this blog. :/

I go from record periods to dry periods ... and I mean l o n g dry periods, on unfortunately regular basis.

I REALLY wish they'd get their act together ... they have a massive community of long time customers counting on them ... it would be a shame to have us jump ship to the next competitor that comes down the line ... a BIG shame.

I've heard that having KazzaaLite installed on your computer blocks affiliate cookies ... which means that the merchant would get the sale if someone that has KL installed on their computer ordered through your link ... and you'd get NADA.

Now THAT sucks ... BIG time.

Feel free to share your comments ... at this point, I'll listen to just about anything that sounds reasonable.




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