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Autoresponders are, without a doubt, one of the most important
Internet Marketing tools there is. You may not know this, but a
prospect generally doesn't become enticed to purchase a product or
service initially. It sometimes takes 2, 3, or even more exposures to
make the sale. Autoresponders are like having a 24 hour a day
Marketing department that works for free!
Here are some of the best available.

Over 100,000 users can't be wrong!
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SendFree - The Autoresponder Exchange Network Highly Recommended!

Kim Skinner's ZipResponse
autoresponder Marketing center offers
a free e-mail Marketing course!
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Chris Kilian's new autoresponder/list
hosting service. Many options, little cost!

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"3,800% More Targeted Leads than
Other Email Marketing Apps".
Brian Garvin
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When AWeber's founder, Tom Kulzer,
created the first autoresponder follow up
service in 1998, they instantly became the
market leader.
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They boast the most Powerful
Professional Email Management &
Autoresponder Systems on the Net. HR!

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