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Sunday, October 31, 2004


Nathan Anderson's MetaWebs Search Engine Optimization Software.

If there's one question I'm asked (more than all others, combined, it seems) by those doing business on the Net, it's how to drive more qualified traffic to their site.

Understand that I have built my considerable traffic through years of learning SEO, writing content, building sites, and gathering relevant incoming links ... it's been a loooong process.

SEO Pro Nathan Anderson feels he can get you the same results it's taken me years to achieve in just days and weeks ... !

Check out Nathan's MetaWebs Online Traffic Generating Website Building software site ... scroll down to the 'Want To See How MetaWebs Works?' box, and sign up for the free video tutorial.

I'm not asking you to do anything else ... just watch Nathan put the software through the motions and I'm sure you'll be sitting their with your jaw dropped ... just like me.


Friday, October 22, 2004


Frank Kern and Ed Dale's Underachiever Formula Update

Originally, Frank Kern and Ed Dale put together 297 of their extremely popular Underachiever Formula courses ... which have long since sold out.

An updated release was promised in September of 2004 ... but nothing happened. :P

As a friend of Frank Kern, I decided to get to the bottom of this ... and fired off an email:

To: Frank_Kern
Subject: Yo, Frank!

... what's going on with the Underachievers Formula Update?

I'm dyin' here! LOL

Seriously ... I know you said it's a Nitro deal, but September
came and went, bro ..;)



To which Frank replied ...

To: Mike_Merz
Subject: Re: Yo, Frank!

Man you think you got it bad? Try being the sucker who has to remake all these screencams! That's the hold up. I decided to re-shoot all of the screencam videos so they'd be updated. We're shooting for a release in about 60 days.

The delay will be worth it because we've basically created a new product from scratch. It's much more step-by-step now ...where the original was more of a brain dump ...
So there you have it ... straight from the horse's mouth (sorry, Frank! LOL).

Jump on over to the Underachiever Formula site, click on 'order now!' (no obligation ... it just takes you to the ...), and sign up to be notified as soon as it's released.

I recommend you not wait TOO long, as we anticipate the entire inventory to be scoffed up by launch date, due to the number of members already signed up to recieve notification.



The launch has been pushed back to approx. 1/30/05 ...

Go to my Underachiever II Update page to stay on top of things. Wink

Sunday, October 17, 2004


PayPal Shopping Cart - Affiliate Management Script

I've long recommended Adrian Ling's easyClickMate software for managing your ClickBank merchant account downloads and affiliate program, but many of you have asked me what I recommend as a shopping cart/affiliate management solution for PayPal.

Well ... here it is. ;)

The EW Business Portal PayPal Anti Fraud Script.

This script offers the convenience of a system that not only accepts, declines and limits your digital downloads, but protects your files, allows the sale of non-digital items and pin codes, allows multiple cart sales, helps you to generate your PayPal html product form/link codes, blends in with the design of your site, issues provisional files as and when required for sending digital updates, sends targeted advertising or marketing info related to each of your items in two different formats, allows the recruitment of an army of affiliates to resell your products for you; and potentially, but ultimately boost your net sales income all combined into one exclusive neat 'n' tidy package.

Must be expensive ... right?

No ... not at all. ;)

Give it a looksee for yourself.


Saturday, October 16, 2004


Jim Edwards' Review Of Amazon's Search Engine.

Cool New 'Idea' Engine On The Block

- by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

If you log on to you'll find
they list over 600 different pay-per-click search engines
operating online.

In fact, some online sources report that over 1,000 "search
engines" of various size and popularity operate in the U.S.

With so much competition among sites to capture the search
traffic that and seem to dominate like
800 lb. Gorillas, why would one new search engine rate even
a second glance?

The answer: Amazon, the Web's mega bookstore, launched a new
search engine with a very user-friendly interface and some
of the fastest, most relevant searches online... along with
a **twist** that will help EVERY person who wants to sell
ebooks for profit, publish articles to get traffic, or
create special reports that go viral.

Here's the story...

Amazon recently launched -- a search engine that
creates more of a "portal" experience than the traditional
search engine where you input your search terms, click a
button, and pray something relevant to your search appears
in the results.

