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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


David Vallieres (You Can Make Your Living Online)

I just wanted to touch base with you today on how important networking is to your Online business.

Since I started Marketing on the Internet in 1998, I've nurtured relationships with hundreds of successful Online Businessmen and women ... we've co promoted, joint ventured, brainstormed ... I consider them all friends in addition to business partners.

I call this special group my 'inner circle', and we've created a lot of ideas that have turned into successful campaigns in our time together.

One such 'inner circle' member is David Vallieres.

David started Marketing Online a few years before me ... back in 1996, though he makes it no secret that he didn't find true success until 2002 ... two and 1/2 years after he quit his full time job in favor of working Online for a living.

Those 2 1/2 years were a true learning experience for David, as it was sink or swim ... he had to make it to survive.

Now that his monthly income averages over $15,000 ... and rising, he's decided to put together a product that reveals the steps that helped him achieve success Online, without the pitfalls and heartaches he suffered to get there.

It's called You Can Make A Living Online, a 7 week Online training course that takes you step by step through the techniques and strategies that David actually uses himself.

David is offering free lifetime access to the program at this time, which means you pay one price ... newly released lessons are yours to learn and profit from without any additional cost.

Are you making $15,000 a month from your Online efforts?

If so ... you may not need this course.

If you aren't ..;)

Give my friend
David Vallieres You Can Make A Living Online site a looksee.


Monday, September 27, 2004


Wanted: Joe Vitale Oct. 5th Webcast Affiliates.

Joe Vitale contacted me earlier this month and asked me if I would put together joint ventures for his upcoming October 5th Hypnotic Selling Secrets Formula Webcast, and as I am a friend and admirer of Joe's ... I agreed.

Problem is, many of my high level joint venture partners are absolutely slammed with their own promotions ... which is why I'm offering you the opportunity to cash in on my partners' inaccessibility.

I'll let Joe take it from here:

Do you want to be in my next bestseller?

I'm looking for people who want my help in being affiliates for my Oct. 5th webcast.

In short, I want to help you make money -- and get your name known, as well.
(I'll explain in a sec.)

Not only is there huge money to be made as an affiliate, but there are also terrific rewards (like a new computer).

On top of that, you could get famous.

That's right. I am writing a book documenting the events leading up to the success of Oct. 5th.

If you are an affiliate promoting the event, you could benefit from all the world-wide publicity my book will get --- as well as all that affiliate money.

The top 10 affiliates will get their own chapters in my book.

The top 100 affiliates will get their stories told in the book.

Anyone who does unusual marketing will get in the book, as well.

I will get the book published by a major publisher and I guaranteee to make it a #1 bestseller.

Hey, I've done it several times already.

Imagine walking into a bookstore with your friends and showing them my book on the shelf -- and you're in it.


If you're not yet an affiliate of Nitro, go to

After you're an affiliate, email Joe Lavery at joe so he can personally work with you to get the best results possible.

Remember, not only will the top 10 affiliates get separate chapters in my book about this event, but the top 100 affiliates will get in the book, too. (And that's on top of all the money and rewards the affiliates will get.)

My book will rave about all the people who helped me with this event, big and small.

My book will also rant about any people who didn't help me.

Well, I'm kidding about that last part (or am I?), but let's face it:

There's no reason not to become part of this event or the book.

You don't need a big list, you just need a desire.

You don't need a website, you just need the will to succeed.

You don't need to be a "name," you just need to take action.

All you really need is the *intent* to succeed.

I'll then give you the tools to succeed.

And the product itself is a breakthrough in sales.

It reveals my own formula for using words to make a difference in business.

The early endorsements are saying the method helps them double and triple their sales, often with a minor but smart change.

I know not everyone will act on this email.

I know many people will dismiss their own ability to make this work.

I'm after the people who are still reading, who feel, "Yes, I can do this."

Are you one of them?

Go to

After you're an affiliate, email Joe Lavery at joe

Joe will help you.

