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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Best Membership Site Portal Service?

My desire to research membership portal software and service options has increased lately, as I've noticed my fellow Online Business owners going the membership portal route ... one that I've long desired for my upcoming make over and re launch (I say long desired ... because it's been a long time since I promised a revamped version of IM4Newbies .. :P)

Though I AM using a portal script as a homepage for the IM4Newbies Forum ... the available options for membership sites are FAR more advanced, feature wise.

Ken Evoy's SiteBuildIt! program recommends two that are pretty much the leaders of the membership portal market.

One is MemberStar's subscription and member site solution ...

The other is VisionGate's content and subscription management.

Both offer tons of features and options ... integration with all the popular payment processing methods, templates, subscription management and follow up, templates, WYSIWYG authoring tool ... I can't list all the features here, unfortunately, that either service offers their clients.

The only thing swaying me in the direction of VisionGate is my own personal preference in regards to the professional appearance and layout of the VG sites I've researched, like world renowned copywriter Michel Fortin's membership site.

I had the honor of interacting with Michel ... and we discussed membership site options in our conversation.

Mr. Fortin told me that he ... and other VG members, have actually made suggestions that have been implemented in the latest version of VisionGate ... VG2.

Though I highly recommend both of the aforementioned membership site solutions ... I'm probably going to use VG2, myself, in the near future ..;)

But, hey ... who knows.

MemberStar may come out with a new version that will pull me over to their side by that time. ;)



Wednesday, November 24, 2004


How To Market To Work At Home Moms - Alice Seba

My dear friend Alice Seba is arguably the premier example of a successful work at home mom ...

Alice is well known on the most popular work at home mom forums (including her own), has been featured in every WAHM publication under the sun, runs one of the most successful work at home mom sites ... and has recently added a blog, which has already received enormous praise.

So who better to learn from, regarding how to market to work at home moms ... than Alice Seba? ;)

Here's a quick fact that might further gain your interest in what Alice has to offer ...

The Work At Home Mom market makes up nearly 38% of all small Online business owners ... !

That means if you could learn how to successfully win their patronage, you'd potentially gain access to nearly 38% more sales opportunities.

That leaves me with one question ...

What Online marketer wouldn't want to potentially gain 38% more subscribers? Prospects? Customers? Repeat customers?

Alice Seba has just released Marketing To Moms In Business ... the registration deadline is Monday, November 29, 2004.

If you sign up now ... you'll enjoy special launch bonuses and discount.

The cost of the course can be made up in a very short time ... once you learn all that Alice can teach you ... the benefits will last much, much longer. ;)

Ms. Seba has squeezed a LOT value into her offer .... find out all the details, here:



Almost forgot ... a GREAT Thanksgiving to you, and yours! ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Michael Campbell Releases Revenge of the Mininet 3.0.

Well known Internet Marketer, SEO specialist, Super Affiliate, and master of mini site networking, Michael Campbell had this to say in his newsletter today ...

"It's here... Revenge of the Mininet 3.0, "Linking diagrams for increased revenue from search engine optimization and affiliate programs." Plus you get access to the new and improved Dynamic Linking private site ..."

AND ...

RSS Made Easy by Adrian Ling

Everyone's confused about RSS and blogs and whether they should use them as a marketing tool or not. Like an idea whose time has come, now is the time to get in. If there's one thing I took away from the Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium this week, is that blogs and newsfeeds work very well, for getting traffic to your site, and getting your links spread all over the internet in a short span of time.

How fast? Well, a couple of friends already bought Adrian's ebook and set up blogs. One had his site spidered by Yahoo and Google in less than two days. Now their spiders visit daily. Everything they post is picked up and spread around the 'net within hours.

If you're like me and thought RSS and blogs were too complicated, or you didn't have time to learn, or were afraid of breaking something... don't worry. Adrian's made lots of great software and ebooks over the years and this one - in my humble opinion - is his best work yet. And it couldn't have come at a better time.

The SEO advisors at the Symposium said, "Start your blogs now, before it gets too crowded. Position yourself as an authority in your market area and people will be coming to your site in droves, looking to pick up your newsfeeds."

Bottom line? You're in the right place at the right time. RSS and blogs are here to stay. They're going to take off like a rocket, just like web did back in '94. Now you have a chance to be a leader. You can either be first or wish you had. Which choice are you going to make?

So there you have it ... from a name I trust and you should, too.

Michael has long offered outstanding value for the dollar ... and doesn't put his seal of approval on just anything. ;)

Michael Campbell's Revenge of the Mininet 3.0, and Adrian Ling's RSS Made Easy.

Both get two thumbs up from me, as well. ;)



How Tom Kulzer ( Saved Me $500 In Programming Fees.

Right off the bat ... let me explain that this isn't one of those "I saved X amount of dollars by using a just so happens to be affiliated with me service" ad promos ... this really happened, and I think you'll be surprised at the lesson I learned about completely researching a product/service that you're using (or are thinking about using) to reap all the benefits from it.

OK ... here we go. ;)

I've come up with my share of neat ideas in regards to time saving gadgets (unfortunately, most of them have been stolen by those I've shared them with. :P).

I usually think up these ideas when I'm involved in a task that I feel arduous, imperfect, or could be automated in some way to save time.

Recently, I had an idea that i went as far as putting up a project bid for on, which I had planned on calling MyNewsletterAssistant.

