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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


The 5 Reasons Why You *Must* Get Into the Software Industry Today.

by Mike Chen

No matter what industry you're in, it's absolute vital that you either sell software or offer free software to your customers.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will understand why.

1. "It's the Product, Stupid"

No amount of marketing "how to" is going to make up for not having a killer product.

People are sick of being told how to do it. They want something that will "do it" for them.

Software does just that ... It *does* things for people.

Stop trying to sell "how to" and start selling instant solutions.
That's where the real money is.

2. Downloadable Viral Marketing Tools

OK, so you don't want to sell software. Fair enough.

You're crazy if you don't use software as a viral marketing tool.

Many of the largest lists on the Internet were built using free software downloads as an enticement for subscribing.

You can easily add viral twists to these tools and before you know it hundreds or even thousands of sites could be offering your free software - becoming virtual newsletter subscriber magnets.

What if you created just one new tool like that a week?

How big would your list be inside of 6 months?

3. Create Value-Added Customer Helper Apps

What if you were to create applications that simply added value to your existing products and services?

How much higher would your customer satisfaction be if you created various software tools to teach, train, support, or otherwise help your customers?

How many more sales would that added customer satisfaction generate for you without any additional effort year after year?

4. Upsell Products

As you probably know, selling new products to existing customers is the easiest way in the world to make money.

It's 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.

Why not create new products using "Make Your Own Software" and sell them to your existing customer base?

Instant profits.

5. Highest Profit Margins in the World

Electrons are free.

If you're selling an instantly downloadable product, your product fulfillment costs are virtually nil.

Plus, in the software industry there is no inventory to manage, so it's probably the easiest business in the world to manage as well.

Mike Chen was one of the pioneers of the software security industry and
is a widely respected Internet Marketing expert.
Mike's newest product, "Make Your Own Software," allows even those
who don't know a single line of code to create software programs instantly.
EDITOR'S NOTE: "Make Your Own Software" has our highest rating.
It's a mission-critical tool:


Thursday, August 26, 2004


What Do Armand Morin, Marc Quarles, Val Danilchuk and Helen Salamakha Have In Common .. ?

... they've all released products today that can greatly benefit your Niche Marketing strategy.

First ... Armand Morin and Marc Quarles Directory Generator, which automates the tedious task of creating website directories, potentially increasing targeted traffic a great deal.

And last, but not least ... Val Danilchuk and Helen Salamakha announce the release of the greatly anticipated NicheFinder 2.0, now vastly improved, niche market research tool (free demo).

Finding niche products, and niche markets to sell to + generating tons of targeted traffic = increased sales opportunities.

Give em both a looksee .. ;)


Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Link Popularity - What's it all about?

By Paul Barrs

There are many different strategies that you can implement to
improve the over all performance of your Website. These include:

Automated functions such as:
Frequent Questions Database .
Instant Information Packages.
Download managers.
Search Engine optimisation.
Search engine submission. (Yes they are two very different things)
Directory submissions.
Website sales copy.
Graphics optimisation.
Information Specific Doorway Pages.
Link / Directory Structure.
And the list goes on.

One are which is often overlooked is Link Popularity.

First up, if you're not familiar with the term it simply refers
to the number of links on other Websites that lead to your

However, there is certainly much more to it than that - and
that's the point of this article.

It certainly takes both time and effort to build up a solid
reciprocal links database. (Reciprocal linking refers to where
you link to a particular site and link back to yours). That time
and effort may also convert into cash outlay.

So, keeping in mind that it's going to cost you - let's look at
the benefits.

Obvious, the first benefit is that people may see your links on
other websites and then click through to your own. The secondary
benefit (and perhaps the greatest benefit) is the fact that many
of the top search engines also factor link popularity into the
ranking algorithms and the more popular they see your website
(the more links they find), the more popular they feel it is
and there fore they rank it higher for the search queries.

Sounds simple doesn't it. Yes, but this is a very 'simplified'
explanation of a very complex process. In a nutshell, if a
search engine finds that many people like your site enough to
link to it, they also believe it is good value for their search

The point being, that in many cases, the more links you have
pointing to you the higher your website may rank in the search
engines. It's a theory which also plays a very high place in

So how do you go about getting other people to link to you?
Simple. You ask them.