When you first log on to, it looks like a traditional
search engine, but once you start searching, you'll find an
organized and extremely helpful set of search tools right at
your fingertips. organizes its search criteria by category on the
right side of the page.

Input a search term such as "mortgage loan" or "George
Washington" and you'll start to see why I like this search
engine so much.

When you first input your search term, the website displays
the "web" search results to show you various websites
deems relevant to your search.

Click the "books" button on the right and get a list of the
most relevant books available on

Follow virtually any of those book links to the Amazon
website and you can literally browse through the table of
contents, first chapter, and even the index of most books.

Click on the "Movies" button and get a list of any relevant
movies with your search terms included.

One of the helpful things you'll notice as you start
searching different types of media is that you can show or
hide various search results on the same page.

So if you only want to search books and movies, you can hide
the Web and reference results.

Depending on the type of information you need to research,
you can also use the "Reference" results to get dictionary,
encyclopedia, and history information on the search terms
you entered.

Needless to say, when I did a search for "George
Washington," this reference section overflowed with relevant
links and information.

However, I was surprised at just how much reference material
was available for search terms like "mortgage," including
information from on alternative search
terms to help me narrow my search for more relevant

Probably the biggest reason I like so much is that it
helps to wade through the ever rising tide of information
that threatens to drown us all online.

Depending on what you need to find, you can quickly get
suggestions, reference material, physical books, and even
information on available film and video without leaving the website.

Now, here's specifically how can help anyone who
wants to publish their own ebooks, articles, or special

#1 - Insert your main search term at and look at 2
things: total web results (higher number the better) and
the books and movies tabs.

If you see a lot of web results and tons of books and movies
on the subject, you have a VERY good (and fast) indication
that the topic you're considering is "hot" enough to warrant
more investigation for creating your own ebook, special
report, or other info-product.

#2 - Follow the look links to specific listings on Amazon.
Some of those books will allow you to go through the table
of contents, first chapter, and index right there on your

Use this opportunity to:
A. Make notes on the most important points on your topic
(from the table of contents) and expand your list of
potential points to cover.

B. Get a feel for the general topic and the typical way
authors are currently approaching it (first chapter).

** By the way, the table of contents and / or first chapter
will usually give you at least one great idea for an article
you could create (or pay someone to create) and use to
generate traffic to your website.

C. Look for additional keywords you could use for your pay-
per-click campaigns as well as your headlines, bullets, and
other classified ads (in the index).

#3 - Use the "Reference" tab on to access the
dictionary, thesaurus, and other tools to find MORE keywords
you can use to advertise on pay-per-click search engines...
specific "niche" keywords many of your competitors probably
aren't using.

Though nothing on is actually new, it does present a
much faster and easier way to search the web, compare
reults, gather marketing intelligence, and wade through
available data to help you with your own ebooks, special
reports, article writing, and other marketing activities.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how
to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted
visitors to your website or affiliate links...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links?
"Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving
Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate
links... without spending a dime on advertising!
Click Here>


Friday, October 15, 2004


$21,393 In Free Bonuses ... Ends Today (Friday, Oct. 15th).

Yeah ... I know it sounds crazy. Rolling Eyes

But Joe Vitale managed to get 72 top Marketers to donate $21,393 worth of their own products and services as enticement to purchase his just recently released (9 AM, EST, Tuesday) Hypnotic Selling Secrets course.

There's also mention of an extra $500 in your pocket ..Wink

Unfortunately, the $21,393 in bonuses ... and the extra $500 in your pocket promo is good till Friday, Oct. 15th, ONLY.

Find out all about it, here:

Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course


Mike "this has been one heckuva busy week for Joe" Merz


Listen to Joe Vitale's outrageous guarantee ...

I guarantee you will double what you pay for this
in 90 days, double your sales, your cl'icks...whatever
you are doing online... or I'll pay you $1000 CASH out
of my own pocket.

...and you keep these $21,363 in bonuses!

Read it right here on the site. $1000 out of my own
pocket says you'll double what you pay for Hypnotic
Selling Secrets, double your what have
you got to lose?


How can Joe afford to make an offer like that?!?!

Simple ... he's THAT sure you'll be satisfied.