And I will be available to help anyone who is serious, who really wants to make a difference in their life.

It all begins here.

Do you want to be one of my affiliates?

Do you want to be in my book?

Do you want fame and fortune -- or at least to ride the comet?

Here's your chance.

Go for it.

Dr. Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing Inc.

PS -- You may forward this to anyone you
think may be interested.

Well, here's your chance ..;)

Jump on over to

... Doctor's orders ..;)



Grab Hypnotic Selling Secrets - Joe Vitale's free 3 Minute Money Magnet software and What Money Likes hypnotic marketing special report!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Power Affiliate Marketing Course Special Offer

As you may already know, super affiliates Jo Han Mok, Ewen Chia, and Alex Tan have put together a terrific new course to teach you how to make big money with affiliate programs, just like they do ...

Now that makes sense ... who better to teach you how to do something than someone who's already done it?

Multiply that times 3, and you have Power Affiliate Marketing.

What you may NOT know is that those 3 crazy guys form Singapore are running a special market test ...

Now I don't know how long this price reduction will last ... so I recommend you go here to find out how much it is, and how you can get your hands on this great course before the price goes back to normal.




I'm giving away 3 terrific courses as an additional bonus ... find out all about it, here.


... How to Write Sales Materials that Sell - Joe Vitale

Lost Genius Reveals How to Write Sales Materials that Sell
(or "Bruce Barton's 6 Points for Writing Ads")

by Joe Vitale

Bruce Barton was a celebrity in the 1920s. He was a
bestselling author, confidant to presidents, master
copywriter, philanthropist, congressman, and co-founder
of the largest advertising agency in the world, BBDO.

He helped five men become US Presidents. He wrote a
fund raising letter that got a 100% response. The only
book ever written on Barton and his ideas is The Seven
Lost Secrets of Success. I recently discovered Barton's
six points for writing ads, which he probably delivered
in a speech in the early 1930s. Here they are, as Bruce
Barton himself delivered them:

1. The theme. "A lot of time and money is wasted by
our failure to think through and get a theme before we
start. The theme ought to be based on two
principles---first, that a man is interested in
himself; second, that he is interested in other people.

Our formula for Every Week (magazine) was Youth, Love,
Success, Money, and Health---all things in which people
are vitally interested."

2. Interesting headlines. "I think any public notice I
may have had has come from titles. Nobody was more
surprised than I when The Man Nobody Knows became a
best seller. The title is what sold the book."

Barton also mentioned that when he edited magazines, he
often used provocative titles to stir up controversy
and interest. Examples included, "Why I never hire any
woman under 30," "How my wife has hindered me in
business," and the other side of the question, "How my
wife has helped me in business." These interesting
headlines guaranteed readership.

3. The visualization. Barton didn't elaborate on this.

But I'm sure he was referring to the layout of any
sales piece. He once said, "A picture is worth two
pages of type, and a headline is worth almost all the
rest of the ad put together." For Barton, the
illustration, headline, and body copy made up the
layout, or visualization, of any sales piece.

4. The copy. "The introduction can be eliminated
almost always. The mind starts cold when you begin to
write, and you don't get into high until the second or
third paragraph. Cut out the introduction, and then you
have a good hot start.

"Another elementary fundamental of advertising is to
make the copy fit the space. To this day, I never write
a piece of copy without counting the words. The
picture, the headline, and the layout should be set
before you begin the copy. To me, writing the copy
before you have visualized the layout is backwards."

5. Adjectives. "After you finish a piece of copy, go
back and cut out all the adjectives. Henry Ward
Beecher's father was once chairman of a committee to
draw up resolutions on slavery. One sentence in his
resolution read: 'It is an outrage.' Some one suggested
that it should read: 'It is a terrible outrage.'

Beecher said that was the way he had it in his first
draft, but he had cut out the word 'terrible' for the
sake of emphasis.