It would be a simple app that any newsletter/article author could use as a word processor, spell checker, spam checker, HTML editor, etc.

To make a long story short, anyone could author their newsletter/article in this simple software, and have it spit out a completely email friendly document that they could simply paste into their favorite e-list broadcasting method of choice ... plus, an optimized HTML document to be archived on-line as spider food. ;)

To get a professional second opinion, I sent an email off to my fortunate enough to have him as a friend, Tom Kulzer ... the owner and founder of the autoresponder service.

Pretty much all Tom had to say was ...

"Mike, AWeber already does all that ..."

Of course, I expected as much .. :P

After all, Tom IS the owner of AWeber, right?

You'd have to assume that he felt his service covered all the bases that mattered.

But here's where my lack of research comes into play ..;)

You see, I've LONG owned a AWeber account, but I've used a competitor's service for nearly all my mailings because most of my lists are with them, and I don't pay anything for it ... it's a gratis account from a company I work with.

So I didn't take the time to learn that AWeber offered all the features that I felt I needed to develop my own software to take care of! LOL

But ... not so fast. ;)

MyNewsletterAssistant was going to take advantage of the most important Online communication technology of the day ... RSS archive accessibility.

So, I shot an email off to Tom again ... and . . .

"Mike, AWeber already ..."


Needless to say, I scrapped the idea (saving me $500 in programming fees), and I'm in the process of devouring ALL that AWeber offers ... and saving myself the embarrassment of another "Uh, Mike ..." response from Mr. Kulzer! LOL

Do yourself a favor ... benefit from my mistake, and join me as I soak up everything AWeber has to offer the Online publisher.

AWeber Free Trial.


Mike " - it's in there! LOL" Merz

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Affiliate Programs > Affiliate Marketing > Super Affiliates.

Want to learn how to make serious money with Affiliate Programs?

Then it makes sense to let the Affiliate Marketing Pros ... the Super Affiliates, teach you how.

I mentioned a few posts back that my dear friend Jason Potash ( had managed to get John Reese (, Stephan Pierce (, and Rosalind Gardner ( together for an amazing 2 part affiliate program marketing webinar ...

Well, that was on October 26th and 28th ... so you missed the live event. :(

But ...

Jason has put together a special set of MP3 audio recordings ... complete with transcript, for a special price.

But there is a catch ... the price break ends at midnight, tonight (Sunday, November 14th).

In other words, if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate programs from three of the most successful affiliate program marketers around, you have less than 24 hours to pick it up at the reduced price.

Here's the link:

Jason Potash Presents - Super Affiliates John Reese, Stephen Pierce, and Rosalind Gardner

Much success,


Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Profits Publishing - Book Publishing Membership Site

If you had planned on authoring a physical book, ebook, PDF, etc., to sell ... but the drawn out process of actually putting it together and getting it out to your customers has you putting it off .. :P

... I do believe I have just the solution for you. ;)

Marian and Robert Turgeon's Profits Publishing.

What makes their service different from most of the others, aside from the raving testimonials of their clients, is the fact that it's membership based.

You pay one yearly fee (or a lifetime membership, if you wish), and during that time period you can have UNLIMITED titles prepared for you.

I can't list all the other benefits that make this top notch service stand out like a sore thumb over it's competitors ... check it out for yourself.

Profits Publishing




Ever heard of Tony Blake (ABlake Forum)?
He's just ONE of the many satisfied Profits Publishing customers ..;)

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Forum Spammers ... GRRR!

I just deleted 3 more forum spammers from the im4newbies forum database ...

Probably 50 more of these leeches left to go ... GRRR!

Some forum owners may be holding onto them to beef up there sub count (size = perceived value), but ... IMHO, a forum member that doesn't confirm, and subs just to gain exposure for their site ... is in no way a TRUE forum member, and offers no benefit whatsoever to the rest of us.

Catch YOU in the forums!


Mike "live participants ... ONLY" Merz

Monday, November 01, 2004


How To Increase Web Site Traffic - Part 1

I've put together a few tips, tools, and resources to help you learn how to increase traffic to your web site.

Search Engine Optimization - If you have your site correctly optimized for the search engines, you'll make the most of the free advertising available via the major search engines.

First off, view the submission and spam policies of the major search engines:

Google's Submission and Spam Policies

AlltheWeb's Submission and Spam Policies

Inktomi's Submission and Spam Policies

AltaVista's Submission and Spam Policies

Here's the URL to the free Yahoo Search submission page:*-

You'll find a link to Yahoo Search's submission and spam policies on the above page.

Free tools I like to use:

To find the best keyword combinations:

Nichebot (it's free).

To optimize my title and keywords:

SubmitExpress - free tools.

Listen to SEO expert Brad Fallon and Online store expert Andy Jenkin's free audio seminar on how to drive traffic to your web site:

Stomping The Search Engines - Free Audio

Check out Jeff Alderson's newly revised (October 14th) Traffic Equalizer web site traffic generating software:

Traffic Equalizer

Listen To Jack Hughes Interview of Mark Hendricks and Frank Sousa, creators of The Secret Money Generator (affiliate marketing campaign optimization software). Free Audio.

Sign up for SEO Pro Nathan Anderson's free video walk through of his new MetaWebs traffic generation software system. Video demo sign up.

Check out the IM4Newbies Forum Directory for links to the best SEO discussion forums:

I'll talk a little about PPC advertising in the next installment ... stay tuned! ;)



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