One more exclusive bonus ... the legendary Mark Joyner has raised the bar yet another level with a special addition of his own ... find out all about it!

Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course

But you'd better hurry up ... the clock is ticking ..;)

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Marlon Sanders: Rants And Raves.

If you know me, you know I consider Marlon Sanders one of the most brilliant minds in Online Marketing ... and have so for many years.

Marlon sent out an email just minutes ago that I just had to share with you ... it's a classic, as it contains raves ... AND rants from a recent feedback request.

Enjoy the free lessons that Marlon delivers within his responses ..;)

Dear Mike,

Holy smokes!

My request for success stories and testimonials brought in
a big number of testimonials, 4 whiners, 1 anonymous
refund request, 2 sob stories, and 2 looney toons wack
jobs. (not all of which are in this email
thankfully...I'll save you the wack jobs).

First we'll start with some of the .... ummmm .... more
colorful stuff. Then I'll give you the positives.


"Well Marlon, I would love nothing more than to give you a
huge rap up. Unfortunately I can't. Despite all the hype
and positive spin you put on everything including the
kitchen sink, all I can say is that you must be living on
a different planet to the rest of us. I have diligently
applied all the advice, bought all the "stuff" done all
the things suggested, ezine ads, search engine submitters,
safe lists, bought leads, Guaranteed sign ups - have I
left anything out? If I have, believe me, I have tried
that too. The truth is that all you and your ilk do is
convince poor mugs like me that we need your stuff to
market our stuff." -- Name Withheld (Oh, and the sob story
goes on about a mile.)

MY RESPONSE: I don't know who you've been listening to,
but other than ezine ads, I have never recommended any of
that crap. Not the safe lists, lead buying, guaranteed
signups. Where is it I teach any of that stuff?

Nowhere. That's where.

Here's what I teach: 1. Target a clear market 2. Do a
12-product survey 3. Sell the winner 4. If it doesn't
work, do a new survey or find a new target market

Bet you NEVER had a niche market and never did your
12-product survey. The problem is, you wanted and bought
gimmicks. I don't teach gimmicks. I teach marketing.
Finding an audience, finding their problems, doing 12
product surveys, and following a proven direct response
sales sequence.

Which has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with the stuff
you told me you tried. But listen, the LAST thing in the
world I want is your money. See that little blue link at
the bottom? Click it.

I'm not a Savior. I can't help everybody. Don't pretend I


"I know you will not want Genuine Failure stories,or else
your Fake business get exposed. pl. donot cheat innocent

MY RESPONSE: Actually, if you have the balls to post your
name, email and address, I'll send you my latest product
on avoiding ripoffs and making money for submitting your
failure story.

But wait. YOUR failure story must be a failure at doing
what I teach NOT what other "gurus" teach. What I teach

1. Target a clear market (everyone on the Net doesn't cut
it). 2. Do a problems and complaints survey 3. Turn those
complaints into product ideas 4. Do a 12 product survey 5.
Write a KSL following my formula for a letter 6. Drive
traffic with an affiliate program 7. Burn the phone up
non-stop calling and getting people to be an affiliate and
do JV's. 8. If it doesn't work, do a new survey or get a
new niche

Show me your complaints survey, your 12-product survey,
your sales letter following the PBL/KSL formula to a tee,
and your associate program.

Failing is not interesting nor unique. It's the result of
NOT following proven procedures. At the same time, I don't
care WHAT the business is. There are no guarantees. I
never have and never will guarantee you'll drum up a
red cent.

Can you guarantee me you'll wake up in the morning? Nope.
So how can I guarantee anyone's success? Ridiculous and

When my dad was growing up on the farm, he had no guarantee
a tornado wouldn't blow the barn away, or a fire wouldn't
burn down the house, or a disease kill the cattle and pigs.
Or his dad wouldn't go blind.

In fact, all that happened. But he never accused farming of
being a scam, pick and shovel sellers to farmers being
dishonest scammers or the entire farming industry of being
a sham.

Of course, a 12-year old supporting the family farm doesn't
think to do those things.


Big slip up Marlon - No links to home page!!!