The right way to ask them is to first place a link on your
website which leads to them. You may then say in your email, “We
felt that our visitors would benefit from visiting your site,
and also that yours may benefit from visiting ours - let's
exchange links.”

With such a request, you obviously don't seek links from your
competition. You do however seeks links with other industry
related, non competitive websites that actually will benefit
your visitors.

While space does not permit a more detailed breakdown of the
right and the wrong, here are a few guidelines:

* Concentrate on related inks only. Numbers are not important.
You should seek out popular sites in your industry / local area.

* Make sure that your site is listed in all of the major
directories: Yahoo!, the Open Directory Project, and Look Smart.
Also, see if your site is relevant to a particular
area, and submit it to the guide.

* Always create your own links before you ever contact another
site asking them to link to you. Doing this will increase your
chances tenfold. However, only request such links if you see
that they offer such a service.

* When you visit related sites, look to see if they offer online
services such as guest books or discussion forums. If they do,
post a message, and include your website URL in your post.

* Write articles about your local / business area, and submit
your articles to website owners as added value content. Always
include your link.

* Create a dedicated plan for increasing your link popularity.
Stick to it. Hire a student a basic wages to keep the work up if
you need to. This return will pay off in spades.

* Word your “Link Text” carefully. For example, if your business
is called 'Tommy's Seaside Resort' and you are based at Noosa,
the clickable text of your link that people (and search engines)
see is “Noosa Seaside Resort for families.” If someone places a
link to your site that is not worded correctly, ask them to fix

* Make sure that the link you get back to you is not part of
some scripted program such as .cgi or .asp. (Look for the “?”
question mark. Your link on their site must be hard coded basic

There are programs that can assist you with building your link
popularity and while a small investment is required - the return
in greater visitor numbers will most definitely pay itself off
over time.

Ask your webmaster for more information. However, when you do
that, be sure to check up on their own link popularity results.
If they don't have it together successfully - chances are they
also cannot do it for you.

Paul Barrs is the owner of many successful products,
including his latest *Free* Audio Series, "The Three
Ways to Build a Success Home Based Business".


Tuesday, August 24, 2004


The X10 Internet Marketing Seminar (Coolum, Australia - Sept. 3-5).

We're less than 2 weeks away from a very highly anticipated Internet Marketing event - Simon Chen's X10 Seminar.

Date: September 3-5, 2004

Location: Coolum, Australia

Your X10 Strategic Internet Marketing Seminar Instructors ... 7 of the World's Most Successful Internet Marketers.

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Master of Ceremonies.

Alex Mandossian, Fundamentals of Web Traffic Conversion - Secrets To Transform First Time Visitors Into Life Long Customers.

Armand Morin - Discover How You Can Create Your Own Multi-Million Dollar Digital Product Empire - With No Experience Whatsoever!

Perry Marshall, How to Enter a Market at Maximum Velocity, and Dominate It - Starting with Google AdWords.

Ken Giddens - The Survivors Guide to Free Search Engine Traffic.

Paul Colligan - The Road to Long-Term Success for the Affiliate Marketer.

Declan Dunn - Discover How To Unlock the Profit Potential of Email in 30 Days or Less.

Rob Bell - CEO,

Martin Wales -

Mike's special offer (expires August 31st ... NO exceptions.)

- $500 CASH Rebate.

- 4 Courses by Alex Mandossian ...

- Getting Started On The Web. = $79 Value
- Psychology Of Web Traffic Conversion. = $149 Value
- Trafficology Training Series (Audio & Supporting Documents). = $99 Value
- Upsell Secrets Training Series (Audio & Supporting Documents). = $149 Value

Total Value = $976 US Dollars.

Further info on the X10 seminar, rebate, and special bonus courses.

Here's a taste of what you'll learn at the seminar ...

Free X10 Marketing Teleclasses


Monday, August 23, 2004


Bad News From John Reese (Traffic Secrets) ... But It's All Good.

I know the subject text sounds a bit confusing ... and your Inbox may still be a little sore after the non stop assault it has taken over the past week, in regards to John Reese's Traffic Secrets course.

But I wanted to fill you in on something that you may have missed during the latter part of the week ...

The bad news - John has disallowed the use of rebate promotion, in regards to affiliates offering cash back to potential customers. Seems that a few overzealous affiliates were starting a cyber price war ... some offering as much as $400 back if you purchased through their link.
This caused an uproar among customers that felt cheated out of the best offer ... and seeing this as a potential customer satisfaction risk, John quickly warned all affiliates that their status would be dissolved if they persisted ... so no more cash rebates.