"Adjectives are like the leaves on a switch. They make
the switch look pretty, but if you want to hit a blow
that will cut, you take off the leaves. Literature that
cuts has very few adjectives. The greatest things in
life are expressed in one-syllable words---love, hate,
fear, home, wife, child."

6. A purpose. "We should never write an ad without the
idea that something is going to happen. What do we want
the reader to do? Write with the conviction that he is
going to do something when he gets through reading---go
to the store and buy; clip the coupon and mail it. And
remember the power of the direct command. Don't say,
'If you would like this beautiful booklet, we will be
glad to send it.' Say, 'Sit down right now and fill in
this coupon.' People want things made easy; they want
you to make up their minds for them."


Dr. Joe Vitale, the creator of the 'hypnotic' marketing line,
is a best-selling author who is well-respected by his peers
for getting results fast.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Revenews Weekly ... Returns!

I started reading ReveNews Weekly, a highly popular affiliate, associate, reseller program newsletter, WAY back in 1998.

Then ... somewhere down the line, they took a loooong hiatus.

The good news is ... ReveNews Weekly is back, and better than ever.

Give it a looksee - ReveNews Weekly -


Sunday, September 19, 2004


Two New ClickBank SuperTips (Harvey "Mr. ClickBank" Segal)

My dear friend, and fellow IM4Newbies Forum member, Harvey Segal has branded himself "Mr. ClickBank" to many of us, due to his vast knowledge of anything associated with the popular payment processing/affiliate network solution.

He's even the co owner of the highly popular ClickBank Success Forum, which is quickly becoming THE place to discuss anything and everything associated with ClickBank (the CB CEO is an active member, for gosh sake! LOL).

So it goes without saying that I recommend you check out his 2 brand new ClickBank releases, which are based on (for the most part) the interaction that has taken place in the aforementioned forum (with the CEO's blessing and participation ... the real deal, my friends).

- ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

- ClickBank Vendor SuperTips

If you love and use ClickBank, like I do, or would like to know the best ways to maximize your promotions as an affiliate, or vendor, check out Harvey's brand new releases ... and his excellent ClickBank forum.


Mike "Harvey Segal Fan" Merz


Harvey has a whole shebang of free supertips ebooks to choose from, over at

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Corey Rudl Wedding Seminar - Special Invitation.

Whether you feel it a marketing ploy, or not, Corey Rudl is indeed getting married.

And in typical Corey Rudl style, he's tied it into a 2 day seminar ... of which I am privileged (as a top associate of Corey's) to grant special invitations to 15 of my friends.

Corey would like a response by 4 PM, on Friday (September 17th) ... and I've only the aforementioned 15 spots to offer.

Find out how to grab one of the remaining invitations to Corey's Wedding.



Super Affiliate Confessions Revealed By Codrut Turcanu (special offer).

My dear friend, and fellow DEMC E-Mag featured author, Codrut Turcanu has used his high level networking skills to track down 12 Super Affiliates, and coerce them into revealing the techniques and strategies they use, themselves, to make incredible Affiliate commissions.

Codrut sells this course for $100 ... and it's worth every penny ...

But Codrut has graciously given me the ability to offer a greatly reduced price to friends of mine. ;)

You'll get everything Codrut Turcanu offers ... the full version of Super Affiliate Confessions Revealed, PLUS all of the bonuses given to his regular customers.

Take advantage of my networking prowess, and grab your copy of Super Affiliate Confessions Revealed ... and the bonuses, at a greatly reduced price.

Codrut Turcanu's Super Affiliate Confessions Revealed Special Offer.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004


In Loving Memory Of George Merz 1918 - 2004

I lost my Dad, George "Rocky" Merz, on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM ...

At 86, he could no longer fight the lung cancer and diminushed bladder functions that would ultimately take him from us, my 6 brothers and sisters and I, 22 grandchildren, 13 great-grand children, my mom ... other family and many friends.

