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Sunday, July 04, 2004


Happy 4th Of July! Edition Of The IM4Newbies Update

I know ... I know ...

Long time, no IM4Newbies Update.

Between Offline consultations, a major site overhaul,

and more joint venture requests than a sane Marketer

would ever attempt to efficiently satisfy ... I've

been slammed, big time.

But I figured Independence Day a good a time as any to

let you know I was still alive ... and to wish you and

yours a happy, healthy ... and safe holiday weekend. Wink

While I'm on a roll, here's a few words of advice for

those of you that are experiencing inconsistency, in

regards to sales conversions.

One thing a brick and mortar shop owner has over their

Online counterpart, is that it's not very likely that

a tornado nicknamed "Google" is going to pluck their

established business from it's foundation and fling it

into the backwoods ..Wink

In other words, don't count on your natural ranking

placement in the major search engines and directories

as your sole prospect source.

You say you're not guilty of this?

O.K. ... this is for everyone else, then. Wink

Here's 5 things you can do to keep the sales rolling

in with reasonable consistency.

(Note: These tips apply whether you have your own

products/services, or depend entirely on affiliated


1) Promote Offline.

I know this is almost always the last tip mentioned

in those 'how to' courses, but I'm listing it first

because it's that important.

Just because your business exists Online doesn't

mean it should solely be promoted via the Net.

Make sure you have business cards and flyers handy,

get involved in local workshops, advertise in

newspapers, phone directories, on community bulletin

boards, etc. ... and don't forget word of mouth,

of course. Wink

2) Submit to any and all reputable search engines

and directories.

Many will tell you that the top 3 or 4 search engines

and directories are all you need bother submitting to,

as they account for the majority of Online searches ...


Yes ... they do count for most of the searches, but it

doesn't make sense to put all your eggs in a few

baskets. A sale is a sale, and you might actually enjoy

a higher conversion rate, percentage wise, from the

lesser known listing resources (many are more niche

specific than the mainstream) ... without worrying about

the latest Big Boy 'update'. Wink

You'll find a number of submission tips, tools, and

quality sites of all types to submit to, here:

3) If you own your own product/service, start an

affiliate program.

Better a number of sales opportunities than one, don't

you think?

But it doesn't stop there ..Wink

If you owned a brick and mortar business, would you

hire a commission based sales force ... and then forget

about them?

Of course not!

You'd train them intensely to maximum their output,

wouldn't you? Give them the tools and follow up

necessary to achieve optimal results ... right?

The same applies to your affiliates.

But you already do all that, don't you? ..Wink

If you rely on affiliate programs for income, solely,

consider joining and promoting those that offer

residual income, and maintain a contact database of

past customers ... making sure to give this 'A' list

special attention (of course, this applies to merchants

and affiliates, alike).

My fav affiliate program management systems:

- easyClickMate (ClickBank)

- MyAffiliateProgram (service)

- Ultimate Affiliate (software)

- QuickPayPro (service)


4) Build multiple email lists for follow up, as

opposed to maintaining only one.

Invest in a solid autoresponder service, or server

side software, that allows unlimited autoresponders.

Creating highly targeted, multiple lists will increase

your conversions ... as you'll deliver highly relevant

info to each one, as opposed to general info.

This ultra targeting will surely result in more sales.


Last year I made over $6,000 in 3 months ... promoting

to a list of only 186 subscribers.

After the initial promotion ended, I converted over

100 of those subscribers into the base program's next

offering ...

"How?!?!", you ask?

I simply gave them what they asked for ..Wink

My fav Autoresponder Service:


My fav Autoresponder Server Side Software:


5) Co Promote.

Whether email list, blog, forum, or website, carefully

choosing an'inner circle' of trustworthy individuals

to co promote with is a great may to maximize all

aspects of your Online business ... and theirs.

Though all members should be within the same general

niche, the offerings don't necessarily have to be

similar, but complementary, to achieve optimal results.


I provide web design ... Sue offers site optimization,

Jack is a programmer, etc.

Well ... that's all I have time for today, my friend.

Keep an eye on the forum ...

... for info regarding the relaunch of

Have a great holiday! Wink

Much success,

Mike "it is ALIVE!" Merz


One more thing ...

I'll be switching this list over to my AWeber account

after the relaunch, so be on the lookout for that


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