The good news - John has more than made up for it, by offering new customers his new, soon to be released 'Automatic Email Profits' (a potential $497 value), and another new course soon to follow ... in addition, all customers will have private access to a series of training sessions, and additional bonuses to be named on a date in the near future ... John puts the value of the aforementioned free bonuses up around the $10,000 range ... and promises personal ongoing support.

To listen to John's 30 minute announcement released on Friday, August 20th ...

John Reese Traffic Secrets Course Special Offer


Sunday, August 22, 2004


"7 Years At The Keyboard " By Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Ok, for those of you still waiting, the Internet won't go

Hang up the hopes that it represents a passing fad sharing
the fate of the Beanie or the Pet Rock.

With legitimate high-tech stocks finally in the market,
regular people doing "real" business online, and consumer
acceptance to the point of purchasing movie tickets and
homeowners insurance over the Internet, the Web is here to

However, many people still get that glassy-eyed, far away
dreamer look on their faces when they think of the riches
awaiting them on just the other side of their own dot-com.

Well, whether your business represents a laptop on a TV tray
in the basement, or a mega-corporation with offices all over
the world, my last 7 years in the Wild West online has
revealed a few "truths" which should last from here until
the end of computers.

** There is no get-rich-quick! **

I guess it's in man's nature to desire instant wealth.

Since the dawn of history, people threw common sense to the
wind and went off in search of "buried treasure."
Unfortunately, instead of discovering riches, most just
ended up buried under a load of debt, misery and despair

In the late 1990's we saw the modern day equivalent of a
gold rush with high-tech stocks, dot-com companies, and
investors who decided not to use common sense.

Well, we all know the result... many people lost a lot of
money and the first online "gold rush" was over. :-)

** The "Secret" to online business success! **

Would you like to know the real secret to making money
online that will govern the Internet for all eternity?

Here you go: Spend LESS than you MAKE.

That's right!

Simple math creates millionaires on the Internet!

Regardless of the market, size of your enterprise, or the
nature of the product or service you sell, the people who
make money online spend less than they make in revenue.

The people and companies that make money are the ones who
let someone with basic math skills monitor the advertising

** People don't buy refrigerators online! **

That's right, most people don't buy refrigerators online,
but to look at the way some companies operate, you'd swear
they did.

Here's how people use the Web to buy a refrigerator (or any
other major purchase): they go online, research different
models and prices, look for a local store, go to the store,
and buy one.

Companies that use the web to make money (instead of wasting
it by the bucket-load) understand the difference between
closing the sale online and providing information that leads
to making the sale at a physical location.

If you don't know it by now, the Web is a direct response
advertising medium.

What this means is, if you're trying to do business online,
there are really only 3 things you can do:

1. Make the sale (they pay on the site)
2. Get a lead (usually an optin for newsletter, mini-course)
3. Make money on a click (referring through Google Ad Sense)

Knowing what your audience will and will not do online is
critical so you know which of the 3 (or combination) is best
for your site's maximum profit.

** The quick and the dead! **

People who buy online have little or no patience.

They go online to get information NOW, or to place an order
NOW, or to get their questions answered NOW!

The online world is a "right NOW" world, where wait times
get measured in seconds and people get mighty testy if their
needs don't get met almost instantly.

Speed, not size, determines the victor in e-commerce because
the businesses that meet people's immediate expectations as
quickly as possible (if not faster) ultimately win.

That's great news for the "little" guy, or the individual
entrepreneur who has an idea and can act on it quickly.

Often, the real opportunities online appear so quickly that
a decision must be made and acted on in a matter of hours.

While larger companies are trying to arrange a meeting to
discuss what might be done, small, fast operations have
already tested their theories and started to slurp up the

** "Change" - The only thing that stays the same! **

How we did it last year isn't necessarily how we'll do it
next year.

The online world moves so fast that techniques and
strategies for doing something can appear one day, get
adopted as "the way we do things" and then disappear or get
rendered useless in 6 months or less.

Perfect example: pop-ups and pop-up blockers.

Pop-up's used to be the #1 way to get subscribers... but now
pop-up blockers have rendered them virtually useless.