As an American, I will always remember September 11th ...

As a loving son, I will never forget September 12th.

I love you, Pop.

Your son,

Mike "alive, forever, in my memory and heart" Merz

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Tip: How to Make A Million Dollars Overnight! By Jo Han Mok

WAIT a minute!

I know what you're thinking ... why am I posting an article with a hype-y title like that? ;)

Read on ...

"Jo Han!

"That's incredible! Teach me how to do it NOW!"

Sure. Make your first hundred first.

It's the Law of Growth. It's immutable.

FACT: You just CAN'T make a million bucks if you do not know how to make your first hundred, or even your first TEN, for that matter.

You wanna fly? Learn how to walk first.

Focus on your first ten bucks. Once you've MADE the ten bucks, try to make your first hundred. then your first thousand, so on and so forth.

Baby steps. Slow, steady but surely.

It took me 6 months before I earned my first check of a whopping $34.95, and it took me over $20,000 of self education to learn how to do that.

Fast forward 2 years later, I achieved results like:

  • $16,997 in under 24 hours with an email that took me 15 minutes to write.
  • $31,323 of auto pilot sales in ONE week, without spending a dime in advertising
  • $28,000 of sales in under one hour!

That reads like eye candy, but it didn't happen OVERNIGHT my friend. It won't.

That violates the laws of the universe.

Take the time to invest in your self education. Work harder than anyone else at working smart.

Slowly but surely...slowly but surely...the baby steps you take will equate to quantum leaps.

Think small, achieve big!

Make the first hundred.

Jo Han Mok
Midas Touch Marketing
Co-Author, The E-Code

Now that's refreshing ..;)

Check out the latest Jo Han Mok release.


Thursday, September 09, 2004


Brad Fallon's SEO Strategies Revealed ...

As I've mentioned numerous times in the past, I am a big fan and constantly learning practitioner of search engine optimization techniques.

I've done a pretty good job of ranking highly in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for keywords and phrases that I've set out to target.

My friend Andy Jenkins ( - formerly stumbled upon a client of his named Brad Fallon, a successful SEO expert and Yahoo Store owner.

What struck Andy funny is HOW successful Brad was with his Yahoo Store.

In June, 2004 Brad's 6 month old Yahoo Store had made over $156,037 in sales ... and, NO, that's not a typo.

Needless to say, Andy thought it MUST be either a mistake, or an inflated number ... and researched it.

Brad was telling the truth ..;)

Andy quickly got a hold of Brad and requested the opportunity to work with him (Andy is NO slouch when it comes to making profits with Online stores, either ..;))

Between them, they put together "Stomping The Search Engines ", which includes 9 audio CDs and 1 CD-ROM data disk that details, step by step, how these two gentlemen have generated tons of highly targeted search engine traffic to their respective websites, time after time.

Andy and Brad have included many bonuses (as well as a freebie or two for the inquisitive ..;)), that you can check out via the link below.

Stomping The Search Engines




STSE is on track to increase in price, as planned by the owners ... please don't pay more than you have to, and check it out today.


Andy and Brad have released 3 1/2 hours of Stomping The Search Engines related audio, and you can download it FREE ... Click Here for more info.

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Jason Cox - How To Become A Pro Joint Venture Broker

I'd been approached by Jason Cox a few times over the last year and half as a middle man for Marc Goldman, Brian Keith Voiles, and Ken McArthur ... in regards to joint venturing with the aforementioned to promote their respective wares, and I must admit ... I was taken by his style and professionalism.

Little did I know he was only 18 years old at the time ... Exclamation

Since then, Jason has established himself as a highly sought after Joint Venture Broker ... and he's contacted me once again, but this time HE has a product of his own.

Jason Cox - "How To Become A Pro Joint Venture Broker".

Unfortunately, I was slow to get this one out to you ... Rolling Eyes

Jason's course will substantially increase in price after September 7th (and, no, it's not a marketing ploy ..Wink), and disappear for good at the end of the month.

