"The challenge of any organization is to build a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another - because the question is not how well each person works, but how well they work as a TEAM!"

There’s Something WRONG with the Big Dogs Program!

We all know how network marketing is supposed to work…

"Ya gotta get in at the beginning!"

"The only ones who make money are the people who got in at the start!"

Sound familiar?

And, sure enough, one of our top guys – Gary, The "Sarge," Sargeant – was the third person into the Big Dogs program when it was launched on March 24, and he’s now making around $7,000 per month in residual income.

"Yep! Ya gotta get in at the top!"

But wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute…

Our number ONE guy – Brain "The Sheriff" Garvin – was the number THREE HUNDRED person into the program. Brian’s monthly income is now well into five figures!!!

This is NOT the way network marketing is supposed to work, dog-gone it! There must be something wrong with the Big Dogs program.

Last weekend, I received an email from an excited newbie – he had just purchased his copy of Secrets of the Big Dogs. The email read…

"Stan. I’m really excited about this program. Tell the Sheriff and Sarge to watch out! I’m going to be the new Number One Big Dog, and you can call me ‘The Admiral!’"

(sigh) Now, friends, do you have any idea how many emails like this I get every week? EVERYBODY thinks they’re gonna knock over the big guns. Did I take this seriously? Hardly. I just breathed a deep sigh, and thought, "Ah, yeah, ANOTHER newbie with an inflated ego." I didn’t give him a second thought – not until Wednesday, when…

Tom Bell set a NEW record…
60 "Secrets of the Big Dogs" ebooks sold –
ONE day!

This knocks over the old record set by Gary "The Shockman" Shawkey of 40 sales in one day, set just one month ago!

(Hey, Garvin..."Ask not for whom the "Bell" tolls.  It tolls for thee."  LOL -Stan)

Yet ANOTHER newcomer, 17-year-old (that’s right, this "puppy" is just 17 years old!) Justin Wilcox slammed FOURTEEN sales on Thursday!

Tom and Justin really point out the fact that the whole Big Dogs program is screwed up!  Tom was the number six THOUSAND four hundred and forty ninth person to join the Big Dogs – Justin was number 6,689. Somebody should tell these guys that because they weren’t "in at the beginning" they’re not ALLOWED to be making sales like this!  Ah, well, it’s not THEIR fault. It’s the Big Dogs program – it’s just not working like network marketing programs are SUPPOSED to work!

And I’ll tell ya somethin’ ELSE to show ya how badly screwed up the Big Dogs program is…

The months of July and August are traditionally the slowest months of the year for sales of ANY kind. With the kids out of school, everybody playin’ outside, and with vacations - the typical sales company usually experiences a decline in sales of 70% or more over the summer. That means that for July, the Big Dogs program should yield around 700 to 900 sales for the entire month. Guess what, sports fans…we are on pace to do well over 2,000 ebook sales for the month – AGAIN!

I TOLD ya there was a problem with Big Dogs! It’s just not workin’ like everybody says it’s SUPPOSED to work!


…a hearty Big Dogs salute to Tom "The Admiral" Bell who, with 152 ebook sales in his first WEEK, is also our number one Dog for the entire MONTH!

Brian "The Sheriff" Garvin is still in the number two slot with a strong 91 sales so far for July, with Earl Mason at number three with 55 sales.

"Mobey" Dick Coulson, with 42 sales maintains his rank as the number four Big Dog, while Leslie Gibbon shows a strong fifth place position with 41 sales.

Tim "Hucleberry" Finn currently clinches the number six spot at 33 sales. Hey, "Huck," you dropped from number three the first week of the month – let’s get you back up there, amigo!

And will nickname "lnglobal" please, PLEASE contact me! ClickBank tells me your real name is Holger Kolajka, but we have no record here at Home Office of either your original ebook purchase, OR of your reseller URL’s for your signup module! You’ve sold 27 ebooks for the month and about a third of these purchasers have requested your signup module! Guess what!?  WE DON’T HAVE ONE TO SEND ‘EM!!!

Kudos to Rene Knops, in eighth place with 26 sales. And congrats to
Jeff "slow-but-steady-wins-the-race, never-at-the-top-never-
ALWAYS-in-the-top-ten" Meisner
with 24 sales for July so far.

Rounding out our Sale-A-Day club are "Unimax" Frank Sanders, with 23 sales, and Barb Cipak, with 21 sales.

Well done, gang!

And SUPER honorable mention goes out to:

Bob Boyes, Justin Wilcox (our 17-year-old "boy wonder"), Tom Dahl, and Dave Naegele who each have 19 sales so far. Mike Watson (18 sales, John Atwood (17), Duane Knox (16), Mark James (16), Kao Saephan (15), Jean Hogwood (14), Tammy Wotton (14), "Bigbaddog" Deepak Pathak (12), Tan Lam (12), Jill Lewis (12), Jim Arenal (12), Wayne Denny (11), Woody Sherman (11), Rick Ericksen (10), Olive Greenaway (10), Cynthia "Cjcoolstuf" Howard (9), Alfred van der Vlies (9), Judi Cirillo (9), Bill Nieporte (9), Greg Davis (8), Karen "Angel44" Curie (7), Connie Allen (7), John Shirck (7), Ian Herculson (7), Lena "Rudy-the-Cat" Phoenix (7), "Seadogg" Blankenshipp (7), Angela Davies (6), Ken "Atopdog" Brayton (6), Roger Butler (6), "Click1000" Shipley (6), Mac McWhirter (6), Dave Gillis (6), roberto Longo (6), and Patsy Norlie (6).

And honorable mention to the HUNDREDS of Alpha Dogs who have five or less sales for the month!

Yeah, my friends, there’s DEFINITELY something wrong with the Big Dogs program…IT WORKS!

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