No if's, and's, or but's -- Pop-up's are DEAD now that
Microsoft has them in their sites as a security problem!
(You heard it here first)

By the way, the catalyst for change can come from anywhere.

A casual comment... a bit of information from one place,
combined with another... a hunch... a "feeling"... all of
these combine to create opportunities, while also closing
doors to "how we used to do it."

Accept change. Learn to adapt to change. Embrace change as
a fact of life and business online and see it as opportunity
opening up before you.

To do otherwise is suicide.

** It's Never Too Late To Start **

Many people never start anything because they think the bus
has left them standing at the station.

They think it's too late for them to jump in the game... any
game... and all the good opportunities have already been
snatched up by somebody else.

All the good domain names are gone... (wrong!)

All the best businesses have already been started... (nope!)

Traffic is too expensive... (uh-uh!)

It's too complicated... (negative!)

I don't have the right skills... (hire someone cheap!)

If only I knew how to do this or that... (so learn!)

If only I knew so-and-so... (introduce yourself!)

I don't have a list of subscribers... (build one!)

All of these are lame excuses that actually have no basis
in reality.

If you want to get in the game online... just do it!

If you want to start an online business... just do it!

If you want to start a newsletter... just do it!

*** Here's a real "secret," something I learned about 14
years ago when I was a "green" loan officer at my first
mortgage bank:

"The more things change and the faster they change, the
easier it is to get into the game even if thousands have
gotten in before you."


Because when something changes, EVERYONE goes back to square
one and has to learn how to deal with the new information
that impacts the marketplace.

All you have to do is get in the game, things will change,
and you'll be right up there even with everyone else.

Since things change so fast, the Internet actually makes it
easier to start late, catch up fast, and even PASS the "old
hands" and established players by adapting to change faster
than they do.

The biggest mistake most people make is simply not believing
in themselves enough to start... and if you never start, you
can never cross the finish line.

But, just by starting.... you are on your way to winning!

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how
to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted
visitors to your website or affiliate links...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links?
"Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving
Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate
links... without spending a dime on advertising!
Click Here>

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


'Hurricane' John Reese ...

I posted this on the forum ...

I have to say ... the John Reese's Traffic Secrets course campaign was one incredible example of using build up and high level joint ventures.

As one of his 'platinum' JV partners, my experience was comparable ... if not greater, than Mark Joyner's Farewell promotion ... in terms of exposure regarding a high ticket product.

What are your opinions of "Hurricane John"?


Mike "and yes, I knew John before he asked me to promote ... AND I own the course" Merz

Feel free to stop by the forum and post some feedback on yesterday's 'hurricane' ..;)


Tuesday, August 17, 2004


John Reese Offers Last Minute Bonus ...

... to those that purchase his new Traffic Secrets website traffic generation course (which ... incidently, just launched minutes ago).

You'll receive ... absolutely FREE, John's soon to be released "Automatic Email Profits".

John's new "Automatic Email Profits" Course, which contains 2 DVDs of video from a "special session" John did at his workshop ( not included on the Traffic Secrets DVDs) and also comes with special blueprint hand-outs. This course will teach you everything you need to know to set-up a powerful, automated cash-producing email system.

"Automatic Email Profits" will be released in 2 to 3 weeks, and as soon as it becomes available ... John will send it to you, FREE (a $497 value).

You only have 18 hours to react to this ... don't miss out!

John Reese Traffic Secrets.



Find out how to receive a $150 rebate on your purchase of Traffic Secrets.

Sunday, August 15, 2004


A Busy Week For Major Internet Marketing Releases ...

Tuesday August 17th - John Reese will release his eagerly anticipated Traffic Secrets Website Traffic Generation Home Study Course at 9 AM EST(check out my special rebate offer before you buy it anywhere else ..;).

Tuesday August 17th - Not to be outdone by John's major launch, Marlon Sanders will pull the cover off a major release of his own on this date (he's going to show you how YOU can create and market YOUR OWN high ticket products). Keep an eye on this site for further details.

Thursday August 19th - The official start date of Rebecca "Becky" Hagel's The Triple C Internet Marketing Workshop, a 12 week program that will show you ... step by step, how to create AND market your own information product. That's right ... by the end of the program, you'll have your own infoproduct! Rebecca has also enlisted many of Internet Marketing's elite to help you on your way, including John Reese, Yanik Silver, Rosalind Gardner, Willie Crawford ... quite impressive, huh? So if you're the type that needs to be taken by the hand and led through things to get them accomplished (with help from the Net's top pros, no less) , this is right up your alley.