So if your a fan of Joint Venture Marketing ... and wish to learn how to attract, secure, and promote Joint Ventures for profit ... give Jason's Course a looksee ... and check out his JV coaching program while you're at it.

Jason Cox - "How To Become A Pro Joint Venture Broker".


Mike "this kid is something else ..Wink" Merz

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Record Your Own Telephone Interviews To MP3

With all the interest in downloadable audio as of late, in reference to creating website intros, audio newsletters, tele-interviews, etc., I decided to search for an easy solution to recording my own MP3 audio interviews (via consensual phone conversation).

I think I may have found it ..;)

The Diasonic DDR-3128 Digital Audio Recorder & MP3 Player.

And, no ... it's not an affiliate link. ;)

I purchased it via Your EQ, a reputable Online electronics merchant, as they offered the best price I could find ... and free shipping.

Here's a full product description, courtesy of Your EQ:

Diasonic DDR-3128 Digital Audio Recorder & MP3 Player

This tiny but versatile unit offers an incredible 44 hour recording capacity with 128Mb internal memory, excellent sound quality, and features found only in the Diasonic DDR-3000 series. The DDR-3128 offers a high quality built-in microphone and included "tie clip" type microphone. By switching on the "ARS" (automatic recording system), a voice activation and automatic gain control circuit takes over and only records when sound is present, eliminating blank spaces in recording.

For telephone recording, simply connect the included analog telephone recording control module to your single line phone jack and all your phone calls , from any extension on line, will be automatically recorded with crystal clarity. Recorder will begin recording when a call is started and stop when conversation is complete. The AC adaptor offers unlimited power for telephone recording. Due to the exclusive "AUTO FILE ADVANCE" feature, each call will be "indexed" with complete time/date stamp info. Also included is a "hands free cell phone recording adaptor", allowing easy hands free recording of your important cell phone calls.

All of your recordings can be quickly uploaded via USB port to your PC at a super fast 1000X speed. (44 hours recording only takes about 4 minutes to upload). You may elect to simply play back your recordings on the built in speaker or re-record to a cassette for permanent storage. In any case, all necessary software and cables are included with the unit. The DDR-3000 series is also an excellent MP3 player with included mini hi-fi stereo earphone speakers. For the executive on the go, this unit can be utilized as a "pocket hard drive" to transport your important data to another computer. Versatility and dependability are the DDR-3000 series from Diasonic, the world authority on digital audio recording.

Diasonic DDR-3128 Digital Voice Recorder Features:

• 128MB Memory
• Batteries Or Included AC Adapter
• 44 Hours Record Time (SP Mode)
• Excellent Voice Reproduction
• Date/Time Stamp
• Auto File Advance with Time/Date stamp
• USB 1.1 interface
• USB Cable And Software
• 1000X Download Speed
• Hi-Fi Stereo Earphones
• External "tie clip" Mic
• Archive Voice/Phone Conversations To CD
• Blue Backlit Display
• Carrying Strap
• Built-in Calendar
• MP3 Player
• Telephone recording Adapter included.
• Cell Phone recording Adaptor included.
• 1 year warranty

Diasonic DDR-3128 Digital Voice Recorder Specifications:

• Out Power: Max 80mW (speaker 8ohm) / Max 5mW (earphone 16ohm)
• Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz(MP3) / 300Hz~4KHz(Voice Recorder)
• Power source: AAA*2EA 16 hours operation / DC input jack 3 Volts 200mA
• Sampling Rate: 16,000 bits per second.
• Memory Capacity: 128M
• PC interface: System CPU 200MHz or more, 64M RAM, 20MB of free hard disc space
• OS: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP

There were other models to choose from (I added the FM radio option for an extra $15 ..;), but the DDR-3128 was enough to meet my individual needs ... check it out.

I'll let you know how good it is once I receive it (any day now ..;)



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