Apparently some of my subscribers think I'm in need of
free, anonymous marketing advice. Please. See that little
blue link at the bottom? Click. Thanks.


I want a refund, a*sh%le.

OK Pal. I'll hit you with it. Why don't you try posting
your name, email and the name of the product you bought on
our support forum at we'll hit
you with that refund. I can't refund anonymous postings.


I would publish several of the sob stories but they are
really, really long. In the end, they all boil down to:
Can you help me without me paying for it? Or everyone
teaching anything on Internet marketing (including you)


Marlon, I want to thank you again for being the
inspiration for my internet career, I read "The Amazing
Formula" in 1999 and went on to build the largest grant
information business on the web. I owe you a lot and to
think, I almost used that money to do something as trivial
as pay my phone bill, perish the thought! Seriously,
Thanks for a great product, a willing ear, and being a
marketer with honor, integrity, and a work ethic that has
launched what I am sure are thousands of marketing
careers! -- Tom Bell


Marlon Sanders has helped me to see that within every
individual is a special place, a place where there is
Gold. Not just Gold for making money,(although that's
important) but Gold of personal wealth and experience.
Before I found Marlon's amazing formula, I did not believe
in the hope of starting your own business or product. Now
every day is filled with hope and openness to what can be.
Thanks marlon! -- James G. Mackeyu


Okay, Marlon -- You have me stumped! Why on earth would
someone of your caliber need a testimonial? Everyone knows
how great you (and your products) are! I have your
"Amazing Formula" and have gone back to it numerous times
for any questions that come up. As for the "testimonial?"
You got it! (But I don't think you really need it!)

Jude Wright


Hi Marlon EVEN though I wouldn't mind owning one more
product of yours at no cost, but I want to make it
perfectly clear from the onset that the reason I'm writing
this is NOT because of the gift you'll hand out to those
you adjudge to be great but because you're an exceptional
marketer. One of the bet things that has ever happened to
me online is Jonathan Mizel leading me to you. Yes, your
products [plus your after sales service] are superb. Sunny
Obazu-Ojeagbase Owner/CEO


Marlon, you've done it well. I'm no stranger to web
copywriting, but I'm a very busy man with very little time
to write my own sales letters. I bought your
pushbuttonletters to save time, followed the steps,and in
as little as just a few minutes, out pops a fantastic
sales letter. I was reluctant because I wasn't sure if it
would sell my high ticketed item, but I figured "hey, just
go ahead and give it a shot." And get this... I've made 9
times my investment in his product, and today is only the
FIRST day my new sales page has been up! Marlon has "hands
down" the easiest way to create powerful, results pulling
sales letters! If you're serious about cutting your time
in half to guarantee your success in making sales online,
you owe it to yourself to get this product today.
Sincerely, Nathan Blaszak


Truly one of the masters in a field filled with
psuedo-intellectual e-marketing wizards. george steiner


Incidentally, there are a few more wack jobs and many,
many more positive, inspiring testimonials.

Maybe I'll send you more on another day.

Best wishes,


P.S. If you wanna establish your own success story, I

There's no get-rich-quick and ez in it. Just solid
marketing and how-to's.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Joe Vitale Webcast, Hypnotic Selling Secrets Offer Update.

Evidently, the Nitro servers were hammered so relentlessly during last night's Joe Vitale Hypnotic Selling Secrets Webcast, that a lot of people missed out.

Well, here are the download links to the webcast ... all 2 hours of it. ;)

Right click here, and hit 'save', to download the MP3.

Click here to stream the audio.

Wait ... it gets even better. ;)

You can still get a steeply discounted copy of Dr. Vitale's brand new 'Hypnotic Selling Secrets' home study course, if you order during the next 9 1/2 hours (11:59 PM EST, Tonight).

This special offer includes 30 CD's & DVD's (25+ hours of rock-solid, Dr. Vitale content), and 3 manuals (700+ pages) featuring Dr. Vitale's most powerful Hypnotic Selling Strategies, plus an amazing bonus package including over $21,393.53 in bonuses for taking immediate action!

Find out all about it here ... but remember, you only have till 11:59 EST tonight to grab all the bonuses.

Don't come back tomorrow and yell at me because you missed out! LOL



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