Put your seat belt on ... this week is sure to be one heck of a ride! ;)


Friday, August 13, 2004


John Reese?

I was really surprised to learn that a number of 'my newbies' had no idea who John Reese, Internet Marketing pioneer ... and highly respected by his peers, is ... !

Actually, it really isn't that hard to understand, as John ... regardless of the fact that he's been around forever (since 1990), is pretty softspoken ... and not very high profile when compared to his fellow Internet Marketing elite.

I've added a sub folder to my Traffic Secrets page that gleens from the Bio on Mr. Reese's site, entitled "John Reese - Internet Marketing 'Guru', Expert, and Pioneer".

Hopefully, that will answer most of your questions.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004


John Reese Special Internet Marketing Report

John Reese recently published a Special Report that absolutely blew me away ...

And I wasn't alone.

Tons of people rushed to his blog to say how this one Special Report had a profound impact on them and how they are going to go and make a ton of money after reading it.

Because I am constantly on the look-out to share great information, I called John on the telephone and asked his permission to post this Special Report (that's how much I liked it).

John said "no problem". ;)

BUT ... I need to WARN YOU about it before you read it.

1. It contains some very controversial information that some people in the Internet marketing industry are probably going to get 'mad' about. But John gives his honest opinion about something (to do with niche marketing) and I appreciate his outlook on it -- and I'm sure you will too.

2. This Special Report also contains something John calls a "brain dump" exercise and I really want you to pay attention to it and actually do this exercise. (You will get A LOT out of doing it.)

And finally...

3. You'll quickly see that this Special Report is better than some paid products.

Check out this Special Report and please do not pass it around unless you ask John for permission first. (I had to ask him to get special permission just so you could have it.)

Read John Reese's Special Report

Monday, August 09, 2004


Jim Edwards - "5 Tips To Create A Kick-Butt Mini-Course ...

... That Pulls In Thousands of Rabid Subscribers... in a Flash!"

© Jim Edwards - All Rights Reserved

One of the fastest ways to develop, build, and grow your own
list of subscribers is to develop a "mini" course with an
incredibly compelling promise.

I have personally used "mini" courses to build lists of
several thousand subscribers in as little as a week.

A "mini" course is simply a series of e-mail's where you
teach people a specific skill, set of skills, or reveal
other information they really want to know.

In the process of providing this focused, valuable
information, you prove to your subscribers that you are THE
expert in a particular area - and, you also encourage people
to pay you to get even BETTER information from ebooks and
information products you've either written or recommend.
An example of a "mini" course offer I've used with great
success is the free mini course at
that appears in the exit pop up window when you leave the
site. The promise of this "mini" course is strong and

Here's what it says...

FREE eBook Mini-Course
"How to Write and Profit from your own eBook...
while you're still young enough to enjoy it!"

All the registration page asks for is first name and email
address... and this mini-course has generated thousands of

So here's the basic formula in a nutshell:
Strong promise+ low risk+ high perceived reward= Subscribers

Now, if you'd like to build your own list of rabid
subscribers, here are 5 sure-fire tips for creating a mini-
course that truly kicks butt!

Tip #1 - The Promise

If you want to launch a successful mini-course, target an
audience with a specific need and then make them the biggest
possible promise you can deliver on.

People are pressed for time and rarely see as much value in
something they get for free as opposed to something they pay
a lot of money for.

Add to this the fact that the Internet gets more and more
crowded everyday and you can see that the best offers are
the ones that grab people's attention by making a benefit-
driven promise they can't resist.

Even though you offer your mini-course for free, you still
must SELL people on WHY they should pay you with their time
and attention.

Example: If you want to do a mini-course on real estate
investing, look for the biggest and best promise you can
make for people.

Let's look at these various promises for identical mini-
course content:

Good: How to make a fortune in foreclosures.

Better: How to find and buy a profitable foreclosure within
2 weeks.

Best: How to find and buy a profitable foreclosure property
in your area within 2 weeks - using none of your own money!

** The promise you make has everything to do with whether or
not people sign up. IMPORTANT: After they sign up, make sure
you deliver on the promise.

Tip #2 - Don't reinvent the wheel

Look for existing content - your own or other people's - you
can adapt directly or indirectly into the mini-course.

Hey, I understand you're busy... I'm busy too!

Why would you want to spend 2 days coming up with all the
content for your mini-course if you already have past
information you can adapt!?

If you don't have any existing material, then find someone
else who has written an article and use that for part of
your mini-course - with their permission of course.

You'd be surprised at all the pieces of the puzzle that are
out there independently which you could combine into a great
mini-course without nearly the mountain of effort you might

Tip #3 - Give yourself lots of chances to make money

One way to build more value into your mini-course and make
sure people hang onto your messages instead of deleting them
is to put lots of quality links into your mini-course.

This allows people to get additional information on specific
aspects of the mini-course.

Some of those links can be to free resources, others to
resources where you earn an affiliate commission, and still
others to your own products and services.

The more links you have that actually contribute to your
students learning the subject of your mini-course and
fulfilling the promise you made to get them to sign up, the
better your chances of them clicking those links.

If you create lessons people save for future reference
because they have great links in them, you'll make more

For an example look no further than your "in-box"! Almost
everybody has email messages they've saved from other people
because they contain links to sites you want to use now or
access in the future.

Tip #4 - Build anticipation for the next message

If you're going to take the time to put together the mini-
course, wouldn't it be great of the majority of people who
subscribed actually read your messages!?

If you want to launch a successful mini-course, you've got
to rise ABOVE the noise of all the other email messages
people receive every single day.

One way to do this is to always end each lesson with a small
"ad" or excitement builder for the next message. You do this
by really playing up a big benefit they'll receive as a
result of reading the next message you promise to send them.

Here's an example:

"The next and final installment in this mini-course will
give you five tips for how to get 10,000 visitors to your
website without spending a dime on pay-per-click traffic! So
stay tuned for the next lesson in 2 days..."

It's a simple, yet very powerful way to build anticipation
for the next message into EVERY message you send.

This simple step helps make them look forward to the next
message so it gets read... not trashed!

Tip #5 - Tell them what they don't know!

If you're using the mini-course to promote a product that
covers a much "bigger picture" of the topic as a whole,
constantly remind people that the mini-course is just a
"tiny piece" of the whole product.

Remind them of what else they need to know and tell them if
they buy the product then they'll get this benefit, and that
benefit, and even more specific information.

Remember, you didn't publish this mini-course to practice
your typing skills! You are in this to make money, to get
subscribers, and to make sales!

Once you deliver quality content that gives people a real
taste of what's in store when they actually purchase, then
it's time to close the sale... you deserve it!

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how
to use fr^e articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted
visitors to your website or affiliate links...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links?
"Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving
Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate
links... without spending a dime on advertising!
Click Here>


Thursday, August 05, 2004


John Reese Traffic Secrets ... The Buzz.

When it comes to Marketing Online, my 7 year tenure practically makes me an "old timer". ;)

John Reese has been making money Online since 1990 ... TWICE as long as your's truly.

As a matter of fact, John pioneered many of the Online techniques and strategies we take for granted, today (Mr. Reese launched the first autoresponder service WAY back in '94).

In the process, John Reese has generated over 1.57 BILLION web site visitors ... now THAT'S traffic, my friend. ;)

On August 17th, John will release a new traffic course that was 10 years in the making ... his crowning achievement - Traffic Secrets.

To find out more about John Reese, Traffic Secrets, a special offer I've put together, and to view video from one of John's latest workshops, visit:


Sunday, August 01, 2004


Armand Morin's "Internet Marketing Explained" Home Study Course.

Armand Morin, best known for his GoGenerator series of Online Business software tools, has finally put together a detailed home study course based on his personal success.

Here's what it offers, in a nutshell ...

First off, his course is a physical product ... not an ecourse.

13 CDs and 4 binders (14 hours of audio ... over 500 pages of text) laid out in a simple, step by step format, covering 5 general topics:

Part 1 – Traffic Generation Secrets

Part 2 – Affiliate Marketing

Part 3 – Product Creation

Part 4 – Copywriting

Part 5 – Advanced Marketing Techniques

I've learned from experience that physical courses have a distinct advantage over digital downloads, primarily due to the fact that they are easier to read ... generally more accessible, maximizing the potential of follow through.

Visit Armand Morin's "Internet Marketing Explained" for further details.



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